Friday, October 12, 2018

The G pincushion and a peek into the pantry...

Today we're stitching G in our Alphabet Pincushions stitch-a-long...

The pincushion this week is long and skinny and I chose an old Flower Sugar fabric to give it a lovely 1930's look which is very different from the elegance of last Friday's F pinnie.

I'm pretty sure our grandmothers would have liked this sitting in their sewing baskets...although they'd probably prefer a dress or apron in that sweet green floral print and perhaps their initial sewn onto a pocket. 
Mmm, wonder what my Nana would have preferred? All three I'd say!

My finished G pinnie measures 2¼" wide by 6¼" long, and has some old-style decorative white lace hand-sewn along the ditch between the fabric and the embroidery block.

I added a looped tag of cotton lace at the top too, 'just because'. 
The long narrow shape of the pincushion is lovely to hold, very easy to move from place to place, which made me think I'll revisit this pattern in future for gift giving.

The G has been embroidered mostly in backstitch but you can see I've added a curve of chain stitch into the top and bottom sections of the G as well.  

The flower, stem and leaves are done in backstitch but the centre of the flower is a lovely bundle of colonial knots because I love how they add texture to a small design.

Download the pattern for G here or here.
The pattern is free until November 2nd.

The links to the free F pattern are in this blog post.

Missed A to E?
They are available as a set for $2 here in my shop. 

As I mentioned the other day, when I was sewing the G pincushion it became evident that my sewing room layout in the new home wasn't working as I'd hoped. Fact is, you can plan something to look nice and think it is going to be wonderfully workable for you, but then discover upon use that a few tweaks are needed after all. 

So I swapped the cutting table and the sewing machine around on the corner table and that's much easier to play with...

...and then I made an ironing station because there's only one double power point in the whole room and it's not easily accessible if I use the large ironing board and stand it in the middle of the sewing room. 

Fortunately I had an old school desk top Mr E had brought home last year, a metre of Insul-brite heat resistant batting purchased on sale early this year and never used, a lovely long length of very old Tilda fabric for the 'cover', and that small chest of battered drawers I'd previously had under the window (see last Friday's post)

The smaller chest of drawers which holds machine threads and all sorts of sewing notions has been moved under the window now, as well as one of our dining chairs which does not fit in the living/dining room. Until my beloved builds some wall shelving above the corner table they offer somewhere to put things. 

The weather is really warming up in the tropics now but my sewing room is the coolest place in the house and has the best natural light so I'm a very happy girl. 

Another 'room' which has been completed here of late is my pantry. It's a funny thing because if you were in our home you'd see that it's not in the kitchen but rather adjacent to it, and it's a large rectangular structure right in the middle of the house that also holds a small linen cupboard on the opposite side (which needs a makeover and my husband is intent of doing that before year's end). 

The pantry is long and narrow and it's the best one I have ever had, the upside being it's really mine and not belonging to a rental. 

Normally I would house most of my ingredients in large glass jars but over the past year or so my right wrist has become very painful under stress and lifting produce laden glass jars off shelves of all heights took a toll - so Blossom is taking the jars for her own pantry and I went shopping for plastic containers that would fit inside the shelves of mine.

Here's top to bottom...

My large appliances, teapots and good china are stored here too and there is no clutter at all. 
Even Mr E can find things because I've labeled every container...

When I priced labels on line they were simply out of my budget as I needed more than 70 so I visited our friendly Officeworks store and bought medium pink labels and small blue labels that I could print myself. 
The labels all up cost me less than $20 and an hour of my time last Sunday afternoon, plus I have plenty left over for future needs . 
Now everything is labeled, even the spices, and I love how organised my pantry is!

The other night when hubby went looking for his Milk Arrowroot biscuits I smiled to myself because he didn't have to ask 'where', didn't have to hunt through containers or shelves...he just read the labels and found what he wanted. 
Bonus all 'round.

Slowly this house is taking on our style, our ideas, our plans. It's a work in progress and one we don't need to hurry through. 

Something that has really struck me since we moved in 19 days ago is how differently I think here. 

In case you don't know, we have moved 23 times in 27 years, across 5 states and territories, 12 cities/towns and 23 homes which included two tiny cabins in the mountains. 
We've lived in a large capital city, medium cities, small country towns, and even a tiny remote town with a population of just 22 people.

