Friday, November 15, 2019

Another FREE stitch-along begins on Monday...

Years ago I shared a simple Christmas stitch-along over six weeks and to be honest, as much as I loved the project design, my choice of fabrics had been dictated by a supplier so my choice of prints probably didn't reflect what I would chosen of my own accord.
Still, I was quite happy with the end result and it hung in our home each Christmas.

But the disappointment in fabric choice has increased over the past few years and as more and more of you have contacted me recently asking if I'd list the original pattern in my shop, the desire to remake the project in my own style, in colours and fabrics I love, took hold.

So, beginning on Monday I'll be sharing six blocks over two weeks.  I've removed one of the word designs from the original set of six and replaced it with a word that says so much more at this time of year. Hope.

The first version of my six blocks was completed as a wreath made of hexagons, but this time I'm finishing the blocks in a simple table which can be displayed all year through.

I'll share one block every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for two weeks.

Raid your scrap bucket or gather some old favourite pieces of fabric because that's what I've done. Mine are mostly fat eighths but the more fabrics you use the smaller amount of each you'll need. 

As I said, this is simple, just squares, a bit of hand embroidery and applique - and you can even omit the applique if you're not confident about it, so anyone can sew along.

Will you join the fun?

I apologise for not completing the final instalment of this year's book study on Tuesday.
With the launch of Faith In Hand the other day amid another string of migraines through the week I felt it best to wait a bit longer until I have time to put the last chapter into words for you.

I may try for next Wednesday in the blog post with block 2 of the new stitch-along.

Leaving you today with photos some of our stitching ladies from the Gentle Domesticity group have shared recently of their completed Elefantz projects. 
They are gorgeous and I know they'll inspire you!

From Barbara C, these two...

From Jeanette I...

From Marion P...

From Margaret V...


Now, if you've not downloaded all nine of the Scrappy Vintage Kitchen patterns, I've decided to leave them up until Monday 18th November, an extra few days.

Please go HERE for the links.
By Tuesday morning they will all be gone.

Click on the links below to download the other two free patterns shared above...

May your weekend be a time of rest, of renewal, of drawing close to the Father's heart, and of happy endeavours with needle and thread...



  1. Hi Jenny,
    Christmas stitch along! Thank you! Winter themed fabric scraps might just do the trick here ! Looking forward to it!
    The shared photo's .... great idea ! Lot's of creative people being inspired by Elefantz!
    Enjoy the weekend!

  2. Thankyou for this free stitchalong. I dont know if i will get down to it before cheistmas, but i will download and save the patterns. Maybe it will be a project for the dark days of January, to be enjoyed next year God willing.

  3. I love the lacy version of the Vintage Kitchen Jenny. xx

  4. Once again Thank you for sharing this wonderful design with me!!

  5. Oh Jenny this looks so pretty. I love the word hope....As I have lots of hope ....For the future...It is a very meaningful word to me...This will be a gorgeous stitch along...Love how you are redoing to older designs ....Thank you so much for all the stitcheries you share with us...May you have a blessed and migraine free weekend. Hugs and prayers to you always

  6. Can't wait! The scrappy vintage kitchen was my first ever embroidery project and I loved it!! Looking forward to this one. Feel better!

  7. Ooh how lovely!! The projects from your followers are really great, too! Praying for a relaxing weekend for you....

  8. LOL, that's hilarious timing! I just finished the 2015 one LAST Monday! I look forward to seeing the changes with the new version. Thanks for the links because I think I missed a last block of something.

  9. Lots of beautuful stitching projects there. I remember your Christmas hexie wreath whuch is quite lovely but I am sure the new version will look beautuful and I look forward to seeing it.


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