Monday, October 22, 2018

The weekend...

We had a wonderful day celebrating Ross's birthday on Saturday. He, Blossom and the girls came by late in the morning and after cool drinks and the opening of presents we settled down to his favourite mother-in-law birthday meal - chicken pasta salad. Ross requests it every year and I have to tell you my heart swells with joy about that.
I had made a huge amount so they could take the leftovers home, as well as raspberry coconut slice and a banana cake with passionfruit icing. I don't think anyone leaves my kitchen with a hungry tummy because there's always plenty to go around and usually more to take home...

At first Cully May patiently waited for us to take her into the pool, but then she impatiently reminded us over and over again as it became obvious to her that lunch was drawing to a close. Gotta love a persistent 2yo! 
We ended the day with a good long swim followed by coffee and cake, then bade our fond farewells as the little girls yawned and our precious daughter and her beloved took them home.

Next morning Mr E and I headed out early to visit a few garage sales our council had organised. We'd gone to a few the previous morning but returned home with nothing so next morning we traveled further afield and came home with some lovely plants, a brand new electric hedge trimmer ($10!) and a book on growing cactus and succulents. 

Mr E trimmed the hedges later that afternoon and was very pleased his purchase did such a good job...

...and I am still deciding where to plant the dwarf bougainvillea and the cordyline negra.

Quite possibly they'll become part of the front garden.
I may not have mentioned this before but we live on a main road and though the back of the house is beautiful and peaceful, the front is very loud from traffic and it does hinder one's desire for a restful night's sleep as the main bedroom is right near the front door. 

So my beloved is working on a noise barrier, but instead of something ugly we shall be creating a rock garden on the road side of it, and put lily pily shrubs in pots on the bedroom window side. (we cannot plant on the bedroom side as there's a pump under the ground for removing excess water during the wet season)

It will have a slight V in the centre when complete but at the moment hubby has just begun painting all the wood so it may be another couple of weeks before we're ready to add rocks, soil and plants - all depends on how much time he has as this is a busy term at school.

We'll also close off the gaps in the front fence, but one thing at a time as we must save first - our purpose is not to create extra debt but to pay off the mortgage as quickly as we can and save for everything else we need.

My rescued lemon tree is thriving but a few unwanted visitors had to be removed the other day...

Fortunately welcome visitors took their place.

The cuttings I took a couple of weeks ago from the Elephant Bush (Jade) were ready to plant yesterday so I've got quite a few prepared and hopefully they'll all take root as Blossom would like some for her backyard as well. 


Well, I am behind which is no surprise after the house move and all that's gone on around the garden and unpacking and the settling in during the past month...but it was definitely time to take a breath and get back to work because we do have a mortgage after all.

The check print is from Bonnie & Camille whilst that vibrant floral is by Tilda.
I was looking for a few fabric duos to make more alphabet pincushions when the idea to use these two in a design for November took over my thought process so out came the sketch pad and by the following afternoon I had a design traced and stitching was underway!

Once the household chores were done this morning, and all emails had been answered, the coffee machine delivered me a steaming soy cappuccino and I was ready to let my stitching fingers get back to work. 

Of course I did make a mistake first up. I chose to watch the movie 'Florence Foster Jenkins' and as I'd not seen it before I hardly got any stitching done at all! 
It was obvious I need to pull out my Marple and Poirot and Jane Austen DVDs if I am going to get work done. Fortunately, tomorrow is a new day and I shall be staying home and hopefully catching up with work at last.

I can hear hubby calling me for an evening cuppa so I'd best say "Bye!" for tonight and finish my thoughts in the next blog post. 
What thoughts, you ask?
Plans for 2019...

Big hugs


  1. I just watched the trailer of that movie Florence Foster Jenkins. It looks interesting. I will see if our library has it. Meryl Streep is such a fantastic actress. The red fabric you are using is lovely. Time to settle back into sewing once again I guess. It has been such a busy time for you and your hubby.

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  3. I can't wait to see the pattern! The fabrics are just beautiful.

  4. Hi Jenny,
    Looks like a " home sweet home" where you are living! Family birthdays, swimming in the pool, home cooking! Simply the good life!
    Such a huge yard! A garden is never finished...just like plants and grows, develops, changes, adapts... enjoy the process ...don't rush a good thing!
    Winter approaching here in The Netherlands...more time to spend with needle and thread!

  5. Moving is such a lot of work! We moved a year ago and I am STILL unpacking boxes! One day it will be done and I can get back to the fun stuff!

  6. I loved Florence Foster Jenkins! Do you run a fan in your bedroom for noise? We used to live next to a train track and that's where I learned to use a fan for "white' noise. Many years later, I can't sleep without the little hum of the fan. I love the fabric for the embroidery!

  7. I was going to suggest a "noisy" fan as well---works for us! We joke that someone could come into our home and rob us blind, and we would just sleep through it!! Traveling is hard as motels don't have the noisy fan and we have trouble sleeping :)

  8. Wait ... Raspberry Coconut? You can't just say those words and not expand on them! Sounds absolutely delicious as does everything you cook/bake. Anyone else besides me want the recipe?

