Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Better late than never...


There's something very calming and lovely about raindrops on roses, don't you think?
We had a little rain the other night, not as much as the garden required, but enough to fill my heart with delight as I walked amongst the various roses in bloom, now adorned with the clear jewels of heaven.

I'd not intended to be away this long from the blog, nor to be so very late with this month's free Books & Roses bookmark...but intention and reality occasionally do not agree. Such was the case in my life the past couple of weeks.

A confirmed diagnosis of Pes Anserine Bursitis in my right knee was given yesterday, after more than six weeks of increasing pain, and limited mobility. At first it was thought just my patellar tendon had become inflamed again (which it had) so I followed the same physio protocol as before and that soon remedied the problem, but another swelling at the side of my knee was getting worse. 

A new set of physio stretches and exercises are now being adhered to, but the doctor tells me it may take months to heal. Not the best news, but really, it's not that bad either. It could have been something more sinister, and it's not, so I am incredibly thankful for that. 
Of course the bursitis has definitely slowed me down in life, more than the intentional slow living I'd slipped into this year, but rather than being frustrated, I just do what comes next, and when one task is completed I move on to what follows. 

And that, my friends, is why the September bookmark stitchery is a week late. :-) 

So at last it is here for you. The yellow floral print is one of my all time favourites, and quite old, so I only had a small scrap left, but now I can enjoy it slipped inside a book for many years to come, God willing.

Are you adding the little pops of applique to your bookmark stitcheries each month, or stitching them without? You probably know I love tiny applique in designs. 

Use the link below to download the free pattern.

DOWNLOAD the September Books & Roses stitchery pattern

We're still gathering from the garden each day and I try to plan our main meal around what's available. I've waited ages (it seems) for the snow peas to bear fruit and this week we've enjoyed those precious green treats in stir fries and salads.

The cucumbers have come to and end, but with over fifty picked from one plant over the tropical winter growing season, there's no complaints about that. There's fermented jars of them in the fridge, and another six still to eat in salads. The only sad thing is that we grow these foods in winter, but cannot grow here in summer when we really want to eat them fresh. Ah well, as in all things, I give thanks.

Beet greens are added to the salads now, and Bok Choy to stir fries or salads. The Bok Choy has already bolted to seed as the early spring weather has brought very warm days, so I'll probably finish picking what's left by the weekend. 

I bake our bread two or three times a week, milling the whole grains to make flour. Now that the weather is so warm and humid I noticed it can become mouldy by day three stored in calico inside the bread tin, so we're back to the usual habit of storing bread in refrigerator. Oh, winter, I miss you already.

My blood pressure has crept a bit too high the past few weeks so I'm making up bottles of hibiscus tea every few days. Though I enjoy it as a hot tea, having it made up and in the fridge gives me a refreshing cold drink after tending the garden each day. I do not add sugar, just steep the loose dried hibiscus leaves in boiling water for ten minutes and then strain. Hibiscus is a naturally sweet, though tart tea...and excellent for naturally bringing down BP. 

Not at all recommended for those with low BP.

We're restricting cane sugar in our diet these days, so I've gone back to baking from some old recipes which use dates, bananas, maple syrup or raw honey for sweetener. On Sunday these little cookies were a delicious treat!

Made from almond meal, flour, almond butter, peanut butter, egg, maple syrup, cranberries and coconut oil, they were so good. We only have two a day, which is quite sufficient for a treat. 

I have a number of new designs made, but no patterns written yet...though I had hoped they'd be done by now. In future I shall remember just how busy the winter garden is, and either work on patterns earlier in the year or later. Pretty soon it will be very hot and I'll spend a fair amount of time each day cooling off inside with the air conditioner running, so time will be available for pattern writing then. After tending to the home and cooking of course. 