All of those homes were rental. All of those houses were made to look like we lived there by how we decorated, how we displayed what we owned, by what we'd made, the photos we placed strategically on certain pieces of furniture and by what was important to us that we and others could see. We'd always been limited in some way - can't hang anything on the walls, can't change the garden, the paint or the fixtures. So our temporary housing was still someone else's house but that decision to spread our familiar things around (in as familiar a way as we could) helped us gain a sense of home. 

When we moved here last month, into our first ever purchased home, I thought I'd follow the same routine and decorate with all our familiar things, my handmade embroideries on the walls (which we could now bang a nail into) and collected ornaments from years past placed lovingly on the same furniture pieces as they always had been. I thought I'd surround myself with the kitchen things that have always given me joy and perhaps add a new colour to two. 

But that's not what has happened because this is not someone else's house we're renting for a temporary period of time. This is our forever on earth HOME and does not need us to 'dress it up' with all we have to gain some sense of familiarity. 

That epiphany took my breath away.
What a paradigm shift to my thinking!

So as I sit here typing away today, I look around and there's still not much on the walls, because we don't as yet know what we want hanging there. We have empty indoor planter pots because we're not sure which plants we'd like to have in the cool corners of each room. The kitchen is clear and uncluttered because I'm still acquainting myself with it's layout and don't yet have a clear picture of what colours to use or even if I want much on display there anyhow. 

This is all so different for me, different even to what I had planned just before we moved in.
It was the being here, the flood of emotions and gratitude which filled my heart that first night, the quiet of that first dawn looking out on the garden and knowing this gift was all God's doing...and the understanding we'd not have to move again. 
We were really home and it was ours to do with as we liked.

No lease that will end, no quarterly rental inspections, no one looking over our shoulder and assessing our suitability as tenants, no dreading another move.

We are home now and shall not forget what it took to be here.
And we shall not rush anything. We'll just take our time and enjoy the moments.

If you read this far, wow, you're a gem.
May our Father in heaven provide all YOUR needs in the ways that best bless you and draw you closer to Him.



  1. Bless your heart! (Your messages always bless mine.) And bless your home!

  2. Blessings on you both and your new home. The Lord is good - He is good all the time ❤

  3. Congratulations Jenny and thank you for another beautiful post and a peek into your new home. Love how you are organising your spaces and your pantry is amazing. Love how you have finally arrived home and can now relax and enjoy all that is on offer in your home and in your garden. Well deserved too. God Bless you and your family.

  4. Jenny, what precious words of peace, joy contentment and delight! Thank you for sharing all of them with us. Thank you for sharing your hopes and dreams, your disappointments, and your epiphanies with us, but most of all thank you for sharing your tender and loving heart with us. Thank you, too for the "G"!!!

  5. Well, hugs to you! You are the sweetest soul! Owning a home is a wonderful blessing and I’m so happy for you. Wise to take time and enjoy every stage - know it will be lovely! Thank you for all your wonderful designs and project ideas. Your spirit shines through them! ��

  6. I remember how it felt with my first home. An purchase I never thought I'd be able to make. It's a glorious feeling to own your own home and you and yours so deserve it.
    No reply necessary!

  7. Thanks for all of your messages .....
    Yes, I read all this post to the end too. :-)
    You encourage me to store everything at home.
    And ... your messages are a very good exercise to learn English :-)
    Thank you all (Nancy Rose from Belgium)

  8. Thank you Jenny for sharing your beautiful home with us. How I would love a pantry so look organised. Would Mr E hire you out as an adviser. Just joking. Our home doesn't have this kind of space. However, once again, you are an inspiration. God Bless you both in this lovely home.

  9. I read and enjoyed every word. Enjoy your pantry. It is a lesson in organization! And I like the new tweaks to your sewing room. Very convenient.

  10. Success, progress, prosperity, peace, health, wealth, happiness, and love. May all these embrace you upon your move into your new home.
    Your house has an amazing view of the city outside. And more importantly, in it, you will wake up to the view of your loved ones. Congratulations.

  11. So happy for you that you have found your "forever" home.At least your earthly home.LOL Love what you have done & am sure there will be many delightful future pics of your efforts . Bless you.

