Sunday, August 4, 2019

You Lord are my shield - free pattern...

This verse is very dear to my heart because it's the one I memorized and held on to every day during a deeply difficult season in my life. These words of King David - describing our God as a shield, our Glory and the lifter of our heads - kept me from falling apart, so it was only natural I'd bring them to life with needle and thread.

Also around that time a sweet friend was diagnosed with breast cancer and knowing she had a fight ahead and was leaning on the Lord with all she had, I sent my completed stitchery to her as a mini quilt so she could hang it in her home and each day be reminded Who was holding her through that trial. Praise God she recovered and is still cancer free six years later.

Last week I was back in the Psalms and once again the power of love which flows from this verse took hold of my heart so I decided right then to stitch it again, this time to hang in my own home.

Praise the Lord this is not a season of trial at the moment, even though the issues from that dark time six years ago have not yet been resolved - but having these words of life on display at home lifts my heart to a safe place, a hopeful place, knowing that though times of trial will surely come again HE will carry us through.

Knowing WHO is my shield, WHO is my glory, and WHO is lifting my head when darkness tries to pull me down where I do not want to be, carries my heart and thoughts to safety and sanctuary. To God my Father. 

I've made a few little design changes to this new version of "You Lord Are My Shield" and I do hope you'll stitch it up for yourself or someone you know who may need it.

The pattern is my gift to you, but as Father God is my creative source you'll need to thank Him - after all, every good gift comes down from the Father.

I displayed my mini quilt quite simply, adding 1" lengths of aqua and pink tonal fabrics for borders and finishing with an envelope closure (something I'm rather fond of these days) and hand quilting in the ditch.

A burst of inspiration for a quilt hanger came about yesterday as I was cleaning this gorgeous jewellery tree that Rosie gave me a few years back...

See the tiny little bird perched atop a small branch?

I thought what if I tied the mini quilt to the branches with the wee birdie peeking out above?

You know, one of my favourite passages of Scripture since giving my life to Jesus twenty eight years ago is Matthew 10:29-31, so how appropriate that a 'sparrow', reminding me how much I mean to God, sits over another verse which carries my life forward.

May our Lord, Who loves you beyond measure, minister His gentle and fierce love deep into your being as your needle dips and turns in the sewing of His wonderful Word.

Be blessed!


  1. Hello Jenny

    Thank you for this beautiful and thought provoking Psalm.
    In this busy world it’s all too easy to take things for granted.
    By stitching the Word of Our Father we will be reminded of His Grace

    Your work is beautiful and you have been blessed with a great talent ��
    Kindest regards

  2. So pretty and I love it hanging with the little bird peeking out. Happy Sunday!

  3. Thank you so much for the lovely, inspiring pattern. I will enjoy making this beautiful piece of art.

  4. Thank you for the lovely pattern. I enjoy reading the Psalms.

  5. Thank you so much for this gorgeous pattern. And thank you for sharing your testimony with me...It always much appreciated and always welcome and always needed.

  6. As always, I enjoy your workmanship and blog. But the best....your biblical words of love, grace and encouragement. Thank you~

  7. Thank you so much, Jenny. This is indeed a wonderful saying to add to our homes, and a wonderful reminder, too. Your testimony of our Savior and God are always so heartwarming and healing.

  8. Beautiful Jenny! Love the little bird and the lovely Scripture you embroidered! The mini quilt is so pretty!

  9. Our pastor just started a series of messages on the Psalms for the very reason you describe! They do minister to us all. This piece is so lovely and captures my heart in stitches which I love! Thank you so much for your inspiring designs and such beautifully written prayers! I love their elegance!!

  10. What a lovely little quilt and such a brilliant way to display it.

    I've been watching Sewing Quarter a TV programme which is a sales channel but is interesting as it's about all kinds of sewing & the programmes are on Youtube. One recent lady guest is from Australia Lynette Anderson & some of her work reminded me of your gorgeous sewing, the latest video with her is lovely and is at . Maybe one day we'll see you on the telly here. Your work is so beautiful people would love it.

  11. Oh my that is gorgeous, thank you dear girl!! And I adore how you perched the mini quilt on the branches with the sparrow peeking over. Those are a couple of my own favorite verses!!!!

  12. Dear Jenny--This post is beautiful from beginning to end. Thank you for the free pattern. Now we all are looking for a pretty jewelry tree to use!

  13. Dear Jenny, your beautiful patterns brought me to your blog several years ago. Your beautiful words of encouragement and reminder of our Lords love and grace is what keeps me coming back. Thank you so much!

  14. Dearest Jenny, you always supply me with just the right scripture. I realize that food has become a comfort to me then I feel empty after overeating. I know I have to turn to God in times like this for he is the lifter of my head. Thank you!


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