Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Recovery and storing vintage lace...

 It turns out I had a very nasty case of salmonella poisoning through almost all last week which explains my long absence. I truly never want to go through that again - it was my first time with salmonella and the doctor tells me it's much harder on children and those over 60. I believe her. Just a smidgin' over 60 and I felt the full brunt.

The relief when you turn that corner and know the worst is behind you - well, it's pure joy, hope renewed and a reminder that life will return to normal again after all.

By Friday I was able to play around in the sewing room and make another handmade tag (number 5 of 52), this one with the theme of kisses and cross-stitch...

It's been many years since I did a counted cross stitch but admit it was quite enjoyable sewing this little heart. I tea dyed the Aida fabric after stitching the heart so it had more of a vintage look about it. 

Whilst rummaging through my two boxes of vintage and new laces it occurred to me that they need some organising, especially the smaller pieces which tend to float around the boxes after I've delved within for a scrap or two lately whilst making these tags.

As I pulled out piece by piece and set aside the shorter lengths I got thinking about spools, the pretty cardboard kind that will hold a metre or two of my 'ends' in an orderly and lovely fashion.

A quick search online and I was quickly redirected by google to a few digital ones which caught my eye on Etsy. After deciding to try just one at first, it was purchased, downloaded and one sheet of lace spools printed all in five minutes. 

Intending to cut them out and begin winding lace around them later on Friday my plans came to a sudden halt when a 24-hour migraine knocked me off my feet. I'm fairly sure this was triggered by lack of food for six days, though I was drinking electrolytes by the gallon.

Simple scrambled eggs, well one egg at first, helped - then I baked some bread and for the next two days feasted on thick slices with banana and almond butter, with a side serving of Yakult. More scrambled eggs rounded out my tummy's return to three meals a day. 

Happy to say that I'm doing very well now, and in fact spent all this morning writing a complicated pattern wearing the necklace Cully May made me yesterday when Blossom and the children visited for the day. They had missed me terribly while I was ill, and I had certainly missed them. 

Charlie David is two months old today and he's got the most engaging smile. Such a cuddly little man, loves to be wrapped up and held close.

I bought him the Vegemite romper when Blossom was pregnant. Our family LOVE our vegemite and we're pretty sure he will too.

I caught Cully May deep in thought, and if I haven't told you before, she is a very deep thinker. Her mind never stops...

I tried to get a photo of Rafaella, but she was far more interested in playing outside in the "poppy house" (cubby house that Poppy made her) and chasing the chickens around the yard. She's quite the adventurer and a little dynamo so its hard to catch her sitting still. 

While I was ill and off my feet (and not racing to the little girl's room) I caught up on reading. Some good audio books helped on the days my eyes wouldn't focus, but once things settled I pulled out my treasured old copies of Australian Home Journal and read for hours.

There's so much I want to share with you from the many volumes I have and hopefully that will begin next month. I had so many "aha" moments re-learning recipes and treatments and household tips that Nana followed when I was a little girl that it became a beautiful stroll down memory lane and simpler times. When ladies were really ladies. That stood out, and has given me food for thought.

You know by now that Blossom and I are avid groupies of The Great British Sewing Bee and now that it's on Britbox Australia my friend Rosie has caught the bug too. We've been having some wonderful chats about making clothes and already she has made two tops in the past week whilst I am still at the stage of choosing my first pattern from the number I collected over the past six years but which have never been made.

My first will hopefully come to life tomorrow. It's a swing top because I don't like clothes that are very fitted. In our heat you need air around your body.

But first I need to finish repairing the three dresses I found hidden away in a mending basket which I'm sure has not seen the light of day in two years at least. They are quick fixes, which lends the thought "why haven't I mended them before now??" No answer forthcoming, just a bit of guilt mixed with determination to tick them off my to-do list asap.

Anyhow, I see my husband has just arrived home so I'd best be away to cook the rice we need to serve with dinner. 

God bless you, thank you for your most appreciated prayers, and I shall be back soon with a simple and fun freebie. 

blessings and hugs


  1. My mending bag was quite full a while ago, but once I got my machine out, I was able to get it down to just a couple of things that needed extra alterations. I'm glad you're feeling much better.

  2. Hi Jenny I love reading your newsletters and blog. I'm a very occasional hand embroiderer, but your work is always so beautiful. I cheat as I have an embroidery machine yes shocking I know!! I'm glad you are feeling better. Take care. Love Sharon from South Africa xxx

  3. Oh dear you've also just reminded me about mending I have which is at the bottom of the washing basket. Shhhh!!!

  4. Hi Jenny,
    So good to see you back here creating, taking photos and enjoying family and food! That was quite a sick spell. Were you able to track down the source of the salmonella ?
    The Great British Sewing Bee ! Love that show ! The second challenge is always a fun one to watch to see how under a certain amount of time what they create :) And thier haberdashery is so cool !
    take care, hugs,

  5. So thankful you are better again, and able to go about your domain with all that you hold dear - creating and cooking. Love your cute new lacy handmade tag. Your grandchildren are adorable, and can't believe Charlie is already 2 months old. Where has the time gone. Looking forward to your new pattern sewing.

  6. Sorry to hear about your illness. I am glad you are better. That is a hard way to lose weight. Lol. The grandkids are absolutely gorgeous. Take care of yourself.

