Monday, June 29, 2009

4 sleep left... but let's have a tutorial day for a change!

The days are passing a bit faster now (yay!!!), so rather than bore you with another run-down of the weather, the cleaning, and the dog, I thought I'd share something different. Something very simple, but fun.

Because we only have the one vehicle to carry 4 adult sized humans and 1 small dog across the country I had to be quite restrictive with what sewing items I could keep with me for entertainment during these three weeks. (the crochet cotton and crochet hook I bought yesterday are very small and will hardly be noticed, nor will the three books I bought or the brooches, and not even the three books my husband bought...but I digress)...

When the tendonitis in my wrist gives me grief I turn to wool felt for my stitching 'fix'. It's so very soft and lovely to play around with because you never know what you'll make (well, I don't) and you never have to worry about fraying or hems. With this in mind I packed a supply of lovely winter colours...

...and I decided to make a simple pin cushion, working from my bathroom. :-)

Firstly, you'll need to cut 2 x 3.5" mustard yellow squares of wool felt, and 2 x olive green squares of wool felt.

I do not have a sewing machine at the moment so everything is hand sewn.
Overlap a mustard yellow and an olive green square about 1/4 inch, and running stitch with 2 strands of DMC thread to join them together.

Now overlap these joined pieces 1/4 inch, and running stitch them together as well.

Draw some flowers on the smooth side of some Vliesofix, or any fusible tracing paper...

... and iron them rough side down onto the wrong side of some fabric that will match your felt.

Cut out the flowers, peel off the fused Vliesofix, and press the flowers randomly in place with a warm iron.

With running stitch in contrast colours, raw edge applique the flowers just inside the edges of the fabric, then running stitch another row around the outside of the flower on the felt. Add a button to the centre of each flower.

Cut a piece of floral fabric 6.5 " x 6.5 ", and lay the wrong side of it to the wrong side of the felted front piece. With 2 strands of DMC to match the colours of the felt squares, running stitch around most of the pincushion leaving a gap of about 1.5". Now fill the pincushion with fibrefill or any stuffing you prefer, and stitch the opening closed.

Using 2 strands of DMC cotton in a contrast colour , blanket stitch around the outside of the pincushion.

Add a nice button to the middle. I bought a lovely ceramic one that matched the colours beautifully!
I used 6 strands of DMC cotton in a contrast colour and tied it well at the back leaving a little cotton for effect.

And here it is, finished!
I call it Peg's Pincushion because it's a little extra gift to go with my swap partener Peg's surprise Paper Bag Swap item - which she will not be receiving until next week some time. You'll have to wait until I come back online mid-July to see what I made her. ;-)

I've been so inspired by Jane's "Breast of Friends" blocks that I started on block 1 last night. This is such a pretty block! For those of you overseas, this is part of a BOM published over a period of 9 months in Australian Homespun magazine. Every block so far has been lovely, but especially the embroidered ones.

I'm sorry, I must mention the weather after all! It is blowing a fierce gale here today and we're expecting it for the rest of the week. The rain was so heavy that our roads have flooded. This is perfect weather to stay home and stitch, but alas, these high winds also bring on my migraines, so tonight I am going to lay quietly and listen to an audio book on my mp3 player. I already miss my stitching, but not as much as I miss the children. (oh, I am SUCH a sook!)

Have fun sewing, and remember to rest a bit each day and reflect on the good things in your life.
Jenny xxx

PS: Did you notice I have shared Block 6 of my Shabby Roses BOM today? It's in the blog entry below. :-)


  1. Hope you feel better soon, my friend. I know what migraines are like. just awful.
    Thank you for the pin cushion tut, I am going to try this later on today.
    Hugz xxx

  2. That's so sweet and simple, thank you.

  3. You amaze me Jenny!!
    Nothing stops you and I love that 'adaptive' true Aussie attitude!! ...or is it simply women? *smile*
    Thanks for the tut... I see you've had a headache...take care and close your eyes and rest where you can...
    Thanks too for another beautiful block!
    Wishing you a safe, happy and succesful move.
    hugs to you,
    Robyn xx

  4. Great tutorial today Jenny, we are going to miss you when you are making your transition to your new home. I hope your head gets better very quickly.


