Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Project six creative hands at home, and slower days...

In keeping with my love of all things birdlike today's free home-based project features a feathered friend, with or without wing, appliqued onto a very simple pot holder you can sew using what you have at home.

Being able to create from what we already have in our sewing supplies is good for the soul, saves money, and in this series of Creative Hands At Home it also adds to or replenishes items we use in our dwelling place.

I made these potholders last year but never shared the pattern on the blog until today. There's a season for everything and this season is definitely about adding simple beauty in and around our homes, especially the kitchen for me as it's where I spend a lot of time.

One of the potholders was padded out with a double layer of cotton quilt wadding, whilst the other potholder has Insul-Bright heat resistand batting. Use what you have or what you prefer. 
I bought a 1/4 metre of Insul-Bright and could probably make a dozen pot holders so it worked out every inexpensive. But I also like the softness of the double cotton wadding layer.

You can download the free pattern using the link below...

You can use the basic pattern to make the pastel potholder with winger bird, or use the bird applique shape anyway it pleases you. 

SOME IDEAS for using the applique bird on a project other than the potholder: 

* adding the applique bird to the centre of a quilt block would be really nice and a good way to use up one or more orphan quilt blocks in your stash. These could become pot holders, cushion covers or if you sew a few of them pretty soon a nice lap quilt might be made!

* applique a bird or two onto tea towels or apron pockets

* sew the bird into each corner of a pre-bought tablecloth or make the tablecloth from a square of gingham. (I might do this!)

* make a basic tote bag and applique the bird onto the front, or maybe go the extra mile and add a bird-embellished pocket to the front of the bag?

Do you have other ideas to share with fellow readers of my blog? Write them in the comments because I'm also looking for new ideas to use up what I have in useful ways.

We had two unseasonably cool late autumn mornings over the weekend and it was so nice to slip into fluffy slippers, even though it was still warm enough for cotton pyjama pants and a t-shirt.

I took the opportunity to make soup on Saturday before the cool air left us once more (the weather is back to very warm again which is just sad when you long for a cold break after the endless summer) and put my 'handmaidens' to work in the kitchen.

The slow cooker and the breadmaker sat side by side while I made cookies for Mr E...

He loves these ones as they are full of oats, sultanas, walnuts, orange zest and rosemary - quite an unusual ingredient that rosemary, but really adds something special to the cookies. I'm actually munching on one two while I type this blog post...using restraint not to go for a third.

I baked a loaf of sun-dried tomato bread, a first for me, and WOW, it was so darn good that after indulging on many slices with the soup that night we had thick slices as sandwiches the next day too!

I make my dough in the breadmaker but then remove it and place in a proper bread tin for the second rise and to bake in the oven. I shall indeed make this recipe again, and again.

The soup was a new recipe and though it was nice I felt it needed more 'body' so I added a few more spices about half way through, and a cup of macaroni half hour before serving. Again, yum.

It was the May Day public holiday on Monday so hubby was home from school - yay!
After doing a little gardening I left him outside to finish the heavy stuff (as this wife does)
and went inside to move around some of the furniture in the living room. 

I swapped around the 3-seater recliner couch for our very comfortable old blue one and brought out the single leather recliner from storage in the corner of my husband's office because Mr E genuinely loves that chair.

A bonus is the corner between the couch and the dining table has now become the cosiest book nook and I look forward to being reacquainted with my library of craft books and old country living magazines in the cooler months to come.
It also gives easier book access to Cully May and Rafaella because I have a collection of children's books on a bottom shelf ...perhaps I need a couple of small kiddie bean bags?

Our long weekend was slow and rambling, just the way we like it. Things were achieved, but all in a gentle way with no time limits or expectations...we watched some wonderful sermons, listened to good music, ate delicious food, worked in the garden and around our home, and basically just enjoyed our days together. As it should be. How blessed we are.

Well dear lovelies, I can hear the chooks going off in the back yard which means one of them laid an egg and they will carry on until I come retrieve it, expecting a little reward in return which is usually a cup of corn kernels, the seedy middle of a melon, withered greens or some leftover rice, all of which they LOVE.

I pray your day is a happy one, that your hours bring productive peace and offer rest if you have need, and that you remember the Lord and all His mercies which are new today and everyday - for He loves you so very much.

On Friday I'll have the final project in this season of Creative Hands At Home so I hope you drop by for it and also say hello.

loving hugs


Águeda said...

Peace is breathed in every corner of your home. Thanks for showing it. I think of his pretty birds in the pockets of a nice apron. Thanks for everything. God bless you.

Kay said...

Another happy and contented post form you, just what I need to start my day off calmly . The reading corner looks lovely and I think some beanbags or large floor cushions would be perfect for the girls. x

Janene said...

