Monday, November 25, 2019

Colour in the garden and block 4 of our stitchalong...

Today I'm sharing block four of the six we're stitching in the Words of Life table runner project.

I could wax lyrical about my favourite person in the whole entire world for pages and pages (chapters even) but you already know how much my relationship with Jesus impacts my life; how it fills my heart to overflowing because of the the abundant goodness, kindness, correction, mercy, forgiveness, acceptance and love He generously pours into this very ordinary Jenny-life each and every day. 

I pray that as you stitch His glorious name you ponder the depth of His love for you and that you ask Him to reveal all the things in your day to day life which hinder a closer walk with your loving Saviour.

I pray this often and He always answers. I may be slow to respond sometimes, but eventually I step forward and follow His lead, removing the old ways and learning the new, having my heart attitude and habits cleansed and replaced with those which better assist me to live a Christ-centred life.

Life is a journey.
Relationship with Jesus is a journey too.
And it can all be rather marvellous if you let go of your own ways and allow God to lead.

You'll find links to the previous four blocks in my blog sidebar.

On Sunday it was a hot, humid and cloudy day but we got up early and headed out for a long early morning drive up along Hervey Range to the Mingela turn-off and then travelled 70 km along a dirt track into Mingela before heading down the other side of the mountain range and returning home. All up it was a 240 km round trip and gave us plenty of time to chat about the future and what was best for our garden.  
On returning home it was just after 10.30 am so Mr E set about erecting a temporary run for the chickens as they've destroyed quite a bit of the yard and dug up too many new trees these past nine weeks. It's become quite time consuming and expensive to 'fix' what they destroy so giving them a decent sized shaded area to live became our number one task.

The enclosure is a generous size for two chooks and they have loads of shade, water and interesting areas to keep them occupied.

Just today, knowing they were not wandering everywhere digging up all and sundry in their path, brought peace of mind. So many plants in pots can now be replanted in the ground and hubby can give more time back to revitalising our dreadful soil before April when our vegetable growing can begin again in earnest. 

Hopefully rain will come soon if the wet season arrives, but you never know. We had those catastrophic floods last wet season in January/February but barely a drop of rain since then - though nothing like the drought elsewhere in our country where cattle are dying, farmers are walking off the land and fires are out of control. 

As dry and brown as the ground is I find pleasure in the little pops of colour my potted plants offer...

Our four rockmelons (canteloupes) should be ready to harvest in the next two weeks. The dry weather has actually been good for them as apart from a daily water at the roots they do not like to be wet.

The huge morning primrose bush by the front gate thrives in all conditions and is alive with bees until the flowers close around midday.

It's mango season now and you can find stalls all across town offering a bucket full of mangoes for $10-12 which is around a dozen or more good sized fruits. One of the ladies Mr E works with at the school has a huge mango tree and her husband picks them to share amongst the teachers. What a blessing!
We eat mangoes with breakfast every day at this time of year, usually right through to March, and these ones are delicious.

Our dear elderly widowed neighbour brought me this sunflower today before leaving to catch a plane.

She's flown down to Sydney and if you have a moment would you pray for her family please?
Her 4 yo granddaughter is seriously ill at Westmead Children's Hospital and the whole family is deeply distressed and frightened. Holding our neighbour as she wept yesterday, Mr E and I prayed for her granddaughter and their family (she is not a Christian but wanted prayer, comfort and hope) and we shall stay in contact while she's away so when we have an update I'll let you know.

I'm off to Blossom's tomorrow and have baked a Matrimony Slice to take with me because it's one of 
her favourite "mum-made" treats and we hope to enjoy some with a pot of tea and a sketch pad because further into next year we'll be launching a few children's patterns together.  Isn't that exciting?!

If you haven't made a Matrimony Slice give it a go; it's easy and delicious.

In the week ahead may the Lord bless you with a gracious heart, a generous spirit, a smile that multiplies to others, and peace that surpasses all understanding.

I'll be back on Wednesday with block five in our Words of Life project...



Joanne said...

Hi Jenny,
Your chickens live the good life in that run! Matrimony slice...haven't had that in years. One of those traditions back home growing up. I should try your recipe. Thanks!
Enjoy the mangoes! Love the garden photo's!

Kate said...

I found your recipe for matrimonial slice interesting. In Western Canada, it is customary to serve Matrimonial Cake, which, oddly, in Eastern Canada is called a Date Square. The recipe is very similar, except the centre in Canada is a thick layer of cooked dates. I have heard that they are called Matrimonial Squares because they were served at wedding showers which often happened in the spring when only dried fruit was available.

Joanne said...

Hi Jenny, Hi Kate,
Thick layer of cooked dates! That's how I remember them!

Farm Quilter said...

Praise the Lord that your neighbor turned to you for prayer and comfort in her family's time of need. Perhaps this is the opening for her and Jesus to have a personal relationship. I will definitely be praying for her, her granddaughter and family. Another beautiful pattern from you, Jenny. Thank you.

Kelly P said...

Your flowers look so happy and healthy and full of joy! They always make me smile! I was gifted with a 18" wide potted geranium bush 3 weeks ago at my quilt guild meeting. Unlike you, anything I try to grow except for hedges, trees, and grass dies. I try so hard with them and follow the light, temperature, and water instructions; but I either manage to cause them to mold or almost petrify. All of the windows in my house face north and south; so I never get good light inside for plants. So, needless to say, I have hovered over my new geranium every day for 3 weeks. Our temperatures here in Texas have been very erratic this autumn; so I have carried the plant inside and back outside each day for sunlight and to avoid extreme temperature changes. Sadly, my beautiful plant of 3 weeks ago seemed to just mold overnight and by yesterday, it was obviously dead. Poor baby. I loved it to death! I am a bad plant mama. Absolutely no more potted plants for me. Next time I receive a plant as a gift, I'll immediately pass it on to a friend with a green thumb like you. I just can't stand the stress of having another plant's demise on my conscience. I obviously can't grow flowers at all. So I'll just keep enjoying yours by proxy. Thank you for sharing your lovely garden. Have a blessed day.

Allie said...

Praying for your neighbor and her family!!!! Your garden looks amazing, even with the drought, and I'm praying there are no flooding rains this year - just soft gentle ones that will nourish the soil. Thank you for the stitchery block, love the name of Jesus!!!!!

Susan said...

Your chickens are so fortunate! I know people who have more in a much smaller space. Is the barrel their roost? The flowers are such bright colors, no fading wall flowers there! Thanks for sharing the beauty you live with daily. You must have gotten up REALLY early to be back by mid-morning! Your mind is always thinking and planning for something - the garden, the chooks, your stitching, your family ... something! The Lord has blessed you mightily, and I know he loves your grateful heart. I look forward to seeing the new children's clothing line! How exciting to be planning with your lovely daughter. And have time with the so-adorable little ones, too.

KingsailK said...

Jenny I will be praying for your neighbor and her Granddaughter.Praise God we can do this and He hears us!As always loving your newsXX