Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hands, helps, and hoping I can sew again very soon!

I've been a bit naughty about resting my hand, there are just so many ways we use our favoured hand (my right hand) and no matter how you try to avoid it you keep it employed. Whether it be opening a door, getting dressed, washing, replacing lids, driving the car...in the modern life it cannot be avoided, though I am trying.
The splint made my hand much worse, the pain was incredible and the swelling increased terribly, so I have ditched it -

.....in favour of this wrist strap (below), which does not keep my thumb stable (a need-to) but just the fact that I am wearing it means I am very conscious of my thumb so it's definitely resting. Within a day the swelling began to subside and the pain has lessened already. I'm praying I can get back to normal within a couple of weeks if I continue to wear it.

I am catching up on reading and planning new projects during my lay-off, and when I bought the latest bi-monthly issue of Quilter's Companion I was surprised and overjoyed to see another of my sewing projects published in the letter section!

Last year they featured a gorgeous cushion pattern with a Mandala Elephant (designer Karen Hendry) that immediately caught my eye, but I felt it would be much nicer made into a quilt.
My eldest daughter had a birthday just months later so using lots of braid, shishka mirrors, bright fabrics and plenty of Perle threads, I went to work stitching.
Here's a very happy Karen wrapped in her Mandala Elephant quilt!

I also sent in a photo of the original embroidered "Desert Nomad" cushion I'd made and they published that as well. This same cushion won Championship Exhibit for Hand Embroidery at our local Show last October. Later today I'm going to upload here on my blog a short tutorial on how I came up with the idea for the cushion and then the making. (Stay tuned!)

Blossom has been so helpful in the kitchen while my hand has been out of action. Yesterday she baked fresh supplies for us to nibble on. Rock Cakes are one of her dad's favourite, so yesterday she baked two trays. Today she'll be making yummy lentil patties for dinner. (Thank you Blossom!)

And I suppose I better confess that I have veeeerrrrryyyyy slowly been stitching block 3 of Verandah Views. Do you love Cheryl's blocks as much as I? All three so far have been just beautiful!

And what have you been up to?

Happy days,


Barn Owl said...

just be resting and thinking of good things we have in this life preparing for the next.

Kriza said...

get well soon, it must be very frustrating not to be able to use your hand as usual. how lucky you have such a great help in the kitchen! :-)
the mandala quilt is just gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful mandala quilt. Keep the arm rested, and those wrist straps are great I have one for supporting my wrist when I am on the computer. xxx

Anonymous said...

Oh Jen, you are just so creative and amazing - I am constantly stunned by how clever you are, and how MUCH you do. Just awesome.

Keep resting that hand.

Fee xx

p.s. Do you hire Blossom out??!! :-)

Myra said...

Maybe putting your hand/arm in a sling will prevent you from using it more... 8-)
How wonderful that your letter got published! What a surprize that must have been! 8-)
Your stitchery looks great!
What a sweetie that Blossom is. Doing some baking and cooking!
Take care...

Carrie P. said...

Well, I am glad you are resting your hand and noticing a difference. I know it must be tough for you. Keep resting it. Congratulations on your magazine article and your wins. That is so cool. And don't feel like you need to respond to my comments. Typing must not be good for your hand either. Take care.

Bec said...

The Mandala Elephant quilt looks fabulous! Just the right colours, how thrilled you and Karen must be with it!
Bec xxx