Friday, September 1, 2023

A new season...

Today is September 1st, and here in Australia it signifies the passing of winter and the welcoming of a new spring. 

Even though living in the tropics of northern Australia we do not have a winter such as most others in our country or overseas experience, for us it still offers a time of rest in both body and mind from the stifling exhaustion of a summer that runs from October to April. 

July was surprisingly very warm both day and night, and more than a few nights I slept with the ceiling fan running or just a thin sheet over me - but August, oh my, the days in August were glorious, usually around 27 C (80 F) and the nights a cool 14 C (58 F). This may be part of the reason I haven't blogged for two weeks, for that feeling of finally greeting a true tropical winter's arrival, and at the exact time my husband was taking a two week break from his work, made me want to step away from many things. I realised quickly that here was an opportunity for body and mind to be immersed in the beauty of each new day, that it was to be a time of God-gifted 'slowing' which had been sorely needed.

Planting more seedlings, preparing healthy meals, juicing fresh produce for a refreshing drink after pottering in the garden, sleeping just that tiny bit longer in the morning, watching some old favourite movies after dinner, taking opportunity for a couple of long country drives, reading, planning for the next season in our garden, sewing new ideas, baking bread, slowly mending and repairing those small items too often overlooked, sitting quietly outside together in our old and worn garden chairs because after almost thirty-two years it's not necessary to fill the air with words when the view around us of birdlife, gardens, tall trees, blue skies, butterflies and fluffy white clouds is before us to behold. The first two weeks of August were rather 'full on' with Blossom's house move, but these last two weeks were graciously simple, restorative and blessed.

This is my new rose, a Helmut Schmidt. I bought it as a bare root in May and this week it has offered two glorious sunshine yellow blooms. I gave one to my dear friend Rosie, and kept the other for myself.

It was another reminder that the earth moves from one season to another in God's perfect order and rhythm, and that I too must move forward, letting the old concerns, experiences, troubles and griefs pass away, and looking ahead to embrace the new gifts of life each morning holds. 

So I shan't write a long and lengthy photo heavy post today, but offer my prayers for all of you reading this, that the Lord bless you with what you need most. That may be a time of slowing and breathing and gratitude such as I have just been immersed in...or it may be energy to push through a challenge; wisdom to make the best decision moving forward; healing from whatever ails you; provision for a time of scarcity; understanding in a particular situation; time to sit at the feet of Jesus. Offer all your needs to Him, and I shall pray too. 

Until next week, bless you heaps,

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Joanne said...

Good morning Jennifer,
Your Winter days sound so lovely :) Your descriptions, along with photo's from previous blog posts make it easy for me to picture it in my mind :)
Yes ideed, enjoy and embrace today !
Hugs, have a great weekend !

Annette said...

Love reading your blog Jenny. I was in beautiful Townsville for 3 lovely days visiting my niece & her family, from 8-11 August. She kept us very busy seeing the sights, meeting her grandsons & a visit to Magnetic Island by ferry. The weather was glorious, I love walking in the sea & did so at the Strand & on Magnetic is. Had hoped I’d contact you to meet for a cuppa, but hopefully I’ll visit again. I’m back home in Melbourne, our days are getting warmer with spring on its way. Take care, Annette

Lin said...

Bless you Jennifer.
Well, your 'winter' days have been warmer than our summer days over the last month! Although it has been around 12/14 at night. The bonus is that our garden has looked lovely without the hassle and expense of a lot of watering. So the first day of autumn and Vivaldi has been playing on the radio, but hopefully we shall have some warm weather over the next month before the cooler weather kicks in. xx

Jill at emeraldcottage said...

Gladn you have had a more restful time than of late!

Mary-Lou said...

Hi Jennifer, lovely to hear from you. I was praying for Ross today and wonder if he got a job!? We are so Blest aren't we? We are going to get a bit of a heat wave next week, so hopefully we can head off to Co. Mayo in our old Camper van. Mark and Josh our son had 2 very wet days camping in the North of Scotland! And they managed to get some fish while fishing! I am recovering from a cold of sorts. Take care. Love your new Rose! X Mary-Lou

Judith Jaques said...

I am in Iowa. In north central USA. I so enjoy reading your posts. Today there was a line, I would like permission to share.
I have many widowed friends that I like to share little sayings/prayers with and this is perfect.
"offer my prayers for all of you reading this, that the Lord bless you with what you need most. "

Yellow roses have been my favorite since a child. My husband gave me roses, every year, for 51 years on our anniversary. He died sept 6th 2016 so this time of year, even after 7 years, is a difficult time for me.
I wish you blessing.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your life with us, I always appreciate and enjoy what you write. I live in the U.S., the state of Texas. Jenny

Anonymous said...

As always, thank you for a wonderful post. And thank you for praying for us. I always feel so relaxed and refreshed when I read about your life.