Friday, October 5, 2018

Week 6 of the Stitch-Along and my new sewing space...

Have you stitched the A - E letters yet?

Today we're up to F and for this pincushion I chose to sew it with a touch of elegance by using tonal fabric for the embroidery, cotton lace along the left edge, and a romantic print to finish it off. 

The 'F' has been stitched in just two colours, which I love because it allows that cute little ladybug to have her moment in the spotlight.

The main outline of the letter is embroidered with chain stitch and the curly side shoots are backstitch. The leaf is backstitch as well but I've added a line of blanket stitch through the centre. 
(I have a tutorial with free practice pattern here if you'd like to see how I did that) 

This little pinnie has been kept very simple, which allowed the two-colour embroidery and floral feature fabric to stand out, but you could add chain stitch in the ditch, a line of tiny buttons down the left side instead of lace...whatever makes you happy. 

DOWNLOAD the free pattern for 'F' here or here.

This pattern will remain a free download until November 2nd.

The patterns for A-E are now available here in my shop as a $2 purchase for the set.

Well, I promised I'd show you how I've set up the studio/sewing room in our new home and today is the day.

The room is 3 m x 3.4 m (about 9' by 10.5') so I had to be smart about where to put things. Mr E removed the wardrobe (closet) doors which really helped me create a lovely open space for storage and display and as the room is so fresh and light it feels much larger than it is.

I placed a couple of small bookcases inside the wardrobe and hung a cherished vintage quilt purchased years ago at the op shop for $2 over one of the hanging rails.

My threads are all together underneath, along with my tub of large applique or border scraps, fabric stabilisers, beads, buttons and small pieces of wadding and current designs waiting for their patterns to be written.

Storing a few finished quilts on the shelves added a beautiful 'homely' finish to what was once an ugly empty wardrobe.

Under the window is an old chest of drawers which now holds my quilting rulers, large pieces of quilt wadding, handmade gifts and an abundance of quilt hangers.

My large fabric shelving holds a mix of textiles, buttons, patterns, a basket of tiny applique scraps and other odds and ends. The drawers at the bottom have all my sewing machine bits, plus a large selection of sewing and quilting notions, glue gun, pincushion filling etc.

What was previously my corner office desk is now a cutting and sewing machine table. 

As you can see the walls are bare and that is because I'm going to have my husband build a shelf above the corner table, but there's still room to hang a few things when I'm decided on exactly what they shall be.

I have found my mindset is very different now decorating our own home, compared to previously decorating rental homes. I am taking time to really acquaint myself with each space and consider what I want, and whether I need as much as we have had previously. 

But some things never change.

Blossom designed this sweet garden angel embroidery and stitched it for me when she was about 16.
I made a cover for my sewing machine and appliqued it to the always makes me smile.

And pinned to the sewing machine cover is the pincushion Blossom made me when she was only ten years old. At that time I had not yet learned to embroider or quilt but she gathered some fabric scraps from my sewing box (I used to make clothes for her) and took sewing machine thread to make this precious gift which means the world to me.

And I guess that's what has got me thinking about 'what' I want to display at home, and 'why' - but more about train of thought in another blog post.

For today, be blessed in all you do, be kind to all you meet, and give thanks for all you have.



  1. Oh Jenny
    It is beautiful.
    So good to see you settling in.

  2. You have a very beautiful sewing room. It looks very spacious in the photos. And I love how you have your beautiful things displayed.

  3. Your space looks wonderful! Thank you for the "F" embroidery pattern! I love the little ladybug!

  4. I forgot to tell you thank you for alphabet Fin the pin cushion series. It is a beautiful letter F indeed.

    1. Thank you very much for these lovely alphabets Jenny.

  5. I enjoyed seeing your new sewing room. It’s so bright and cheerful.

  6. Your new sewing room looks really lovely Jenny. You have it set out so gorgeous.

  7. Wonderful! Be blessed right back at ya!

  8. Your new home is lovely Jen. A real inspiration. Thank you for the lovely little F as well x

  9. Sewing room is gorgeous! Sew very neat and fresh. It will be a pleasure for you to create here, Jenny. xx

  10. Thank you for sharing you gorgeous design and I love what you have done in your sewing room. I hope you spend many happy hours stitching away and creating in your permanent space.

