Monday, February 27, 2023

Monday #6 - the small things...


It's been another difficult week within our family, with lots of sickness, weariness, and the inevitable spiritual attack when I open the blog for prayer requests. All Blossom's children have been to the doctor, and she herself was brought down by a nasty virus. My husband was quite unwell all weekend and I struggled for a few days with another tummy bug and dizziness.

But it was also a good week, one where more prayer than usual made it's way to the ears of God, a week where although the body could not do much to stay on top of things around the home and garden, the heart and hands were lifted high for my loved ones and for every prayer request left in the comments last Monday, and every email which arrived needing prayer. 

As I was reading this morning, this quote of Laura Ingalls Wilder caught hold of my thoughts...

“It belittles us to think of our daily tasks as small things, and if we continue to do so, it will in time make us small. It will narrow our horizon and make of our work just drudgery. There are so many little things that are really very great, and when we learn to look beyond the insignificant-appearing acts themselves to their far-reaching consequences, we will ‘despise not the day of small things.’ We will feel an added dignity and poise from the fact that our everyday round of duties is as important as any other part of the world. 
And just as a little thread of gold, running through a fabric, brightens the whole garment, so women’s work at home, while only the doing of little things, is like the golden gleam of sunlight that runs through and brightens all the fabric of civilization.” 
Laura Ingalls Wilder

My dear Blossom, who is wife to Ross, mummy to three children ages 2-6, mistress to two pug puppies, a full-time homemaker and cottage-business owner, has had constant health trials for the past eighteen months, and due to this has gone through weeks at a time when only the bare necessities of homemaking are being accomplished. She's her harshest critic, and too often beats herself up about the house being in chaos.
But she forgets all the little things, the life-giving little things, which day by day are carried out within her home. There's the generous love she pours out on her babies even when she is barely able to move her body, day and night without restraint...all in the name of loving devotion. She forgets that God is watching her sacrifice, and to Him, those little loving things mean more than all the dusting or mopping or scrubbing an ordinary day can hold. 
During these times simpler meals are made, children are still bathed and read to, clean clothes are folded and put away, the floors are swept, mummy hugs are forthcoming and in abundance, and very importantly, her ears are open to hear every little voice sharing stories, concerns and needs. 

Homemaking overflows with seasons, and those seasons can be many and varied - illness, convalescence, babies, unemployment, financial distress, retirement, separation, moving, visitors, family unrest...every homemaker will experience seasons of all kinds through their lifetime. 

Some seasons we have plenty of energy to keep our homes sparkling and tidy, our tables overflowing with tasty nutritious meals, our spirits high and our attitude confident. Other seasons we can barely manage to keep things afloat, and it's during those 'other seasons' that too often we can feel as though we're failing as homemakers, believing those 'little things' we still can do have no real value when compared to the big things we did before. 

Perhaps we should step back and look at the season we are in today? Let us consider all the little things which are achieved in slower seasons and not despise them, but rejoice that we can do them. In seasons of abundance let us give thanks that we are able to accomplish more, and perhaps offer to help someone who is struggling. 
Whatever season of life you are homemaking in right now, consider every little task as having just as much value as those bigger ones we once believed were more important. For in the big scheme of life, it's often the little things which end up mattering the most after all. 

Bless you always,


Anonymous said...

Thank you Dear Jennifer! Waking up in Europe to read this comforting message , your wise and kind words is a great start to this new week! Sending you and your loved ones blessings and much love!

Joanne said...

Hi Jennifer,
Todays Monday is the ray of sunshine :)
Wishing your post lifts the spirits to all those reading :)
hugs, take care,
hope all get better soon

Lin said...

Thank you Jennifer. xx

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a lovely post. This is just what I needed to read. I have my own health issues and am taking care of my dear husband who has dementia. There are days when I don't accomplish much, and can be rather harsh with myself. You've made me realize that the most important thing is love. Even small things done with love are what is important. Thanks for this post!!!

Susan said...

Absolutely, the little things are the connectors of our lives. Always, we do what we can, and Jesus helps us extend that and magnifies what we do for Him, and in His name.

Thank you, Jennifer.

Shelley said...

Just the words that I need to learn from, thank you Jennifer!🙏🙏 for wellness for your family and you, HUGS💓

Maggie Hahn said...

Dear Jennifer

Im sad to hear of all the struggles your family are going through. I am sending you all prayers with love and lifting you all up to our Gods healing grace.
Columbia, Connecticut USA

Kim said...

Beautiful! I often remind younger moms that I'm in a different season than they are so they shouldn't think that they can do all the extra stuff that I now am able to do. I try to encourage them to remember the importance of the "little" things they do daily in serving their families and I've referred them to the encouragement that you give on your blog. Thanks again.

Robin in New Jersey said...

Oh dear, Jennifer. So sorry to read about all the sickness. Prayers for restored health for the whole family. Give Blossom a hug for me.

Emma Christian said...

Praying for health, peace and encouragement for you all. Your daughter sounds like she is doing a truly wonderful job in very trying times. Sometimes I find it helpful to look at what I have done well when things are really hard. fed the kids a simple nourishing meal? more nutritious for their growing bodies then takeout. Even a simple meal will be more wholesome and nutrient dense for them. Did a load of washing but couldn't iron? The family is clean and warm. Wrinkles dont matter. Managed to vacuum but not mop? Well the dust is gone, even if only in one room. That's the main thing, healthier for little noses. Had a quiet day inside? Well the children stretched their imaginations and played hence the mess now. What a gift! May your dear daughter go gently in this challenging season and know what she is doing is enough.


Mary-Lou said...

Praying for your dear daughter. As the previous writer said, a simpler meal but the children are still fed! As I grow older things and dust become insignificant. I just want to grow in Christ, help where and when I can. We can't take this gs to Heaven, hugs and time is precious. Love Mary-Lou

Tammy said...

Dearest Jennifer I am Praying for Blossom and her family as I also pray for you Dear. It is so hard on us as mothers watching our babies go through these trials and illness's that just seem to recur over and over. I believe they are spiritual attacks from Satan. I will pray even harder for your Dear Beautuful Blossom. Love you my Dear.