Friday, November 9, 2018

Oh - K...

We're stitching K this week and the mini pincushion I've sewn around it is quite simply the cutest one yet as it fits snug inside the palm of my hand.

The background fabric for the embroidery is white hanky linen (you can read about it here) and I've used a lovely bright orange, lime and beige print for the borders.

First I traced a 1½" hexie shape onto the white fabric and then I traced the K design inside the shape before cutting out the hexie along the traced lines.
Next step was to sew 1" wide strips of the floral print around all six sides of the white hexie before fusing some Parlan behind what was now the front of my pincushion.

Embroidering the K and sewing a line of backstitch in the ditch between the white and floral fabrics completed the front of the pincushion.

I trimmed away the excess floral fabric lengths to give me one even hexie before finishing the pincushion.


1. Choose threads which blend with your fabric or consider stitching in a variegated colour.
2. Make the pincushion larger by sewing wider floral strips of fabric around the white hexie.
3. Sew two borders around the hexie.

Download the K pattern here or here.

Go to last week's pincushion post for the links to download J, and you'll find the A-E set and the F-I set here in my shop.

As you know, I have had my middle daughter and 4yo granddaughter visiting this week and it's been two years since we last hugged so emotions and chatter and hugs were high for her, me, Blossom and all the granddaughters. 

Anita and Aminah stayed at Blossom's house and each day we'd be there or here just being mum/daughters/granddaughters. What a priceless blessing it was, especially with so many littlies to love on.

Cully May (2), Rafaella (8 months), Aminah (4)...

We spent Wednesday in the pool so I made a quick dash to Big W early that morning for unicorn floaties. Oh my goodness, these were such a hit with the girls!
I also got a shaded baby floatie for Rafaella and she giggled and splashed for ages. 

Anita and Aminah flew home today and their plane landed safely about half an hour ago where daddy/husband Tek was waiting to meet them. We're all hoping he can come too next visit.

All of us are exhausted emotionally and physically but so grateful for five days of memories and moments that will carry us over till next time. God really blessed us.

Our gorgeous little Rafaella, with a smile that lights up the room...

May your weekend flow with goodness and grace, laughter and joy, kindness and care. I shall be resting up so I can catch up on Elefantz work next week. 
This nana is soooo tired. LOL!

Bless you heaps,


  1. What a wonderful week you've had, Jenny. So many blessings with all your girls. Oh my, young Aminah looks so like Blossom in one of the photos. I love family resemblences ... genes are amazing. The young ones are just gorgeous ... bet they had energy to match as well! Have your nanna naps before you get back to business. Hugs xxx

  2. Jenny, I am so pleased you all had a wonderful family time. What wonderful memories you will have of this time together. Time to rest up now, Nana :-)

  3. nothing like visiting with family. Such beautiful children! Enjoy them. They grow up so fast.

  4. family time is awesome!
    love the pin cushion too

  5. Glad you had such a lovely time Jenny. xx

  6. I have to laugh when I look at the first photo and see Cully May with an arm-lock around a baby - made me look twice and then the next photo it all became clear :) Beautiful babies for you to hug and kiss - I miss all that stuff. Pretty pin cushion as well, of course :)

  7. I will bet you are exhausted enough to sleep for two days through! It sounds like a wonderful time, and those pictures are just precious and treasures of the visit. I'm so glad it was fabulous. Thanks for the K and the pincushion idea. These are all wonderful!

  8. Dear Jenny, I had to comment. I came home from the hospital last night on the insistence of my son and Jim, though his was only communicated with his eyes. I just finished up a shower and am on my way back to spend the weekend. He is still in ICU with a Trach.
    Looking at the dear picture of Rafaella makes waiting for Emily's fourth all the harder. Babies are just little pieces of sunshine. After this surgery I am all the more hopeful that our new little one will be able to know their Grandpa.
    Thank you for your latest addition of K. These have been so much fun.
    I made up the Hope pattern you sent out and it has truly been a blessing. So thank you again for that pattern. Sometime when things are less frantic I will have someone show me how to send you a picture of my completed piece.

  9. What a blessing to have two daughters and three granddaughters all together for a visit!! Obviously the older cousins had fun with each other...wish they lived closer together so they could grow up together, but God knows what is best. Nana's need naps even more than the grands!! Rest up and be refreshed. Your K pinnie is so cute. Even though I don't like handwork, I appreciate your artistry and skill in creating these beauties.

  10. Your grandchildren are just beautiful!! So happy you were able to be together. And thank you for the K pattern. You know I've been waiting for that one ;o)

  11. Such lovely granddaughters. I'm sure you are tired after all the excitement. Thank you for 'k'. I have slipped a little, but that lovely Heidi shape makes me want to catch up soon. Watch this space.xx

  12. How lovely spending lots of lovely time with your special girls. xx

  13. Such a precious time for you and your beautiful famly. Rest and recover dear. Thank you for another sweet pincushion K. You are amazing! Sweet Blessings...<3

  14. Thankyou for your cute little pincushion pattern. I have to catch up with the last few as I have been away for a week. Oh my! Your grandies are ever so cute! Great pics. I love the floaties and I am sure they all had great fun in the pool.

  15. Such precious time with your daughters and granddaughters...
    Fantastic photos.

  16. So glad you all had this visit. I know you were so happy to have your 2 daughters and the grand girls all together. What a wonderful bonding time for you all. Get loads of rest in now that they are gone; so you don't get sick from so many busy activities. Hugs Sweet lady. and thank you for the latest alpha pin cushion design

  17. How special? They are all so adorable.


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