Thank you Jenny need something small to do to lift my spirits these birds are just the thing stay safe

Beth said...

It's fun hearing chooks cackle when they lay eggs. I love the bird ideas. I once appliqued butterflies to my sheets so that we could tell them apart from others the same colour.

Joanne said...

Hi Jenny,
Sun dried tomatoes! once you're hooked you will find lots of ways to use them!
A cozy book corner, so inviting!
Thanks for the Insul-bright tip. I will have to see about ordering that here.
Lovely pattern!

Jacqueline said...

I am glad all is well in your world. Your posts are always informative and quieting for my soul. Thanks

Linda said...

Jenny, thank you sooo much for the sweet little bird potholder pattern. It's just beautiful!. Like you, I love anything with birds. Thank you.

A Notion to Sew said...

What a lovely post, Jenny. It made me sit back, take in a breath, and thank Jesus for His new mercies every day. BTW, what is sultana? Thank you for sharing the pot holders and bird applique. Love them. Pam

Lin said...

Thank you Jenny. Oh, bean bags for the little ones would be just perfect for them while they browse. xx

Tammy said...

Thank you for the lovely birdie pot holder pattern and applique design. Always love seeing your beautiful and welcoming home. Your cooked dishes and baking looks amazing. I have been super busy in the garden planting for our hopefully summer harvest if all goes well. Hugs and love to you and your family over the many miles

Farm Quilter said...

I can imagine the peace felt by anyone who enters your property. From your front yard, backyard and home, peace, contentment and love are the order of the day, every day!

Anonymous said...

Merci Jenny pour ces jolies maniques et surtout pour vos billets remplis d'amour , cela nous aide en cette période difficile du confinement .
D'où l'importance d'avoir une maison agréable et de s'y sentir bien .
Bises de la France

Carrie Ando said...

Pam, Sultanas are a semi dried grape smaller than a raisin and larger then a current. Great snack for kids as well.

Susan said...

I really like the idea of the birds in the corners of a bought cloth, or a gingham table cover. Thank you for the birds. I have to buy some lavender gingham to repair a quilt top, so I might just buy extra to make a table cloth, with some pretty purple birds in the corners! Thanks so much for the tour of your garden earlier this week, and now what's cooking in your kitchen. I enjoy the variety to bring to my life. =)

Mandy Currie said...

Hello Jenny, your home looks lovely and so peaceful. The reason I started quilting is so I can have a little stash of them to decorate with. I love the birds and all the ideas you put forward, I will definitely be using him in something, so darling. Do stay well, and keep safe. Regards Mandy xx

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Thankyou for your encouragement, Francoise. Stay safe, trust God. xxx

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Pam, what you call raisins, we in Australia tend to call sultanas. A sultana is simply a dried grape.

Mimi said...

Thankyou Jenny. These are just lovely. Mimi

sewbee831 said...

Thank you Jenny for this darling bird potholder pattern! I know I have insulbright, but I'm always afraid to use it as I never really know which side is which(not like fusible stabilizer). I think making a pretty bird bunting (or banner) would be oh sew adorable. Kathy :)

Ondrea said...

Your bitd designs are a particular favourite of mine. I stitched a few a while ago to make a wallhanging but haven't yet pieced them together. Another UFO. Good to see you taking things slowly. I keep a shelf of books for my munchkin too . Your home looks lovely and you certainly work hard to create such a homely comfy atmosphere. I can imagine the aromas of homemade bread, soup and biscuits. Now I am hungry!

Sherry said...

Thank you, Jenny, for the potholder and the notebook cover. They are so pretty! I really love the fabrics that you use for your projects. It's hard to find such soft, feminine fabrics here in the US. This Sunday is also Mother's Day here in the US. No big plans as we are still pretty much on lockdown but I do get to spend it with my son. He still lives at home which is good as he is not working at the moment. Glad that you got to see your daughter and the girls. Take care of yourself and have a very Happy Mother's Day.

Allie said...

Such sweet little birds - thank you! Yes to the beanbags for the girls, love your book corner. Your home is so inviting!

Sherri said...

I love the cute little birdies and look forward to making several pot holders. A first for me and fingers crossed. I also want to make tea/kitchen towels using your embroideries. My question is, do you use a stabilizer behind the stitchery on the towel? Does this also help the appearance on the back side? I’m trying not to have the back side look unsightly. You’re stitching around your home is so fresh, pretty and homey. Thanks for sharing pictures of your lovely home. I’m inspired.

Julie said...

Thank you for all the patterns and the posts about your life. I enjoy all the pictures and the stories. I am so sorry you can't eat oranges. I love them and use the zest in a lot of recipes. Be well and again, thank you!