Monday, April 13, 2020

The Sewing Pantry kits...

Sorry if you missed out on one!


Just a quick post this afternoon (I'll be back tomorrow with the next Homemakers Heart post) to let you know I have spent quite a few days going through my sewing supplies, especially bits and pieces I have purchased over the past few years to make kits...something I just haven't found enough time to follow through on because, well, life takes a lot of time to live, right?

Anyhow, with the encouragement of my husband who often hears my lament of needing a bit more space in that pretty but small sewing/business room, and my sweet Blossom who reminds me that space could be found if I finally carved out a bit of time each day to plan and prepare those long-promised kits, I actually got 18 kits made up to list in my Etsy Shop.

I admit to feeling quite accomplished, so accomplished in fact that I feasted on not one, but two vegan magnum ice-creams over the weekend...and I assure you they are delicious and you'd never know there wasn't a hint of dairy in them. Just telling you this reminds me there is a third waiting in the freezer and I shall probably indulge tonight after we finish working in the garden again. But more about the garden tomorrow (it's amazing!!).

So, back to those kits.

They do not come with a pattern because in actuality you could make almost any of my patterns (or any other pattern in your possession) from the 'ingredients' I've added to them...which is why I've called them "Sewing Pantry Kits"...because in this time of being homebound and isolated in many ways we have never imagined ourselves to be, just having a new little parcel of pretties arrive at your door can really lift your creative soul.

What's inside a Sewing Pantry Kit, you ask?

Well, there are only 18 kits available - six different sets, and only three of each set.

Each set has six 'ingredients'-

* 9 pieces of gorgeous Tilda fabric from my decade-old stash, mostly around a fat eighth size, but some are smaller and some are larger. The pieces come from assorted Tilda lines released between 2010-2109, depending on what kit you choose.

* 10 beautiful packs of Madeira six-strand embroidery floss - I adore stitching with this thread but it's very hard to come by which is why I don't use it in my patterns. (Most people prefer me to use the easily accessible DMC)

* 1 piece of the cream cotton/linen blend fabric I used for most of my embroideries, measuring 12" x 26"

* 1 piece of Staflix, the fusible fabric stabiliser I fuse behind each prepared block before I begin stitching, measuring 12" x 21"

* 1 yard of pretty vintage cotton lace 

* 1 pair of very sharp and very sweet embroidery scissors (you may not necessarily receive the style in the photo as I have a number of different ones within the kits, but they're all really special)

* a surprise gift...sorry, no peeking, no guesses, just wait and see. xx

The Sewing Pantry Kit No.1 - (three available)

The Sewing Pantry Kit No.2 - (three available)

The Sewing Pantry Kit No.3 - (three available)

The Sewing Pantry Kit No.4 - (three available)

The Sewing Pantry Kit No.5 - (three available)

The Sewing Pantry Kit No.6 - (three available)

Once these kits are sold I won't have any more like them.

Use the link below to visit my shop...

I can't wait to catch up tomorrow with a new Homemakers Heart post...we've been super busy here at the Elefantz 1/4 acre and our aching muscles attest to that, but what a wonderful time it's been out in the garden with Mr E and getting everything set up for our tropical winter planting.

God bless you, precious girls!!
Despite all the chaos around the globe, if our hearts can rest at home and our minds be quieted and at peace in our surroundings, and if we pray for enthusiasm from On High for more creativity to flow from our hands, we will get through the months ahead and feel quite accomplished by the fruits of our labours afterwards.

"...aspire to live quietly, and to mind your own affairs, and to work with your hands, as we instructed you, so that you may walk properly before outsiders and be dependent on no one.

Thess 4:10-12

Loving hugs,


Joanne said...

Hi Jenny,
18 kits ! That is quite the creative stash buster !
I'm sure they will be flying off the Etsy shelves in no time!

Miss Hillbilly said...

I think they might be all gone already ! Good for you ! Looks like your daughter might be onto something lol .

bugsgrandma said...

Jenny I cannot find the kits when I go into etsy

Angela said...

All gone already?

Tracy Maddox said...

I cannot find the new kits. My heart will be so sad if they are all sold. I absolutely love your patterns and your heart for God. Thank you for sharing your gift from God. Tracy Maddox, USA

Carla Fiedler said...

The kits are such a good idea! Thank you so much for your lovely posts. You are an inspiration to many!

Marylou Crawford said...
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Marylou Crawford said...

I went to your Etsy shop to look for the seeing pantry kits. Are those lovelies gone already?

Kay said...

Thes look so beautiful but sadly I missed them. well done for such a lovely idea some lucky people are going to be extremely happy when they receive them. x

Ondrea said...

Wow! A great way of creating more space in your sewing room. I am sure those kits would put a smile on anyone's face. Such a wecome diversion froom all the negativity around at the moment. Don't overdo things in the garden. Xx

Joanne said...

Hi Jenny,

That went fast ! that's great !

Susan said...

What a wonderful thing to do, Jenny! I'm not surprised they went lickety split.