Saturday, October 27, 2018

Well look here - the I pincushion after all!

We still have no actual home internet due to a big Telstra bungle but hubby showed me how to hotspot my phone to my laptop so I could at least give you the new Alphabet Pincushion - and it's only a day late.

Yes, I know most of you will say "Jenny, you needn't do that, we could wait." and that's because you're all wonderfully kind and caring - ((thank you)) - but I don't like 'collecting' projects and then having to share a few all at once (it's only a few days until the next of this year's BOM blocks is shared) so let's just rejoice that now you can download "I" and stitch it over the weekend after all. 

For this pinnie I've used a simple two colour fabric palette of grey and red, and then followed through with the embroidery in grey and red as well.

In the ditch between the border print and the embroidery block I've sewn a line of red backstitch to give a clear definition between the two seas of predominantly grey fabrics. Must admit I made that decision with the help of two lovely Tuesday sewing group friends.
(thank you Lynelle and Karyn!)

Download the free "I" pattern here or here before November 2nd.

Scroll through my blog posts for the links to F, G and H which will be free until November 2nd only.

The pattern set for A-E is here in my shop as a $2 purchase.

Mr E is out front working on our sound barrier garden wall this weekend and I've got loads of sewing to do so hopefully I'll be ahead by three pincushions come Monday, but at the moment I'm still adding finishing touches to J. 

Sneak peek at the back, which is very different to the front...

My middle daughter Anita and her own precious daughter, 4yo Aminah, will be arriving the week after next so my plan is to quickly get ahead with pincushions and the end of year Stitchery Club designs so I can enjoy her visit with no other commitments. 
Anita will be staying with Blossom while she's here and we're all very excited because it's been two years since we were together so I'm sure you can imagine how much we girls have to catch up on.

Now, if you haven't checked out the November Club patterns yet, here they are...

The November patterns will be emailed out to all members on the 17th so if you're not yet a member you still have time to join if you'd like to!

Before I go here's one of my older tutorials you may like to work on for a Christmas gift.
I have collected doilies for years and when Blossom left home I inherited all her beautiful beads from a hobby she lost interest I began to make beaded doily jug covers.
They are simple, useful and quite lovely...

God bless you always and may your heart lighten each day as you seek His presence for He is the giver of true peace and the lover of your very precious soul.



  1. Well dear heart I hope the internet issues get straightened out, thank you for the gorgeous pinnie, I love it! The new club patterns are simply gorgeous....I'm tracing your stockings right now. Hopefully I'll finish today. Enjoy the visit with Anita and Aminah, what a joyful time that will be!!!!! Praying for safe travels for them!

  2. Jenny I wonder if you are on the NBN up there as yet. Unfortunately we had to sign up last year and after a number of phone calls to the Telstra call centre we got it set up as we were just sent a modem in the mail to set it up ourselves as we are fibre to node here. It has a been a bit up and down but the last few weeks it has been cutting in and out all the time making it very difficult to make and receive phone calls on our home phone so I have had to resort to using my Optus mobile phone for most calls and use it as a hotspot for my iPad which is what I do when on holiday and away from our WiFi. I know you will have a wonderful time with Anita and Aminah and I can understand you wanting to get your sitching done before they arrive so you can enjoy your time with them.

    1. Townsville was the roll out city for NBN about 8 years ago, Chel, so we've always had it since we moved here. This issue is a problem with Telstra 'forgetting' to connect us properly when we moved.

  3. You do such beautiful work! God truly gave you the beautiful gift of creativity. I have always wanted to make some bowl and jug covers with beads. They just scream victorian and femininity and I love it.

  4. Look at YOU, overcoming adversity! You rock! (and so does hubby!). Hugs, Kathy

  5. Thank you for another lovely Pin cushion pattern. I can feel your frustration with the internet problem. We often have troubles where I live with it as well. As we are in a pretty rural area. You can't live without internet these days that's for sure. I know your visit with Anita will be a wonderful time for all of you girls and a wonderful bonding experience for all the little girls...What fun that will be. Memories being made. Hugs and love to you today my Sweet friend.

  6. Hello Jenny, Thank you for your lovely Pincushion designs. They are all so delicate and beautiful. I am so happy for you and Mr. E in everything that is going on in your life. Your visit with your Daughter and Grand Daughter will be special. Thank you for all of the wonderful things you do! Please, you do not have to send anything in response to this. Your time is better spent with all that you are doing! I am so thrilled for you Jenny, get everything ready for your visit. Have a marvelous time doing it.

  7. Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing these with us!

  8. Thanks Jenny for still managing to write this blog for us. So grateful for all you share. Thank you. Hope your internet issue is fixed real soon.

  9. I really like that gray and red combination, though it isn't one I've considered ever. I think I must make it in something, and maybe it will be a pincushion. That defining line really makes it over the top. I'm glad you are heading for some family time, and I hope you ignore the internet during that time, too! You deserve every minute you can have with your two precious girls and that houseful of grandchildren. And then there's the sleeping to recover each day, too! The November designs are all winners, I think!

  10. Than you Jenny ,they are beautiful♥😊How LOVELY to see your daughter Anita soon .You must be soo excited!Here is a LOVELY song .I hear the Lord passing by.Beautiful worship song.Blessings xxMary Lou

  11. Enjoy your visit. My son (and only grandbaby) lives thousands of miles away, so I understand.

  12. You're so talented. Thank you for sharing. enjoy your special time.


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