  12. That pincushion is too darling, sweetie!! And oh your pantry is organized. I love your sewing room, the fact that it's the coolest and most light-filled room in the house is SUCH a bonus! I understand completely about the paradigm shift - I've been going through the same thing here. Enjoy your home, dear heart!!!

  13. Peace in mind and heart is priceless. Sew happy for you and your family.

  14. Jenny, apparently the cabinet maker for our renos is making me a pantry in a corner of the kitchen. I really don't know what it will be like but time will tell. Unlike you we have lived in the same place for 40 years but it is the first time both of us will be doing up our very own pantry :-) I need to be careful with weighty containers too and I imagine you will need to be extra careful where your wrist is concerned as you sew so much. A lovely and inspiring post as usual. Enjoy the rain!

  15. Thanks for sharing your journey and your joy.

  16. Love your new home. Haven't seen the first thing I don't love ....I especially love your pantry mine has unusable space as there are only 2 shelves in the whole thing. So I have to use the floor space with my make shift can good holders and such . Your pantry looks so neat and tidy. Your entire house is very neat and tidy. ..Love the sewing room as well. Its a blessing it is the coolest and brightest room with lighting....I know you will be loving every moment of creating in their

  17. Your pantry is so neat and orderly. I am sure you must be in love with all the newness! The letter G is beautiful, too.

  18. I forgot to say thank you for alphabet G. Love
    the fabrics you used. I know my mom would probably prefer a dress from the fabrics used.

  19. I am a new reader, and just love your blog...I can feel your immense joy in realizing that your home is totally yours to do with as you see fit! I, too, love homemaking. We have been married 52 years and I am always "nesting" in some way or another. Your positive message is heard here in South Florida, USA.

  20. We rented our last home for almost 10 years. They were wonderful landlords and rarely stopped by. Seriously... I think they stopped by 4 times in that time span. We moved into our own home 3 years ago. We renovated it top to bottom. (except the kitchen) I always joke that the house looks like the inside of my head. All my favorite colors and textures. I understand, friend. May God bless your day.

  21. There's no place like HOME. :)

  22. Although I have lived here in the same old farm house for 47 years, we have owned it for only 18. There is difference.

  23. Thank you for sharing. Congratulations on your new home. Love your style and your patterns. Love your pantry organization!!

  24. There truly is no place like home, I'm so glad that yours is a blessing for you. I know I've felt many of the same feelings that you've felt as I went from rentals - to my own (which then I lost due to unemployment - to multiple rentals, and finally back now to owning my own home again. I've been in it now for 3 months and am still coming to terms with what I want to do in it. But it is truly a blessing from God and i'm thankful for it.

  25. Que alfiletero tan bello Jenny !!!!!!!!!!!!las telas y puntillas son bellisimas .
    Tu casa es muy acogedora ,me gusta mucho tu habitaciĆ³n de costura y tu alacena muy bien ordenada ,te felicito .
    Besos y feliz fin de semana.

  26. Jenny, you sound as though you are thoroughly settling in to your home! Your walk-in pantry is beautiful. What a dream it would be to have a walk-in pantry! And all those things neatly labelled and in their own spot. Swoon!! Blessings to you.

  27. Dearest Jenny,

    I'm so very happy for you. Take your time in your forever home. Let it speak to you and guide you as to how to decorate it. Most importantly, just be still and let it envelope you. Blessings.

  28. Thanks what LOVELY photos and stories xxBless you both in your LOVELY new homexx

  29. I love what you are doing in your new home…..

  30. Your pantry is wonderful and I love how organized it is!! A pantry doesn't have to be directly in the kitchen...mine is downstairs in the basement and called "the fruit room" (not really sure why, but maybe the constant 60 degrees temps down there keep fruit longer??). A friend decided that the way I have it organized it appears to be a grocery store - like with like! So, why am I fanatically organized in some areas and apparently not at all in others?? Just loving the glimpses of your home! I really think the way you have moved the sewing machine/cutting table makes so much more sense...the "dead corner" is a great place to put everything you need for your project at hand (as well as a few other things)...within reach but also not in danger of being accidentally pushed onto the floor. You can easily reach the whole of the cutting table and your new ironing board is perfect!!

