Monday, February 10, 2020

Results, a free stitchery and the Homemakers Heart...

I first shared this pattern a couple of years ago and the recipient was my sweet Blossom who has it hanging in her sewing space as a reminder of my love for her, and also as a reminder of Who loves her most...our precious Jesus.

This past week I have soaked myself in love. 
The love of God.
The love of my husband.
The love of two daughters.
The love of two granddaughters and a dear grandson. 

Over the weekend I stitched this again for myself and it's hanging right above my desk where I can daily be reminded of Paul's words in 1 Corinthians 13:8

In times of trial there's no greater comfort or strength than to be held tightly in the LOVE of those who care deeply for you, those who put your own well being above their own, those who truly know the depths of your heart and how important it is to feel secure.

You see the test results on my heart weren't good and though I've known for many days now, I simply needed time to let everything sink in and make my peace with it before telling you. In fact, there was a huge part of me that simply didn't want to because to be honest, this feels very private and I would prefer to keep it that way for now. But my inbox fills with emails asking how am I and what were the test results...your concern is so warm and caring. I've chosen not to respond because re-running the same reply to so many people is time consuming and doesn't allow me to be free of the 'thinking' involved. Please forgive me if you were one who emailed and I did not reply.

The stress test needed to be stopped as my heart did some crazy things and it has taken many days to recover, though I'm still quite weak and needed the nitro glycerine spray yesterday. As of now I'm awaiting an angiogram hopefully before the end of February and have been classed Category 1 (most urgent)...but as I am only a public patient there is natural delay for treatment. 

Once the angiogram is done the cardiologists will decide on the correct procedure to hopefully set my heart on the path of healing, or at least aid in the correction of it's health so I can get about again and breathe without the labouring I currently experience.

So that's all I want to say about it. My life is in the hands of the Great Doctor, the One who made me, the One whom I worship and serve, the One who knows intimately what's not functioning as it should in every part of our lives. He shall carry me through this valley, as He has carried me through many valleys before. How blessed I am.

If you would like to stitch 'Love Never Fails' you can...

Now, let's talk about other things, like some very pretty visitors to our garden over the weekend.
It's been hot and humid, or wet and hot and humid, so we've had a mix of weather and of birds.

This gorgeous Red Backed Parrot surprised us at breakfast the other day. He's been here once before but that was many months ago. Isn't he striking with his luminous colours against the backdrop of our palm trees...

I've learned to keep my camera close by when we're having breakfast out back because there's always something wonderful to see.

I'm glad hubby moved our old clothesline to the other side of yard as it's in the perfect position the get good photos of our visiting bird life. The corellas and cockatoos (and other parrots) can't resist perching on a Hills Hoist, and fortunately for me they never poo on my washing because they only sit on the metal rungs and not the hanging lines.

During the scattered rain showers our visitors dwindled to just rainbow lorikeets who seem to enjoy the gentle watering from above...

As you can see in the photo above I didn't get around to making that peg apron after all. It was a busy week with health but I'm hopeful of making a start this week, though slowly. But that's it you know, reminding myself  (and you?) that there's no rush. Do as you are able, when you are able, and with what you have on hand if possible.

Another beautiful visitor was one of my regulars, though up to this point I've not been able to get a photo of one because they buzz loudly in and out of the blooming trees at a pace I cannot meet.

You know, I often pray to God for an opportunity to photograph the wonderful wildlife He brings into our garden, and He gives me so many, but never have I been able to capture one of a Great Carpenter Bee.
Until this weekend.
When a female (the prettiest of these bees) landed on a wooden stake Mr E had placed in the ground just near our bird feeder she stayed there for five whole minutes...what a miracle.

Great Carpenter Bees are the largest bees in Australia with a body around one inch long. They live solitary lives, burrowing into dead limbs of trees to nest. 

Where I live that's predominantly mango tree limbs which explains why I see them regularly in our yard as our town is pretty much one huge mango farm with many homes shaded by more than one large tree.

In the kitchen our move to ovo-vegan is going wonderfully, and to be honest this has been the biggest surprise. It's been easy, delicious and so good for our bodies (and prayerfully it will be great for my heart).

I did have a migraine over the weekend, which since going vegan a month ago is only the second one. Compared to 12- 16 migraines a month before this I am excited to have a positive health result amidst everything else.

Having never made 'real' lemon curd before I decided to try a vegan version and wow, how yummy it was! Quite tart in flavour, we had it inside a thin nutty base and leftovers have been put aside for spreading on sour dough.

