Monday, April 20, 2020

Creative Hands At Home - two weeks of projects!

I had this idea the other day...and as with most of my ideas I allowed it to bloom and grow in my thoughts for a few days until it reached a point where I'd either drop the whole thing because it required too much time or more hurdles than I like to jump, or where my level of excitement and joy encouraged me to make a start.

So because we're mostly all at home these days, and if you read my blog there's every chance you're very creative, I thought why not host a series of tutorials and ideas for making things at home using pretty much what you have on hand?

From today I'll be sharing a tutorial every second day for the next two weeks, along with links to other great ideas I've come across which you may like to give a try. Hopefully having some fairly simple ideas to occupy your "Creative Hands at Home" and using bits and pieces from your sewing or crafting supplies will put a smile on your face and a little more purpose in your days. 

I really love planning ways to add beauty, colour and life to each room in our house and especially as the seasons change there's a desire to freshen and shift things around for a new look. 

But you know, the one thing I always do when I'm about to kick off a big project or begin a series of smaller projects like "Creative Hands at Home" is to make a new pincushion. And I thought that might be a nice place for all of us to start today...

Just before last New Year I shared a free '2020' pattern with you, one which was used on the cover of my gratitude journal, and at that time I had also decided to stitch a much smaller version of the tulips but put the idea aside for a while until I knew how it could be used. 

This new version of the Tulips is very small but oh so cute!
Satin stitched tulips, a chain stitched flower pot rim, and a very buzzy bee...

...displayed inside a churn dash block (my favourite quilt block!) and made into a new pincushion.
I used a mix of tonal blue fabric, a small print floral (from Tilda), a medium print floral (also from Tilda) and the lovely white cotton/linen blend solid which I love to stitch on.

Would you like to make this pincushion for yourself?
Use the link below to download the embroidery pattern and accompanying materials and cutting list.

Here are the steps to making the churn dash block once you've completed the stitchery.

Trim the stitchery to 3 1/2" square and cut your fabrics using the measurements given in the pattern download.

Lay the medium floral fabric squares face down onto the right side of the blue squares and draw a diagonal pencil line across the back of the floral square.

Stitch a 1/4" seam either side of the pencil line. 

Cut along the pencil line to give two triangles.

Open out the triangles and press the seams open. 
Trim any excess so that you have four perfect 2 1/2" square triangles.

Sew the small floral and a blue tonal lengths of fabric together for the border and press the seams open. Repeat another three times to give four border sets.
Sew one set either side of the trimmed stitchery block with the blue fabric beside the white.

Sew the half square triangle blocks to both ends of the remaining two borders as shown below.

Sew all three sections together and you have a churn dash block.

Add a larger piece of scrap cotton quilt wadding behind the block and machine or hand quilt. 
I chose to hand quilt as I find it nice and relaxing especially on small projects.

Trim away the excess wadding, and lay the backing fabric face down on the front of the churn dash block. Sew all around with a 1/4" seam, leaving a 3" opening along one side for turning out.

Turn right side out and fill with your preferred pincushion filling.
Blind stitch the opening closed.

Ta da!! (as Cully May loves to say) have a new pincushion.

As you know I'm trying to lessen my stash and make more visual space in my sewing room (I am not a fan of clutter) so even with small pieces of fabric there's opportunity to create and also to offer you the occasional opportunity to help me clear things out.

I had enough of the floral fabrics left over to make up 5 little kits for this pincushion.

Inside the kits are -

Fabrics to make the pincushion
White cotton/linen for the stitchery
Threads for the embroidery
Whisperweft fabric stabiliser to fuse behind the linen before you begin the stitchery
Vliesofix fusible web for the applique pot
Cotton quilt wadding

As I said there are only five of these kits and as I can post in an envelope they are quite economical at $12.50 post included.
BUT I'm only posting within Australia this time.

You'll find the kits HERE in my shop and if you don't see any you'll know they are all gone.

At home this weekend we had a veritable feast of fresh produce and many delicious meals were made which pleased my husband enormously!

More fresh homemade focaccia served with a loaded cous cous and cashew salad...

Freshly made plum jam and scones...

I had a handful of ripe plums on the bench so I used them all to make a single pot of delicious jam but it made an extra small pot as well so our neighbour gratefully accepted it with scones and some of our excess chook eggs.

The next day it was I who was gratefully accepting gifts when our dear neighbour handed me the most beautiful bunch of sunflowers over the fence!!

A large vegetable bake graced the lunch table on Sunday...

...and we ate it out back watching the birds.

Today I had a nasty migraine due to the very overcast skies and extreme humidity so I opted to thaw the coconut thai soup I made last week for our dinner tonight, adding baby corn, ramen noodles and loads of fresh coriander(cilantro). Mr E was a happy husband and funnily enough after dinner my migraine I was able to do this post after all.

Darling Blossom has been working a treat at her sewing machine as now that she's expecting another baby she knows her sewing time will be limited at the end of the year.
These are the gorgeous new baby and toddler outfits she's made for her shop...

She posts worldwide (although the UK are not accepting parcels right now) so if you have a desire to purchase any of them just pop over HERE to her Lucy & May Etsy Shop.

You can also follow her on Facebook, Instagram...and, she's preparing to start a blog very soon.

I'm very proud of my daughter so excuse me for wanting to share what she's doing with you. I see the hard work behind the scenes, the many years of life struggles no-one else sees, and the LOVE with which she showers on her husband, children, father and me.
And then there is the deep devotion she has to Jesus.
Yes, I am very proud to be her Mumma.

