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The Virtuous Wife block 12 (free pattern)...


I really love this verse, especially after spending time studying each individual word and praying for wisdom to apply it daily in my own character.

The pattern itself is also a favourite of mine because I had so much fun creating that little apron with it's pretty pleats. On your pattern sheet I have described how to do this and it's rather simple. Just cut a rectangle shape and make your pleats across the top edge before fusing onto the background fabric. You may want to sew a line of running stitch and gather the top instead, or just trace the outer shape from the pattern sheet and backstitch the pleat lines. Make this however you like, according to your preference or skill level. 

One reason I chose to sew an apron in the design for Proverbs 31:25, is that as we study it we are told to dress ourselves, array ourselves, in God-honouring character each day, and one thing I wear every day is an apron. 

My apron is a covering that prevents soiling underneath...and isn't that a simple example of what a God-honouring character does for us? When we obey God's Word, it covers us from the soiling of our hearts and minds, and that's what I think of now as I tie the bow at the back my apron each morning. 

“Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she laughs at the time to come.”

Let’s take a look at the depth of meaning in this verse, because though only a few words in a short sentence, it has much to instruct us about the character of this woman; indeed, about the character traits we women of today can prayerfully grow into.

“strength” – the Hebrew word used here is ‘oz (pronounced oze) and can be translated as power, strong, boldness, might, a force. It stems from the root word ‘azaz (aw-zaz’) which means to prevail and be strong.

“dignity” - the Hebrew word used here is hadar (pronounced haw-dawr’) and can be translated as being held in high honour, goodly, comelinenss, beauty, an ornament of splendour.

“clothing” – the Hebrew word used here is labash (pronounced law-bash’) and translated means to put on, to wear, to array oneself.

“laughs” – the Hebrew word used here is sachaq (pronounced saw-khak) and can be translated as: to laugh in pleasure or to laugh in scorn, to make merry, to play, to rejoice.

“the time to come” - the Hebrew word used here is yowm (pronounced yome) and can mean any time to come, whether that be a day, an age, a season.

I like to expand a verse when I have a fuller understanding of each Hebrew word, keeping the context of a passage of Scripture intact, so here is how I would read Proverbs 31:25 now…

She dresses her mind and arrays her character each day with a boldness and strength which prevails through all circumstances life brings her way. Held in high honour by her family, she lives her life with goodness and gracefulness, and her beauty is evident in her character. By living a life of honour to God she has no fear of the future, but rejoices in He who will provide when there is need.

In this post Covid era, many things have changed, things we would not have thought possible four years ago. I have listened to people who now live their lives in fear of what is yet to come, who struggle with a daily barrage of “what-ifs” that consume their thoughts, plans and decisions. I can truly say that I have never met or read about so many fearful hearts as I have these past few years…and it can bring me to tears as I pray for them to know the HOPE we have in Christ, the certainty we have of His return, the surety that in the time of trouble He WILL carry us through.

Like the description of this fictional woman, a women King Lemuel’s mother described as having the attributes of a wife he should pursue (read more about that here) we must dress our minds each morning with the golden truth of God’s Word; we must array our character in Christian goodness (the fruit of the Spirit); and we must not fear what is ahead, but remember Who holds the future in His hand - Christ Jesus who has overcome the world.

Place your life and all it involves into His care, being obedient to His Word, confessing your sins daily, and praying for that sweet forgiveness which cleanses and restores us “whiter than snow”. Walk each day in the HOPE that will not fail, with a laugh that rejoices in our faithful Lord and Saviour. 

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Lin said...

Such a pretty apron and I love the folds. Lovely post Jennifer. xx

Lilian said...

Putting on an apron has a new meaning now, Jennifer. Thank you for sharing your insights on the bible verses we're stitching. I am enjoying the journey. God bless you and yours. xx

Mary-Louise Parker said...

Wow Jennifer I really enjoyed that meditation and what a beautiful block of your embroidery. Thank you. I will hopefully remember that when I wear a apron. I have downloaded that verse to remind me. Mary-Lou

Carol said...

Thank you for the stitchery and your meaningful words. God bless you and your family.

Susan said...

Thank you for your thoughts on this verse. I know it was well prayed.

Shelley said...

Jennifer,which Bible are you using to minister to us? I really the how it's written. Love love the apron❤

Kim @ Purring Cottage said...

I really appreciate your "fleshed-out" version, both in its clarity and faithfulness to the meaning of the word. And, as always, the pattern is beautiful. Thank you.

Susan said...

I agree with Kim.

Carol R said...

God Bless

Miriam said...

It’s interesting to study the words, the sources as you do. Thank you . Compliments for that little apron.

Allie said...

OH how adorable is that apron - well done! Love this study as well, so very much. Thank you dear girl!!!!!!!!!