Chia pudding with raw cacao is full of protein and vitamin C so I'm back to making this again, which when served over the fruit salad we have eaten every day for breakfast since moving here, is quite yummy indeed.

Regarding the Homemakers Heart tasks of the past two weeks - cleaning, decluttering and re-organising your kitchen drawers - how did you go??

I'm so glad that I began with that task because as the kitchen is the centre of our home it seems everything is running smoother with regards to meal preparation because I have less 'stuff' now, and what I do have is useful and worth the space it takes up in my drawers and cupboards.

As I am on strict rest at the moment my next task is small, one that I can sit on a small footstool and do - cleaning under the kitchen sink.

Now you may think, "Jenny, that's not too bad"...but you can't see the stuff shoved behind and how many things are crammed into that red tub. 

So this next week I shall clean under my kitchen sink and make a start on that peg apron, which I have decided needs two extra side pockets for collecting the eggs each day from our hens. Our two girls are wonderful layers, giving us around a dozen free range and bright yellow-yolked eggs each week.

Here's the fabric I'll use, found it at Lincraft last year on clearance for $4 a metre. So I bought three metres. Why? No idea! But I'm sure there'll be enough left for a table cloth after the Peg-Egg Apron (don't you love that name!) is made so that may be the best way to make use of it all.
I think it will look cute, don't you?

This week's task:

Are you going to take up the challenge this week and clean under your kitchen sink area?
How about giving the sink itself a good scrub too? I line my sink with a sheet of aluminium foil, scatter a cup of bicarb soda over it, and then pour boiling water over everything to cover. 
Leave it for about ten minutes, then turn on the cold water tap to cool everything down. Remove the aluminium foil and discard. Give the sides of the sink a good scrub and pull the plug. 
Rinse the sink and wipe dry. Sparkling! 

BONUS - revive your silver jewellery:

Oh, and if you have some plain sterling silver jewellery (without any gemstones) you can place them on top of the aluminium foil before scattering the bicarb.
Make sure to remove the jewellery before you remove the aluminium foil - very important. Rinse the jewellery in cold water and pat dry. Sparking again.

Well dear ones, that's it from me today. I'm going to make a salad and a herbal tea for lunch, then choose threads for a new Faith-In-Hand embroidery pattern before settling down to stitch. Think I may also start over with my Lark Rise to Candleford dvds while I'm on enforced rest days.
What are you watching at the moment?

I shall leave you with two Scriptures which I'm holding fast to at the moment, two of my favourite ones over the past three decades of walking with Jesus...may they bless you, encourage you, lift your soul and remind you of the goodness of our God.

So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. ~ Isaiah 41:10

You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you,
    because he trusts in you. ~ Isaiah 26:3



Angela said...

You are both in my prayers. Xxx

Farm Quilter said...

Lifting you all in prayer, including your medical team and for an early opening. Your birds are simply amazing and oh so beautiful! God is quite the talented artist in everything. I want to make a peg apron with you, so when I get home, I'll have it all ready to use. I'm using my husband's grandmothers peg bag now, and it is sadly worn out. I'm glad your thirsty garden is getting the rain it needs and I'm glad you aren't getting the 400 mm of rain that Sydney got in the last 2 days.

Anonymous said...

My mother just went through a health scare this past week, which included several days in the hospital. This gives me quite a good feel for what you are going through at this time, having tests and waiting for the results is certainly stressful. As for the Homemakers Heart challenge, it has been a very good inspiration. All my kitchen drawers and cabinets have had a good sort and scrub. Tomorrow I will do the same with the refrigerator. It does feel so nice to have things fresh and clean! Here in northern Minnesota it is far to cold for outside projects so this is a wonderful time for taking care of the home. - Diane from Minnesota

Chris said...

Blessings to you, dear Jenny! Simply said, simply prayed, to our amazing, loving, hearing God. You are precious to his sight and to ours. Thank you!

Allie-oops Designs said...

Precious friend - you are daily in my prayers. Love the stitchery, very apt - you are loved more than you will ever know.

Dots said...

Sweet Jenny, I'm sorry you are ill. You are in my thoughts daily. With God, we know He can do more than we ask. May He be peace to your mind and comfort to your heart, in ways you never imagined. I pray for you.
That parrot is beautiful! You live in wonderland! I would love to have birds around my home like that. And I never heard of a Great Carpenter Bee. They are similar to our Bumble Bee, but much bigger. What a wonder they are! I like bees.
My granddaughter stayed with me for a week. She's 13. She totally reorganized my kitchen. She loves to do that. It was such a joy to me! I confess, I miss having that kind of energy. So my drawers and cupboards are what I have left to do. But I am going to down size here in the Spring. I have accumulated too much. I only want what I use.
Take good care of yourself. Slow down and rest. Be as good to yourself as you have been to others. Jesus will hold your hand.