  5. Sorry to read about the migrane. I pray that it is better today. Happy to read that you only have a few days left until you leave! I will miss not hearing from you for 2 weeks, though...

    Thank you for the new block. I am still working on #1~~slow going. The weather is finally beautiful here, so I have been outside alot.

    Blessings to you

  6. Jenny -
    The pincushion is adorable and so simple! Thanks for the tut :)

    I'll have to make one or two or ten of those!

  7. Very nice pincushion and thank you for block 6 of shabby roses

  8. Jenny, I feel your pain with the headaches and I hope it goes away soon.

    Thanks so much for the cute pincushion idea; I really like it. I can't wait for you to be settled in your new home.

  9. What an adorable pincushion! And I love that it's all hand sewn. Handwork really is my favorite! Thanks so much for the tutorial Jenny! :0)

  10. Jenny, what an absolutely adorable pin cushion. You have used your time wisely. Hope you are feeling better today.

  11. Realy so cute...

  12. Hi Jenny--You are a "hoot"---I will really miss you during your 2 week trip--and let me say first that I will be praying that you have a safe and easy trip. NOW I want to tell you that I have FINALLY gotten the first three blocks of the SHABBY ROSES ALL DONE and you can see them on my blog hope you like them--and now to tell you I LOVE LOVE LOVE block #6--it is sooo cute I am sooo glad that I did decide to do these blocks after all--thanks so much for all you do for us bloggers. Take care and keep on staying busy--it always make the time go faster!!! Hugs, Blessings, Di

  13. Jenny,
    Thanks for the tutorial. I love the new look of your blog! It's so fresh and fun! I hope you're having lots of fun just stitching the day away.


  14. Thank you "sew" for the tut.....I wish I acted on my ideas as fast as you do!
    Sorry about those pesky migraines...feel beteer soon.
    hugs, Terri

  15. Sorry to hear about your migrain I also suffer from them and I know how painful and debilitating they can be.Good to see you're not letting it keep you from crafting.I think I'll have to give this tutorial a go over the weekend.Hope your feeling better today and not too woozy from the migrain :) Barb.

  16. Hi and thanks for a new Shabby Roses. I really need some rest and a stitchery is perfect for that. Today I have been hard working för nine! hours in the garden - we have lovely but almost to hot weather. The evenings are just the best relaxing time ( with a stitchery)
    Thanks, I´ll also make your pincusion.
    Have a safe trip to your new place.

  17. What a great and simple idea!! Thanks for the great tip!!

  18. Hi Jenny,
    Gosh, you are one very talented lady.

  19. Oohhh Jen I do love the colours you chose and I love the pin cushion. Its so simple but very effective. You are one clever lady and I hope the migrains go away. Hugs hugs :)

  20. thank you, jenny, for the cutest little boot ever. with all that's going on in your life, you still find time for us. have a blessed and peaceful week and vacation -- be happy! rita

  21. What a great pincushion !Take care and hope you get rid of that headache soon .

  22. Great pinchusion Jenny..
    In Aussie Green and Gold colours too!
    Hope the migraine has gone..
    Julia ♥

  23. What a great tutorial! I hope your migraine subsides a bit. I find I get horrible ones with high winds too.

  24. Jenny that's so darling! Love the colors you chose, and the sweet little flowers. The button is perfect. I hope you're feeling better now, hon, I used to get those all the time. Oh the agony.

  25. I like your pincushion, it´s so pretty.
    And thank you for Block 6, I bet a lot of people have been waiting on it.

  26. Thank you for the tutorial. I have never commented on your blog before but I read every post. What an adventure you are having! I have been in the same house with the same husband (good thing), the same job, the same kids (another good thing) for the last 24 years so sometimes I have to live adventure through others. And I thank you for that.


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