Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Sneak peeks at my BOM and day to day doings...

Now that the rain has gone for the time being (it's the wet season after all) I've discovered everything in the garden has shot into growth mode. Truly, there is nothing like God's rain from the sky to boost a garden is there? Tap water just doesn't do the same thing.

I'll show you around the garden in a minute, but first I thought perhaps you may like to see a few progress sneak peeks at my 2019 Block of the Month, Phyllis May's Kitchen....

I won't have this ready for sign-ups until March or April because I'm designing along the way and it all depends on how much detail to add or how big I decide to make it. For now I'm just enjoying the process...

I have a fat quarter bundle of Tilda's next range, Apple Butter, and will be using all of it in this project, but I've also had to add in a few pieces from her basics (the spots) and the last range (Birdpond). 

"Phyllis May's Kitchen" is the perfect project for using your fabric scraps as there's loads of applique and small pieced blocks that will use up a variety of fabrics so if you want to grab some Apple Butter when it's released in January, great, BUT if you want to use what you already have then start gathering a box of pretty scraps now. 

This BOM will run for nine months and is not a freebie. 

I'll have subscription info available in March.

What are you planning for next year -

Finish some UFO's? 
Learn a new skill or craft? 

A couple of things on my to-do list are -

She assures her readers it is geared towards beginners and she shall show how it's done along the way so as I am a visual learner this was a great incentive to join in.
(I also have a wonderful crochet coach, Karyn, in our Tuesday sewing group should I get stuck)

I have purchased the yarn and just need to get a comfortable crochet hook. 
Funny thing, crochet does not hurt my hands yet knitting does. I had an operation on my right hand in 2010 and have struggled to knit without pain and cramping ever since.
No good wallowing in despair over the knitting...moving along to something which is doable seems the right remedy. Crochet pretties here I come.

This is the Sweet Pea blanket Lucy will be teaching/hosting through her CAL, which begins on Friday 4th January.
You can see why I fell in love and wanted to join in, right?

I love how all my yarn arrived in organza bags.


Next year I'm going to spread my wings a bit and try things I've not done before. Like make a pavlova and creme anglaise. I'd also like to cure my own olives and grow a super dooper herb garden right near the back door.

But today I pulled out my old recipe for chocolate brownies and as I'd not made them for two years thought Mr E might enjoy some for arvo tea.

I was reminded they'd not been baked in a while when Blossom sent me a photo of the batch she made for Ross the other day. A great savoury cook, she's really only just this month discovered she loves baking and has not stopped. Ross is a happy husband and Blossom is smiling a lot. 

Anyhow, Mr E licked his lips when I pulled this batch out of the oven so after he's finished working in the yard and had a swim we'll pop the kettle on and enjoy some chocolate heaven together.

Righto, here's those garden pics I promised.
I wake before dawn each day and always wander around the gardens as the sun comes over the horizon. Always there are birds around, butterflies coming to say good morning, and the odd carpenter bee buzzing over the pool and into the flowering trees.

This morning I peered out into the shadows from the house and saw a new visitor perched on the clothesline...

We've not had galahs come to the feeder before so it was lovely to watch them today.
Mr E and I were sitting out back having breakfast an hour later and they hadn't left, but were helping themselves to leftovers in the bird feeder after the cockatoos and rainbow lorikeets had taken their share...

I still pinch myself at the beauty of nature which surrounds us here and breakfast out back each morning has become a time of intense joy which hubby and I look forward to.

The rains really brought the gardens to life, more so than I'd hoped. With so much new growth, buds and flowers everywhere, it's hard to know where to look first.

Here's just a few lovelies - succulents, grevillea, mock orange, ixora, basil, thyme and others...

Our many pots of Aloe Vera have multiplied beyond belief along with a few other plants from the garden... I separated them and began new little pots. Some can be given as gifts in a few months and the rest will be popped back into the garden.

Princess Sophie enjoys snooping under the ixora for lizards but they are very quick and usually evade her. The gorgeous flowing plant on the chair above her is Brahmi and about eight weeks ago was a tiny thing I could hold in the cup of my hand.

It has the most delicate little purple flowers and long flowing stems now...

This afternoon I shall be finishing a project to hang in my kitchen, but there's a story behind that so I'll share about it another day.

I pray that your own day overflows with delights which you could not have imagined when you woke this morning because days like that are a blessing which cannot be measured.

God bless and hugs,


  1. Love it all Jenny! You have beautiful gardens and the visitors to your home are so unique!

  2. As to your garden, are you sure it isn't named Eden? Lovely blooms and birds. Those brownies look delicious.

  3. I have asked for the sweet pea wool pack for Christmas. This will be the third or fourth Lucy blanket I have done. Finishing off the Moorland one at the moment. Looking forward to starting new blanket. Julie

  4. I can already tell I'm going to love Phyllis May's Kitchen! Your garden is looking lovely, Jenny. xxx

  5. Jenny, can't wait to do Phyllis May's Kitchen. Looks gorgeous with those Apple butter fabrics ... especially the floral with stripes. How lovely to have your garden growing like Topsy! Looking forward to stitching in 2019. Talk about pavlova ... my beautiful Scottish friend, Susan, brought one of her amazing pavlovas for our Christmas lunch today. As for baking ... this woman is a dynamo! She has made about 24 Christmas cakes, not as many puddings and said that she is no longer counting the batches of shortbread she has made this past week! As well as that she gifted all of us kitchen towels with crocheted tops and has made about 10 aprons (reversible) for 10 great grandchildren! Have a lovely week, Jenny, and a happy and peaceful Christmas with your loved ones.