Caroline said...

I am praying that you will get your angiogram sooner rather later and then you continue to improve. I love looking at pictures of your house and garden, what a sanctuary for you all. We get enormous bees here in our garden in Northern Tassie, I love them. Take care of yourself

Beth said...

That parrot has amazing colours! And the bee ... so pretty!
Larkrise to Candleford is a good choice!

Joanne said...

Hi Jenny,
Waiting is the most challenging. In 2016, after having tests my Mom was immediately admitted to Hospital where she was on a waiting list for a 5 x bypass. 3 weeks later she was transferred to Vancouver, had the operation and after 4 days was able to go home. There's a lot that one goes through. Compliments to the care there in B.C.! What you're are sharing brings it all back. It's a huge step sharing all this on your blog. It's out there. Makes room for other things!
Love you wildlife photo's ! and what's in and around your home!

Kay said...

Oh my dear, i am sending you thugs and prayers for your health. I pray that you will get good care and quickly, and also to strengthen you and your family a this time. I am happy that you feel great love from your family right now especially as love is a wonderful thing and there are many that feel alone in their challenges.
I am happily following with your cleaning/decluttering challenges. I recently started doing things low down sitting on a stool too, it is so much easier for my knees. Your fabric for the peg egg apron will be just perfect. My pegs live in a peg bag which I just take out with me each time and hang on to the line, nothing as fun as an apron. Have a lovely week. x

Lin said...

Holding you in my prayers Jenny. xx
PS Fortunately we are on holiday at the moment so the 'black hole' that is my cupboard under the sink can wait!

Karen said...

Blessings Jenny. God is always teaching us something. He truly has you in His Hand wrapped in His love at this time, keeping you in His perfect peace. I pray for the angiogram to be soon and the results able to be acted on without delay as you and the family trust in Him. May you show His love to all in spite of the slow hospital system. Arohanui

dixigirl said...

So comforting to know that God is in control. We only have to turn everything over to him & no longer fret about anything. Hope you get good news from your doctor very soon.


Margie said...

Dear Jenny. I’m sitting here in my newly organized kitchen praying for you and your family as you are going through this season. I marvel at your faith and wish mine were half as strong. You are such an inspiration to so many of us in this wonderful group! I pray God’s peace and healing grace! Love you Jenny!

Águeda said...

A big, big hug, dear.

Robin in New Jersey said...

Tears here for this trial you are going through. You have been such an inspiration and encouragement to me for at least 15 years. You are a treasure and I am very thankful for you! Praying for the Lord to protect your heart until you can get the tests you need.

Drooling over the lemon curd. And that chicken fabric, I love it!

May the Lord give you peace as you go through the days ahead. Sending love across the ocean right to your doorstep.

Angie in SoCal said...

I wrote your name in our prayer intentions journal this Wednesday after mass.

Brenda said...

Dear Jenny, You are in my thoughts and prayers. May you feel His love as He holds you close under His wings. Please keep us posted as you feel led.

Lydia said...

I so enjoy your photo's of Australia. The birds are beautiful. It would be so fantastic to see all these colorful birds flying around about you in their wild habitat during the day. Here in the States they are kept in cages. I can only imagine how wonderful it would be to go out in the back yard and there they are. Sending prayers your way.

Mandy Currie said...

Hello dear Jenny from a cold wet England, thank you for sharing with us, I pray the doctors will move quickly and that you will soon find yourself healing rest. Rest my friend. Love your photos of birds, how I wish I could visit Australia, it would be a dream come true. Your challenges have been fantastic, like you I've had a few health problems, but slowly does it all. It makes a difference if we do one job at a time. God bless you in His love. Regards Mandy xx

ellen said...

I'm praying for you. I live in Michigan and just love reading about your part of the world. Whenever I worry about my health, I always go to my favorite verse, Mark 5:34 "My daughter, your faith has made you well. Go in peace and be healed of your trouble." Then I picture myself in my Father's arms and rest. You are going to be healed. Much love sent to you!

Tammy said...

Praying for you always my friend. And sending more hugs your way. Your health is a private matter it is up to you to decide on sharing or not. We all love you Dear And want what is best for you. I love that chicken fabric you will use for your peg and egg apron. It is gorgeous....Thank you for sharing the Love never fails pattern again. Your garden and yards are gorgeous ..Love the bird photos but that bee is a amazing photo for sure. You were super lucky to get it....Please rest and not overdo it cleaning under the sink cabinets. I will join you for this this week. But not today as I have spent hours out in my garden getting ready to plant the potatoes and planting them and putting down lots of mulch and also fertilizing the onions and garlic. So much to do out there....

