Friday, November 16, 2018

L is for lovin' these pincushions...

If you could see my sewing room table right now you'd notice two things. 

1. It's messy but colourful.
2. There are many fabrics in piles of two or three prints waiting to become the next pincushion.

I'm thoroughly enjoying this process as I'm discovering many fabric combinations I'd not considered before and once they have been placed int their own little pile on my sewing table I'm quite hesitant to remove them because I love them all. 

This week 'love' is quite appropriately the letter L along with two lovely aqua toned prints which have partnered to give you our newest pincushion idea. 

Stitched onto a cream cotton/linen blend background I rotary cut the completed block on a 45 degree angle before sewing a 1½” wide piece of  aqua floral (from Tilda's Lemon Tree range) top and bottom. Then I added a 3" wide piece of aqua/green floral (from Tilda's Circus range) top and bottom again before cutting the top and bottom straight to give the front of the pincushion an angled appearance. 

Because that Lemon Tree print really has impact with it's beautifully deep aqua background I decided to add a little loop to the side.

Now, the L must be for Ladybug, right?

Embroidered with a mix of chain stitch, backstitch, satin stitch, lazy daisy and french knots (plus a wee pink cross stitch) this tiny L shows you can add a lot of variety within a very small design.

Download the L pattern here or here

This pattern is free until December 6th, along with the J and K patterns. Scroll my blog for those links if you missed the last two pincushions.

The patterns for A-E and F-I are available to purchase here in my shop for $2 a set.

There's a countdown to Christmas happening and when I was at sewing group this week I saw some beautiful handmade decorations. This reminded me I've not made a decoration for this year so had best get to it very soon.

In year's past I've designed some lovely ones which remind me of that year and the joys of our special day as a family with many or few around the table. If you'd like to make your own versions of my ornaments the patterns are temporarily HERE in my shop at the moment as instant downloads...

I hope your weekend is lovely, filled with all good things, people who care about you, something to sew and delicious comfort food that quite simply makes your heart smile.

Bless you heaps,

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Julie said...

Your pinny's are just so beautiful Jenny. I love them & your colour combinations encourage me to try colour schemes I would never have considered before. I also love how your past years christmas decorations have featured that cute little birdie that is quite a "signature" of yours now. Have a wonderful weekend my friend Xx

Outback Crafter - Debra said...

Gorgeous Jenny. Love the Christmas decorations.

Doreen said...

Always pure joy to enter your "sugar plum fairy" world! The stitchings are sweetness personified and exactly what is needed currently. Respite from "out there" happenings is definitely found here. Thank you for your lovely blog. Thanksgiving Blessings to you and those whom you love................

Sherry said...

Thank you so much for the pincushion patterns. I have enjoyed working on the embroidery and have three ready to complete into pincushions. I will have make more than one L as I have a couple of friends that should have one of these. I love the angles you used in finishing this one.

MelissaM. said...

I’m avidly following both your alphabet and sweet BOMs. Thank you! And the ornaments are so beautiful...I’d love to try my hand on one of those. Truly I keep telling myself that I WILL start embroidering, again, soon! Life. Is. So. BUSY!
However, when I click on the link for the ornament patterns, I keep coming up empty handed...could you perhaps assist me a little in finding them?

I’m hoarding up all these patterns for the day I hit the ground running with my embroidery. Any day, er, month? Year, now...honest, I keep telling myself.

Meanwhile, keep up the beautiful, encouraging account! =^________^=

Ondrea said...

I do rather like those colours you have chosen and the angled patchwork design really adds something special. Another brilliant idea. Thankyou so much for sharing .

Susan said...

I still like the Christmas designs. What a lovely pincushion. I like the fact that it's tall, just like the letter L, and that you added the adorable ladybug! I hope your weekend is filled with all the best things you like.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Hi Melissa. :-)
The links open at dropbox or google of them should work for you as there hasn't been any other problems.

Emma Christian said...


I love the idea of making a a Christmas decoration each year. The kids often do, But I do not. But I think I shall start!


Sherry said...

Lovely L and very sweet long pincushion. Thank you Jenny Dear for always giving us just what we love. Your ornaments are Stitch Perfect and a wonderful yearly gift. Blessings Dear...<3

MelissaM. said...

Hi, Jenny! :-)

I’m afraid the links to the ornaments take me to your shop, and I can’t find the ornaments in there. Oh, well, it must just be me and/or my iPad.

Oh, I love your sweet M! That might be the first pattern I actually nudge myself into making. =^_____^= I haven’t embroidered in a few years, and I’m a tad nervous to start, again. Mostly I’ve been, mostly I’ve been cooking! 💕

Thank you,

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Melissa, you need to scroll the pages of my shop. Sorry, but that's where they are. x

MelissaM. said...

Oh! There they are! Now I’m turning a deep pink. ☺️

They’re so pretty!!! =^_______^=