  31. You write so beautifully! I love your pantry!

  32. Thanks for the cute little stitchery. I'm loving these. Your sewing room looks lovely and bright. It may not be large, but being cool and good light are distinct advantages. I'm currently playing in mine - trying to excavate the tables!! That is a great pantry. Shallow shelves are the best. When we moved here I had to change my thinking, as previously we had corner pantries with shallow shelves, but this time it is three deep cupboards. However, like you, by changing my way of thinking I've made it work rather well. (It does need a good tidy up again now, but it doesn't take long.) Good on you for taking your time to work out what is going to work best for you. Enjoy the process.

  33. I am so pleased that you are so happy and settled Jenny.Although it is more than 20 years ago I still remember the absolute joy of being able to buy our first home, it was a rental and the landlord wanted to sell. I was so worried about having to move but eventually after much stress we were able to buy it and I was so relieved. I helped my daughter buy her first home 18 months ago as I wanted her to have that security after 7 years of various rentals and house shares that were sometimes very stressful for her. Now she has that peace of mind and I am so grateful that I was able to do that for her. Thank you so much for the beautiful pincushions and for the photos, your pantry looks brilliant. Love and prayers Alison

  34. Wow Jenny very happy for you enjoy every minute and hours your in your new home! May our lord give you and mr. E lots of health and happiness!

  35. Jenny I love your blog! When I am feeling stressed, I take a moment to read your lovely thoughts and remind myself to be grateful for all of my blessings, one of which is my own 33 year old daughter named "Jenny"! People like you center us and make us remember that we should be enjoying and savoring the blessings we receive each and every day. Thank you sweet soul!

    1. You may not realise it, but it's the encouraging comments like yours, Janice, and the sense of gathering around the kitchen table as we all share where we are in life that centres me too. xx

  36. So enjoy and love your writings you are a blessing in my life. So happy for you and your husband in your new home.

  37. I finally got onto our main computer to read your blog posts properly. I love the new pincushion's shape. Your weekly pincushion designs have been lovely with the varied shapes. Perfect for gifts. You have certainly made your new house a home already. Love your sewing room and I wish I could organise my pantry as well as yours. I know it wouldn't stay that way LOL. Enjoy your home. Angel hugs.

  38. Your pantry has inspired me, have promised myself to get mine sorted. However not home much as running back & forth caring for elderly Mum these last several months. Lucky I have 2 sisters to share the load. Pantry is top of long list when the time permits. Enjoying all your lovely "forever home" pictures....thankyou. Barbara

  39. So very happy for you with your own home!!!!

  40. Dear Jenny, I always look forward to your posts. You make my heart smile with your joy of your new and forever home. Blessings to you and your family.

  41. Bless you Jenny. I am so happy for you. May the Lord continue to watch over you and bless you.

  42. Your new home will be filled with love, A great pantry, and after SO many moves, you will finally be settled. We have sold, and do not have a new home yet, hope this week will settle for one, and I, too, will have bare walls, and a room for all our sewing and quilting things. XXX

  43. Congratulations & many blessings upon your new home, you & Mr E! I wish you both good health, prosperity, joy, happiness & love. May God watch over and protect you. And thank you most of all for reminding me how blessed I am & to be thankful to God!

  44. It's so lovely to read how much this feels like home, and the time you are taking to make things just what you want. That's a great pantry and so organized. I like your labels! I'll bet Blossom is happy to have the jars for her new home, too. The G pincushion is just perfect. I like the embroidery design.

  45. what to write with so many nice comments? well, I can say that I enjoyed your post very much. Your writing helps me see and feel your home. Lol, although I am not consuming sugar these days I can almost taste the biscuits and the loaf as you describe them. I see the ingredients on the shelves of your pantry and daydream of what you'll turn them into as I know you do too. Even at this stage of our lives we can still be blessed with newness of things. Your new home blesses you and sharing with all of us is a blessing for us too. I look forward to reading many happy messages about your new home. So happy Mr. E. finally has his own shed and the birds aren't afraid of Sophie. Will visit again soon.

  46. We are just the opposite. In 31 years of marriage, we've only had 3 homes. Hubby's job was downsized a week ago, now we are looking at moving again, after 16 years here (and we're more of pack rats, since we could). It is much easier to spread out than it is to downsize all those memories and special things we've collected from other family members (some who are no longer alive). Have fun in your new, permanent home.


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