Donna P. said...

Dearest Jenny...I want you to know that I will be keeping you in prayer as you go through this difficult part of your life. It's never easy when our health is not the best. Things seem harder to accomplish and our thoughts stray. Praying you continue to be "Strong in the Lord..." even when your body says not today. 😉

e said...

It is very private what you are experiencing. I hope that you find great comfort in knowing so many are praying for you and lifting you up to our great healer and comforter. Thank you for the stitchery. I love all your designs but especially those from the Bible. And you parrots are gorgeous!!!

Lorrie said...

Dear Jenny,
Your heart is so full of tenderness and love for your Lord and your family. Thank you for sharing this private news - I will pray for a good result, knowing that God is the Healer. Thank you for your generous stitchery downloads. I have little time to stitch while I am still teaching high school, but the day is soon coming when I will have more time. I will have lots of projects to choose from.

kupton52 said...

What a wonderful post...thank you for the free stitchery is lovely. Thank you also for the tips on cleaning your sink ( and silver jewelry). The only thing that would have made it more perfect ( can something be "more" perfect" ???) would be if you had included the lemon curd recipe...hint hint. The fabric you purchased is delightful...I can hardly wait to see what you stitch it into. Blessings from southeastern West Virginia,USA.

Tonya said...

Don’t reply .
When life was hard on my end you know I disappeared completely because that is what I needed to do. You have been my largest inspiration for coming back to the hand arts. It kind of frustrate me to not have the time to make a beautiful home , beautiful food , school my son beautifully , and work full time and be a single mom once Jerry passed.

Thanks to you my heart is slowly finding the balance it needs. Hand stitching your beautiful designs has been better for my heart than anything else.

I don’t know Gods plan for your heart, but many of us are praying for you . And you never ever need to reply.

GrammaGrits said...

Loved all of your post and thanks for the update! Praying for you, too!

Sherry said...

I want you to know that your posts are a blessing to many and I am praying for you.

Susan said...

Thank you for sharing, Jenny. My prayers are always with you, and I sent you a bit of music, too. Thank you for the pictures of God's bounteous love in your back yard. The motto of our Relief Society - the women's organization of the church - is Charity Never Faileth, so this is a perfect stitchery for me. I have it from your last sharing, and I've always loved it. Thank you for all you do to spread His love. You are an inspiration to me. Love, Susan

Judy1522 said...

I will be praying for you. I am very private about my health and fully understand how you feel about that. We don't need to know and if you just need us to pray you don't need to tell us the specifics. You have blessed so many people with your giving heart and now we can give back to you a little by respecting your privacy. Thank you also for the stitchery it is beautiful. I went back and read the first blog that you posted it on and I had to laugh at your husband's response to Valentine's day. That has always been my take on it also. We do usually have a nice dinner at home but that is about it. There really shouldn't have to be a day to remind people to love each other. Thank you also for the pictures of the birds. I just love seeing the beautiful colors of tropical birds. I always say that when it comes to fruit and birds I was born in the wrong part of the world.

the warmfireplace said...

Keeping you in prayer. Sue

Tania said...

Wishing you all the best Jenny. May all be revealed for you soon so you know what you are up against and so you can receive the best treatment as soon as possible.

I am loving your vegan food, it inspires me to be more creative. I have thousands of recipes but seem to stick to the basics. Your lemon curd looks delicious!

That carpenter bee is quite stunning. A lot different to our bees.

"Love never fails" is such a beautiful verse and one of my favourites too.

Get well soon dear one xxx

Ondrea said...

Beautiful nature pics. Nature brings such joy to us. Your stitchery is very apt and sweet. I need to look up that vegan lemon curd recipe. Hope you are resting. Xx

Carol said...

God bless you and all of your loved ones as you experience time in God's Waiting Room. You're all in my prayers.

Winifred said...

Oh my goodness you seem to be constantly working Jenny. Hope you are not overdoing it. Hope the angiogram isn't too far off so they can sort you out!
Love your photographs you take such brilliant photos. Your embroidery is lovely too. You're in my prayers. God bless x

Donna said...

So many prayers coming to you from Oklahoma, USA. I'm going to stitch Love Never Fails for each of my three girls. xo

KingsailK said...

Thank you Jenny,I will commit you health situation to the Lord our Healer ,Lord And Saviour.Big hugsXX