  9. I'm with Rosemary...Raspberry Coconut AND Banana with Passionfruit icing!!! All right, passionfruit isn't readily available here, but please share the recipes of your cakes...and your chicken pasta salad!! The party sounds like it was lovely, to be followed by finding an electric hedge trimmer - awesome! Your garden is looking so fabulous.

  10. What a lovely Birthday party Jenny. Gosh, you are both so busy with your garden, I know how long all these things take, far longer than you anticipate! xx

  11. Sounds like a wonderful family weekend at your home. Love yard sales . Haven't been in a very long time to one though. There aren't very many where we live at here. We used to have much more when we lived in Columbia. Can't wait to see your new design made with those gorgeous fabrics. The shrubs look great, That was a great bargain on the hedge trimmers.

  12. Hello Jenny, It is always a delight when you share your family get togethers, no matter the reason. It is also nice to see and learn about the types of critters, birds, plants and flowers that you share with us in your posts. What a great deal Mr. E received and he did a magnificent job on his trim! Thank you for sharing all of your many blessings with us, Jenny. The Lord does use you to help brighten my day every day I read your posts! Have a marvelous day!

  13. Jenny, sounds like you are really settling in to your new home. Love the sound of the planned changes to the garden and the dwarf bouganvillea is just gorgeous. Must confess ... went to the nursery yesterday and came home with ... some lavender plants, Greek basil, a new variety of nasturtium and some sickly petunias that I'm hoping to rehabilitate! Glad that you were able to enjoy some fun time with family too. For Rosemary who commented above - Jenny shared the recipe for the raspberry coconut slice on her blog post November 4, 2016. I think it is also in the Gentle Domesticity cook book. Have a beautiful week, Jenny xx

  14. Everything is looking wonderful Jenny & its lovely to hear your enthusiasm for your new home & bringing it all together slowly. I just wanted to mention ... although you may not believe me .... we live on a busy country road & our bedroom windows are close to the road & the living areas out the back. You honestly do get used to the noise, you may not think you do but you do over time. We never notice it now but visitors always comment on it. Also have you considered double glazing your road facing windows too? This would make a big difference I feel. Have a lovely week my friend.

  15. It's all so wonderful. I'm very curious to see how your Jade goes. I think it is the same as the plant we have indoors (the only plant as I've allowed the other orchids to die sadly). The Jade (?) was shedding alot of leaves and I wasn't sure I needed to water it more or leave it. Hubby says to leave it.........

  16. Hi Jenny. Lovely post! I would suggest double glazing as well. Because our house is new it had to have them and it makes an amazing difference. You could even just have the bedroom one done. Love and blessings

  17. Isn't it wonderful to have a handy man around the house? =) I like the way you are planning financially. You are doing the best thing to keep out of debt as much as possible. The price at the garage sale was fabulous, and that's a great reason to go out looking. You came home with some great plants! I already like the new design, just from the words. =) Your birthday Saturday + swim sounds like a wonderful day! I hope you are blessed with a beautiful day of stitching on Tuesday!

  18. It must have been such a joy celebrating Ross's birthday in your own home. Sounds like you all had fun. You are blessed to have a hubby who is so handy around the house. You can plan to do things without having to call in someone to do it all. I hope your sound barrier idea works as it sounds like a good remedy. Is it possible to move to another room if it is still too noisy? Your garden is taking shape and I love the pic of the little ladybug. We had a little frog in my flower tub. Those 2 fabrics go beautifully together. LOL you are just like me...I love to stitch while watching DVDs or Netflix. I am so happy to know that you are thoroughly enjoying your new home. Angel hugs.

  19. I appreciate where your beloved is at. Mine is busy planning for the new school curriculum as well as all the day/week/month work weighs down the inbox. You remind us to take time to smell the roses and enjoy the garden.

  20. Jenny: Happy Birthday to Ross, what a lovely thing for him to ask for you to make his favorite dish, the cake and coffee sounds yummy.
    I do love the fabric you chose, so fun and happy looking.
    I hope the noise is lessened a lot, we lived on a road that had loads of traffic, of course the bedroom was at the front of the house it was noisy, after a while we were so used to the noise that when it was quiet we actually looked out front to see why, no traffic.
    Planting is something I wish I could do all year.


  21. Sounds like it was a wonderful birthday celebration. Your home project sounds perfect.

  22. I always love the red and turquoise combination. I am so glad I am a charter member of your monthly patterns group. Love your house and yard updates. I have watched Florence Foster Jenkins at least twice. I can see why you couldn't stitch and watch. Love to you and Mr. E.

  23. Jenny this is going to be so pretty. I love the design and putting it on the checked fabric is so clever. My parents had to build a sound barrier - it turned out so nice. The piled up trash, big bulky trash (not paper but like plastic and stuff) and covered it with dirt then planted flowers and shrubs all over it. It was very pretty. No one would have guessed there was old junk under there. Good luck with yours - I'm sure it will do the trick also.


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