Okay, I'd best sign off and go work on some more of Cully May's cardigan.
May your evening or day be filled with peaceful hours, creative ideas, praise and songs to the Lord, good food and laughter...much wonderful laughter.

Loving hugs


Pink Rose said...

Hi Jenny lovely post ,what a sweet pin cushion and so sweet of you to do tutorial for it for us.
I love the sweet clothes that Bloss makes her choice of fabrics are so beautiful .
Glad your migraine disappeared Jenny ,not much fun for you,your food always looks so yummy,take care and stay safe lovely lady xx

Joanne said...

Hi Jenny,
Two weeks of ideas and projects to enjoy ! Thanks!

Karen said...

Blossoms clothes are so beautiful, alas I have no babies in my life right now to buy for......sigh........

Unknown said...

Hi Jenny I have two days off work and plan to sew. Love the baby clothes. Wish I had some babies in the family take care stay safe irene

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I love that teapot pin you show with the pin cushion. Cute pin cushion, too.

RBrown said...

Reading your post each morning is like a breath of fresh air flowing into my mind. Thank you for sharing your heart.

Lee said...

Such a lovely post and I wish your daughter well with her new baby and her sewing adventure! Thank you for the lovely tutorial - I wish to make some for my sisters and send to them for a Mothers Day gift!

diana said...

I enjoy every thing you post but don’t overdo it. We need you well❤️

Cat Lady said...

I look forward to reading your posts, they are so uplifting. Take care of that migraine. Our weatherman has what he calls an "aches and pain alert" that he gives when pressure changes will occur. My husband and I do not have the migraines that are associated with the changes, but we do have the arthritis aches. There are some weeks when every day is an alert.

Joan G said...

Thank you so much for the cute pincushion pattern. Your posts are one of my favorite things! Blessings to you and yours.

Dots said...

A merry heart doth good like a medicine! Nothing at all wrong with being proud of your daughter. God has richly blessed you. I love your idea! Fun stuff! I am going to try to make that pin cushion. I could really use one of those. And frankly, I am here at home without interruptions, now is a great time for small, quick projects to make. Add some more joy into the day! Be well, Jenny. God bless.

Julie said...

Blossoms makes are just beautiful Jenny. I look forward to your two weeks of creative projects. I always love what you create. I am working slowly on my Phyllis May's kitchen blocks - just starting block 5.

MargaretP said...

Such a lovely little pin cushion and construction so we'll explained, it would also make a beautiful cushion if enlarged.

I am enjoying the 'Grain' shawl from Tin Can Knits, a Free pattern for beginners, I cast on yesterday and love using a big yarn ball of changing colours or it would be good to use up leftover yarn....So cosy for the coming cooler weather.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Thank you, Margaret - I've found the link to that shawl pattern and will share it with my readers later this week. A great way to use up my own leftover yarns!

Alison Ryan said...

Thank you Jenny, I love having projects to focus on, especially during these difficult times. That pincushion is so cute and churn dash is probably my favourite block as well, it makes such a lovely frame for things.Sending love and hugs to your family, you are always in my prayers. Alison x

Tammy said...

Thank you Jenny for the beautiful project pattern & tutorial. Love the outfits Blossom is making and selling at her Etsy shop... These is the kind of things I made for my Savannah when she was a wee little one. I know her shop will do well. Your foods you cooked look absolutely delicious. And those beautiful birds...WHat a delight that must be to sit and eat and watch the birds. Also very happy that your migraine resolved swiftly. So happy to receive your blog posts and newsletters. Hug and love to you today and each my friend.

Caroline said...

Thank you for the adorable pattern. Every time I come to your Blog I get hungry from looking at all the pictures of the delicious things you make. Thank you for sharing your World with us

Susie said...

Thank you for the pattern and instructions. I love a churn dash block. Blossom sure has some talent. No wonder you are proud. Take care.

Ondrea said...

Sorry to hear that you had another migraine but at least it didn't last too long. Amazing! Blosdom has made some beautiful baby clothes and it is a good idea to sew as much as possible while she has the time and energy. Some nourishing meals happening there. Very inviting. Love your churn dash pinnie. I bought the vegan Magnums today for a treat. I am trying to resist eating one until after dinner.

Kay said...

So many lovely things in your post this morning, your neighbour was extremely lucky to have homemade jam and scones. The pincushion is very sweet, I made myself another pincushion just last week. It is so kind of you to be sharing tutorials to keep us all happy and busy, thank you. x

Lin said...

Pretty pincushion Jenny. Lovely to share with your neighbour and I do have a soft spot for sunflowers. xx

Allie said...

*SQUEAL* I love that so much, thank you Jenny-girl! And oh how I'd love to spend time at your table - like, every meal, lol - you make food look so pretty, and I love pretty food! Blossom is creating some darling little outfits, I pray the Lord will mightily bless the work of her hands!!!!!

Susan said...

Thank you for the pincushion. Churn Dash is one of my favorite patterns. This will be a fun two weeks, but so much work for you, though I know it's work you love to do. You are so generous! I like the way you can take just a little bit of something, whether fabric or food, and turn it into something that looks so delicious! Those trees seem to be growing up to your bird feeder lately. I already bought one of the outfits you show here, and I'm excited about it coming my way for a wonderful little girl.

blog da Ione said...

Eu adorei a postagem da almofada de alfinetes!