  6. Looking forward to the 2019 BOM Jenny. It looks beautiful! The garden is gorgeous! How lovely to enjoy your cuppa and brekkie each morning looking at how beautiful it all is. Love, love, love........

  7. Jenny your garden is looking good. Brahmi looks nice but tastes terrible. LOL! It is very good for you too. That is interesting about how you can crochet without pain but not knit. Crochet is so much quicker than knitting I must say. I have been looking at your forecast as my girl and her family are heading over there for a break. It will be very muggy for them I imagine.

  8. love the garden. So much satisfaction with a job well done.
    Have a blessed Christmas.

  9. I love your garden, I am so fortunate that I am able to stay home, that is a blessing. I want to learn to make socks in 2019.

  10. I so enjoy stopping by for a visit.

  11. Lovely garden pics - and beautiful baking and sewing makes. We love brownies around here. Enjoyed your sneak peek, and looking forward to your new projects.

  12. Can't wait for the BOM--your sneak peek has me hooked!! Thanks for sharing the garden pictures, everything is so lovely.

  13. Hello Jenny, I still enjoy visiting your blog posts, every day! Everything you share is delightful and can fill my day with smiles. Thank you so much for sharing everything that you do! Have a splendid day!

  14. Hi Jenny. I have been looking at that Sweet Pea blanket and thinking shall I, shan't I! Then I think of all the wool I have stashed away that I really ought to use before buying more especially as I already have a project on the go. I love the Clover crochet hooks - they seemed quite big at first but actually they are really comfy to use. My plan for next year is to spend more time with my sketchbook and NO new quilts!! Watch this space. Your garden looks gorgeous after all that rain. xx

  15. Your garden is so beautiful...the blossoms are exotic to this desert dweller! Thank you for sharing this beauty with those of us who live in areas gripped with cold, rain and snow.

  16. Love your new designs and the photos of your garden. Thank you so much for your recommendation of Jane Brocket's book. I started reading it las night and was absolutely stunned after reading her introduction. I'm an elderly woman and have been this was all of my long life but had no idea there is a name for it, "Domesticity". My passions have never been looked at as other than little hobbies by my family and I don't know another person who is like this either so like the author, I've worked away by myself. This certainly hasn't diminished my enjoyment or satisfaction but it's so heartening to find out that there are others who share these loves. I intend to read her book cover to cover for inspiration and confirmation of the value of Domesticity. Thank you again.

  17. Gosh - what a feast for the eyes this post is. I adore the BOM - you may just get me on that and I kind of wish you hadn't shown the CAL either. I follow Lucy's blog and admire her work. You've explained it a little more - for beginners?....hmmm I'm tempted. I taught mself a little crotchet a couple of years back. Did some beautiful squares I intended to try and crotchet together but do you think I can remember the stitch I did? I made it up at the they just languish.....
    The aloe is gorgeous. We used to have some - I should get some more.
    Oh and those brownies........I must try and make them from scratch. I love the gluten free Betty Crocker version which I buy on special. my 10 yr old daughter loves making these by herself now. (My 14yr old daughter makes the most amazing tiered cakes/drip cakes with chocolate shards and buttercream......way above me.......)

  18. Oh Jenny, the blanket is so pretty. I can see why you were interested. Now I am. With Emily expecting her fourth it would be nice to do, plus Jim's pet name for me is Sweet Pea.
    Your garden amazes me. When we bought our house the only thing it had growing in the yard beside sod was oak trees and one bed of monkey grass. To keep finding all of the surprises you have must be so dellightful. I am so glad that Abba blessed you with this house.
    I am looking forward to the new BOM. It looks so fun.

  19. I'm also intending to make the beautiful sweet pea blanket, but this will be my winter project and I intend purchasing the wool early in the new year. I look forward to seeing your progress during the CAL. Loving the look of your brownies, something I've never attempted. Wishing you and your whanau (family) a wonderful Christmas :)

    Rose - ChCh, NZ

  20. The Sweet Pea Blanket has been teasing me in the most impolite way... The colours are marvelous and I love Lucy's CAL -- even though I am a lurker... I knit best, but it is because I do it more.... The walk in the garden was magic! We are muddy and cold and wet and a glimpse of your spring / summer is delish! Thanks for sharing! <3

  21. So, so many beautiful things in your post! I think I'd love the CAL, but if I crochet that much in a week, my wrists will be in pain. =) I'll have to hope you share some pictures of yours. The hints of the BOM are so intriguing, so I'm definitely going to have to sign up! Your yard is a never-ending place of beauty and joy. I'm so glad you share it with us so frequently. Thank you, Jenny, for your happy post.

  22. I was delighted with your garden. From a big city in southern Europe, Barcelona, I could only have some pots on my balcony. And the only birds I see are pigeons and small green parrots that have invaded us.
    Enjoy the wonderful creation of God from that beautiful place that has so many unique species.
    Have a happy Christmas enjoying your family and remembering the wonder of the incarnation of the Savior.


  23. Oh how beautiful your 2019 BOM is looking. Gorgeous fabrics, gorgeous designs....And I can;t wait to see your crochet project you will be working on. Love your yarn colors. They are very pretty. Your garden is gorgeous and the birds are amazing....You and Mr. E truly have green thumbs .


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