  7. I am currently caught up on mending thank goodness. And have been busy doing hand embroidery as of late. Very very happy to hear that you are doing much better now. Wow Charlie David is growing by leaps and bounds. Cully Mae is as cute as can be...Take care my friend

  8. I am so happy that you are feeling better - you've been in my thoughts and prayers.
    I looked up the Great British Sewing Bee and it looks like it's available on You Tube so I will take a look later.
    Speaking of sewing projects, I've had an applique that I cut out from a shirt that I've wanted to put on the back of a jacket for years and finally did it this week. Boy, the compliments. Should have done it a long time ago I guess.
    Blessings, to you and the family

  9. I am happy too to read that you feel better. I like very much this new project about the 52 tags. I don’t have too much to do them too.
    Big, big hugs and kisses to your little people.
    Have a nice week, take care and keep safe,

  10. So lovely to read your post. I always enjoy them. Good to hear you are feeling better and yes, Salmonella can be very nasty. Thanks for news about the littles. They're just so sweet. Blessings to all.

  11. I'm so sorry you were so sick but I'm glad you are back on your feet. My MIL got Salmonella and the meds they gave her fixed that but gave her C-Dif...she went back and forth between the two for almost a year before the doctors did a fecal transplant to stop the cycle. Vegemite must be an acquired taste and must need to be introduced in childhood...I find it quite unpalatable - one wee taste as an adult was enough for me to pass on it forever! Funny how our tastes in food are so set at a young age and it is difficult to change them as an adult. I have never liked most vegetables but my hubby has taught me to like some, depending on how they are cooked (my mom was always an "open the can and heat" kind of cook). I am now trying more new-to-me dishes and not dismissing them out of hand, but texture is important to me as well as flavor. Love the necklace you were gifted and I know you wear it with pride!

  12. You are such a joy. When I saw the email in my inbox I was so excited... "oh, an email from Jenny! Yeah!" Thank you for all you do!
    Carla, USA

  13. Le petit bonhomme a bien grandi très heureuse pour votre famille toujours très agréable de vous lire une très belle tag à nouveau belle semaine douces pensées Geneviève de France

  14. So glad to hear that you are feeling much better...it was good to see your email come in and know that you were well enough to write to us all. The Great British Sewing Bee sounds quite interesting, unfortunately it hasn't made it to the US. Fun to see the pictures of the little ones, glad you are well enough for their visit, something all of you have missed. - Diane from northern Minnesota

  15. So pleased you are now feeling better, such a tasty experience to go through. I love the Sewing Bee too.

  16. PS Here in New Zealand we ove our Vegemite too, although some households prefer Marmite. Not us though it's Vegemite or nothing!

  17. So sorry to hear of your illnesses! Glad to see that Yakult on you shelf. That has helped me when I have tummy trouble caused by a bacteria.

  18. So sorry to hear you’ve been ill. And a migraine to boot, oh my! I pray for healthier days ahead for you. I aspire to have your energy and verve! May Gods bless and keep you and your family. Thank you for all of your lovely handwork, homemaking tips and baking recipes. I enjoy it all. Hugs to you.

  19. PTL you are getting better. God is good. Grand are so great.

  20. So sorry you were so sick! Your "Kisses" tag is beautiful. You inspired me to start this challenge early in January, but this one kind of stumped me. I didn't especially care for it, to be honest, but I think I may be inspired to jump back in now. :) Yep, I think everything you make is just beautiful...

  21. I'm pleased to read you are feeling much improved Jenny - salmonella can be a nasty old thing. Gosh Charlie David looks like his sisters in the first photo where he is starting to smile. I adore your tags Jenny. Take care my dear friend xx

  22. So glad you are feeling better. Those patterns bring back fond memories of all the dresses my mom used to make for me when I was a kid.

  23. Que bueno que estés con esos a8. Muchas felicidades y gracias por tu post.

  24. Very sorry to read that you have been unwell Jenny - not nice! - but glad that you are back to normal now. Those lace spools look gorgeous - although my nice pices are in colour coordinated pockets with ribbons I do have a bag full of bits that really need sorting. Loveely picture of Charlie. xx

  25. Hi Jenny. Welcome back, we have missed you! Glad you are back on track again, you have been through a rough time. I love your tag. I too am doing Anne's challenge and got to admit that I wait impatiently for Friday's to roll round for her new prompt. Take care and God bless

  26. So glad to know you have recovered from a serious ordeal. PTL. I always look forward to your posts. I always learn something, or am encouraged by something, and enjoy your writing style and content. That loaf of bread looks delicious. Is it a recipe you can share?

  27. Greetings from New Zealand, my February International Embroidery Month challenge to myself is to get moving on quite a lot of the UFO's & mending in my sewing basket. I have finished two samplers from 6 years ago and this has given me good incentive to keep going. Glad to hear you are getting better.

  28. So happy you are feeling better it is a terrible ordeal my neighbour was sent to hospital last week with the same condition he is a very fit bike (push bike) rider. I enjoy reading your posts and picking up tips. Thank you for a wonderful blog. Stay safe and healthy.

  29. I'm so glad you are back from the land of salmonella. I've not had it, and I don't want it! I'm glad Mr. E. didn't suffer along with you, too. It sounds like after eating again you are getting back on the horse and galloping on. =) I love the necklace. I wonder where she got the idea to make things. LOL That tag is pretty, and making it probably did as much to make you feel better as anything else. Prayers are answered!


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