For those who have asked me to bring back Phyllis May's Kitchen...all the patterns are now available HERE in my Etsy Shop. They are very detailed, so you should be fine following them. To look at this project pop over HERE for all the photos. 
I'm currently re-stitching all the blocks to make a quilt (those instructions are also included in the patterns) and if I get time to photograph them later in the week I'll show you. :-)

For now though, I need to get up and walk around as sitting makes my knee worse (though swimming is wonderful for pain relief).
I'm praying for you all, as I know from the comments here on the blog, and private emails which arrive each day that we all have seasons of life which are harder than others, and praying for each other is one of the greatest gifts we can give. 
Sorry for not replying to all those who have emailed recently (and one which was sent to Blossom for me). Avoiding time at the computer, or sitting anywhere for very long, has been important. Know that I have read your sweet words and truly, you bless me. Thank you.

I "will" have the next book study chapter very soon. It's all about being feminine...


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Joanne said...

Hi Jennifer,
Lovely to see your photo filled blog post this morning!
Thank you for this months books and roses book mark :)
Hope your Summer is kind to you :)
take care,

Lin said...

Sorry to hear about the knee Jennifer, not nice. Lovely rose pictures. We had a heavy downpour yesterday evening complete with lightening and thunder. Much needed rain after a very dry summer. xx

Donna P. said...

I enjoyed your blog entry this am. I also have knee problems - right knee. For years. However, like everything else, you take it a day at a time and do what you can with what God gives you.
Thank you for blessing us with your words. :-)

Carol said...

As summer is coming to a close here in the Midwest US, the garden is also giving its last hurrah. Fresh vegetables are also the center of our meals:tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans,zucchini, peppers, and onions. I am looking forward to some hearty soups as the weather turns cooler. Thank you for the pretty bookmark stitchery. It is very calming to embroider.
Take care, Jesus loves you.

Allie said...

Haha I have some of that fabric - or at least I DID! Not sure now. Such a sweet bookmark with the wee bird, thank you darling girl! I'm so sorry to hear about your knee - getting older is just not fun, too bad we can't pop out for replacement parts. I am always praying for you!
Your garden is so gorgeous, love the raindrops on roses. That tea looks mighty pretty as well! I may have to try it with honey. I still haven't found a tea store, although I used to know where one was, it's no longer there. Like so many things....
Take it slow, girl, and enjoy. And HEAL.

Dots said...

Hi Jennifer, Sorry to hear about your knee. I know it is painful. Hope you get better use of it as time goes by, and feel well, too.
I recently had a surgery. I am doing well. Totally unexpected. We just never know what a day can bring.
There's a saying we have recently been saying in my family: "A lot can happen in a week!" But we have God and He gets us through what comes.
My Chrome PC has almost restarted from the beginning.So Google went crazy it seems, too. A mess! Hopefully it will allow me to send this to you. One just never knows.
Be well my friend, Jennifer.

Kim said...

The bookmark strikes me as especially beautiful this month - those colors, the floral pattern, the lovely ricrac. Thank you again for sharing and I'll be praying that you heal up soon.

Julie said...

Oh I am so sorry to read about the bursitus in the knee dear Jennifer - Mum used to suffer from this in her knee & yes it did get better but did take a long time as your Dr has said. I hope yours mends quickly for you my friend. Thank you for the sweet bookmark pattern - just so adorable. Your snow peas look amazing & make me wish I could reach into my screen. Take care & Happy Week my friend Xxx

Little Quiltsong said...

So sorry to hear about your knee, Jennifer! Praying you heal quickly and that you bounce back, good as new, soon :)! Love seeing all your produce and sweet stitching. We have had enough rain to keep everything from drying out, and are enjoying the slow transition into Fall here. Enjoy your garden dear friend!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer thank you! Pray your knee heals soon. Daphne had another unit of blood and on antibiotics for a bit of chest infection. Still v tired, sleeping a bit better. Thank you for your ongoing prayers. As I sit here in our kitchen the rain is coming down and beside me is a lovely bunch of sweet peas from our garden, 1 red one amongst them!Love MARY-LOU

R Wilson said...

I enjoy reading your blog posts. Thank you for the patterns you so generously give us.