  11. You will have fun creating in your lovely sewing room. I always feel more inspired when things are organized. One of my favorite wallhangings in my room is a heart my daughter embroidered for me when she was in 1st grade. Blessings!

  12. Jenny, your sewing space is just lovely and look at all those beautiful fabrics you have to work with. I can well imagine you being inspired there. I have also kept some items my daughter made when she was growing up.

  13. Your sewing room is beautiful, it must be so wonderful to have a dedicated space to yourself for your happy place. x

  14. Jenny your sewing room is looking great. It all looks so serene and organised. Thankyou again for sharing with us, and for the lovely 'f' pattern, which will be just perfect for my friend Florence.

  15. What a lovely sewing room - and I just had to ooh and aah about your lovely eye-candy supplies all nicely organized and ready to make something special with. Thank you also for the lovely embroidery letter patterns. They are so sweet!

  16. That is gorgeous, I love all of your fabric on display and all of the pretty little things with lovely memories. Happy sewing in your new space!

  17. What a wonderful sewing machine cover... it couldn't be any more perfect!! Your new craft room is very cute and already so organized! Thanks for the letter F... I haven't made any of the letters yet, but hope to do so, soon.

  18. It looks like a lovely space Jenny - beautifuly set out. Thanks for the F! xx

  19. Your creative space is beautiful!! It definitely reflects who you are in this moment and will enhance your creativity!! Adorable "f" pinnie!!

  20. I love your space. I recently moved to a new space and have been thinking about what will be put out or hung also. I have completed stitching a-e and hope to complete the d and e pincushions this weekend. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Isn’t it fun to just take a room in and consider where you want every item? Taking the closet doors off really opened up the room. May you enjoy many lovely hours in your new sewing room!

  22. Your sewing room looks so beautiful and neat. I am sure you will enjoy the hours spent in there.

  23. Well, google seems to have refused my first comment today. I'll try again. =) It's lovely to see you making your house into YOUR home. I like the wardrobe as it appears now. What a great space. Is Mr. E. going to use those wardrobe doors to make the shelving for you? It would be lovely if that would work. The entire lovely room seems to whisper 'Jenny's space'.

  24. How exciting to have your OWN place to decorate. Such a simple thing that most of us take for granted. Thanks for letting us share in the fun.

  25. Thanks Jenny again!!♥♥🌈🌈😊😊😊

  26. Hi Jenny,
    Google also would not let me post a comment yesterday.
    Thank you so much for the letter F pincushion. I like ladybugs too!!
    Love your sewing room. So bright and airy. Mine always looks like a "bomb dropped", especially when in the middle of a project. It's been a year and a half since we moved and I'm still unpacking boxes......
    Faith in Tx

  27. I love the F!!!! What a darling little ladybug! And your sewing studio is simply charming - it's so "you", dear girl - I love it. I understand completely about your new mindset....I'm going through the same thing myself, still, two years later. Especially now that I'm working and can save for the things I really want in here. Take it slow, it'll change over time....or maybe it won't for you, as I tend to change with the seasons, lol and you only have one! Hot and hotter....

  28. Just Lovely Jenny! I don't have time to check in everyday, but I always come over and visit when I can! I enjoy your blog very much and have followed you for years!


  30. Jenny, I am so very happy for you (and your family) to have been blessed with a lovely home to call your own. The feeling is like none other.
    Your studio is shaping up so nicely. Organized and so neat, ready for you to step in and make your inspirational projects.
    Thank you for sharing with us, I certainly look forward to every post you write and greatly admire your needle skills and creativity.
    Kind Regards, Peggy

  31. Thank you for the tour of your new sewing room. I love to see the work spaces of others. Yours is both lovely and functional.

    Your alphabet pin cushions are darling.

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