Friday, August 2, 2019

Block 3 Scrappy Vintage Kitchen stitch-along...

How are you coming along with My Scrappy Vintage Kitchen? Have you stitched the first two blocks?

Today we're stitching block 3, Tulips on the Table...

Nana didn't grow tulips, but she did grow other flowers in her tiny patch of dirt outside the front porch. On summer nights we'd sit there on the top step with a cup of tea in hand and let the fragrance of her wildflowers drift around us. 

When the blooms were abundant she'd cut a bunch for her simple old vase and place them right in the centre of the kitchen table. I get my love of flowers from Nana.

A couple of years back we were moving to another rental house and I decided to make myself a kind of 'welcome' gift in those evening hours of rest after days spent packing up the old house, and it was this very Tulips on the Table stitchery I chose to feature on a small tablecloth made from flour sack.

The basic vase and flowers design without the doily beneath was traced into each of the corners and the cloth was bordered in a pretty yellow floral print before I began the embroideries.

I shared a tutorial on how to make that tablecloth back HERE if you'd like to try something similiar.
Any of the Scrappy Vintage Kitchen stitcheries would fit in a corner. 

I still use my sweet little tablecloth but whilst re-making all the vintage kitchen patterns into a wall quilt recently I've thought about making another tablecloth with one of the other motifs. Time permitting that may just happen.

The complete pattern for My Scrappy Vintage Kitchen quilt is HERE in my Etsy Shop

If you missed blocks 1 and 2 go to My Scrappy Vintage Kitchen page for the links.

In the next issue of the Rewind Club I've included a few designs which I finished as pocketed pincushions when I made them back in 2016.

If you follow THIS tutorial of mine you could make similar pinnies from orphan stitcheries in your stash and even fussy cut fabrics (or join the Rewind club by August 4th and use the ones I did).

You've Got a Friend as a completed pinnie which I gave to Wendy...

....and You Mean the World To Me, also as a completed pinnie. 
This one went to my sweet Blossom and lives on her sewing table all the time.

These heartfelt stitcheries are on the pattern sheets in two sizes and it's the smaller ones which became pockets for the pincushions, but last week I decided to make the larger version of You've Got a Friend in applique and love how it turned out!

I think this will become a feature block for a new runner on my bedside table and I might even stitch a verse for it as well. 
Do you know a little flower-strewn verse or quote that I could use?

Mr E is recovering from his nasty bout of influenza and is back at work again, thankfully with a lighter load today. Having him home so unwell meant slower days, plenty of time in the afternoons to just sit and rest, chat and stitch. A lot of nourishing meals and lemon/honey tea also made their way to his tummy. 

I'm so grateful to those of you who prayed for him ((thank you)) and wanted to offer you a small token of thanks by way of a free Scripture pattern so if you drop by on Sunday I'll have it ready to share with you. It's one I shared many years ago and finished as a small wall hanging for a friend but the verse is so encouraging that I'm currently stitching it again to hang in our home.

If I settle down tonight and let my needle take the time it needs I should be able to photograph it and re-write the pattern tomorrow. 

I pray for each of you today is that our Lord would bless you with peace, clarity, health and provision for every one of your needs; that He would lead you to walk beside those still waters and restore your soul. That you would be still and know, from the very depths of your being, that He is God and He loved you with every step to the Cross, that He loves you today and always.



Ondrea said...

Looking at your cheery pretty stitcheries has brightened my day. Glad Mr E is much better now and hope he can take things more slowly for a while so he doesn't relapse. Hope much brighter days are ahead for you and your family.

Joanne said...

Thanks Jenny !
Enjoy the weekend!

Jenny said...

How about Psalm 126:3 'The Lord has done great things for us & we are filled with joy.' I have that verse in a few places in my home. Or the line from a favorite hymn would be really pretty too.

Little Quiltsong said...

So thankful Mr E is much better again. Hopefully everyone else stays healthy too. Love all your lovely embroideries. You are such a generous giver of your designs - thank you for that. We are thankful for cooler nights these last few days - so enjoy having the patio door open in the mornings and hearing the birds singing away. Enjoy your day, Jenny!

Karen said...

Great that Mr E is feeling better. Glad he has a bit of a lighter load too. Blessings

daisydilly (vicki) said...

Thank you so very much for The Vintage Kitchen block. Glad your husband is feeling better. Have a great weekend .

Carole @ From My Carolina Home said...

What a sweet design, love the entire vintage kitchen. Your colors look vintage and modern at the same time with the teal and red. Glad your husband is better. When I need a quote, I go to Quote Garden, here is their page on flowers, maybe it will have something for your vase stitchery -

Little Penpen said...

Another sweet block... your stitching is so pretty.

Joyce Carter said...

Thank you, Jenny, for the very cute block. I am happy that your husband is feeling better.

Carla Fiedler said...

Thank you for the lovely designs and tutorials! Your generosity is greatly appreciated!

Susan said...

One of my favorites is: If friends were flowers, I'd pick you. =) Thanks for a wonderful post and the new design. I like the idea of the table cloth with flowers in the corners, and I hadn't done it yet. I'm planning to get a new table, rectangular instead of round, this fall, and I will have a place for one there. God bless you for your cheer and joy, and for your sharing nature, and for your faith in Him and your Savior. You are an inspiration and comfort to me.

Lin said...

Thank you Jenny. Yes, I have two completed blocks - will blog about them soon I hope. Too much going on at the moment although I am still sewing as it relaxes me. Sorry to hear Mr E has been unwell but good that he is on the mend. xx

diana said...

Thank you for the beautiful prayer. God bless you

Allie said...

So adorable, thank you!!! I love having flowers around - real or otherwise, lol! Glad Mr. E is feeling better!