Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A little peek, and a present for Kezzie...

Spring has become summer in just 8 days. The heat is here and the air conditioner is back on after only a few months rest. Mosquitoes are everywhere, and our legs are spotted from ankle to knee already. The lavender oil is being used constantly as an instant cure to itching.
It's not yet time for our tropical wet season, but the last week has seen many nights of constant rain, and this has caused the sudden emergence of mass mosquitoes. 
In the garden we have another bunch of bananas emerging from their flowery head...
...and the birds are building nests in every tree in our yard. It's magical to sit outside and watch as Masked Honeyeaters sit atop the railing of the verandah and look over at me to say hello as I sip my morning cuppa. Then they pull rushes from my hanging baskets and carry them off to line their nests, as though I was quite agreeable to this arrangement. 
In the sewing room I've been having fun stitching up my next Shabby Roses Quilt in the 1930's fabrics...
But I needed a break and decided to stitch something for my eldest daughter, Kezzie (Karen). I found this gorgeous frame for her a while back but wasn't sure what to fill it with until today...
Don't you love that elephant!?
(No surprise that *I* love elephants!! LOL!)
Blossom has decided to return to studies and has quit her job at *that* shop. It was good for her to have this experience, it helped her see that she wasn't yet ready to enter the world of full-time employment. Her heart has always been to be a mother, so she is going to enroll in a Child Services course beginning in the New Year. In the meantime she will work on her craft, further her skills in graphic design, and perhaps find a part-time job for some extra pocket money. 
She's such a wise young woman and we're very proud of her!

I have a whole lot of wonderful links to help you with this month's Zip-Me-Up Challenge, and will share them tomorrow.
Blossom and I may even make a couple to show you. :-)


  1. Just gorgeous Jenny..lovin them 30's fabrics..Oh I am sure Karen will bne tickled with that stitching..good for Blossom and wonderful for you and hubby to allow her to find her way,cheers Vickie

  2. Jenny, you are so lucky to have such a level headed daughter. I am sure that she is doing the right thing. Of course this means that you will not be in "That Store" as often.

  3. Your Shabby roses looks very tempting! Can't wait:)

  4. Karen will love her little gift. It is really sweet. Isn't it amazing how bananas unfurl as they ripen. I hope Blossom enjoys her new direction and in the mean time you two will have a lovely time crafting together.

  5. That frame is so qute. I know what I will think of when I see an elephat next time :-)
    Your new Shabby Roses Quilt is lookin great.


  6. That frame is beautiful Jen and the stitchery and applique for karen is gorgeous - She will love it.

    Hugs - Fee XX

  7. Just popping in to say Hi! Love it when you post outdoor photos of the luscious vegetation! And I agree that is a "to die for" frame. I'm sure your daughter will enjoy it. Love reading about your life, Jenny. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Love the frame, and the work inside.Karen I am sure will love it. Good luck to Blossom in all she does.

  9. My youngest daughter likes elephants too. The stitchery, as always, is gorgeous. I wouldn't mind a banana tree in my backyard - but not the mosquitoes.
    My best to Blossom. It's great that at her age she knows what she wants to do.

  10. I had not heard of lavender oil on mosquito bites. That sounds wonderful. They certainly love to visit me.
    Blossom is so blessed with such wise parents - it is obvious you have brought her up great.
    Thank you for your wonderful blogs, and for your generosity to us and to those really in need.

  11. I had not heard of lavender oil on mosquito bites. That sounds wonderful. They certainly love to visit me.
    Blossom is so blessed with such wise parents - it is obvious you have brought her up great.
    Thank you for your wonderful blogs, and for your generosity to us and to those really in need.

  12. Love the sneak peaks - and your "Karen" is just lovely.

  13. I love it! Iam tinking of a couple members of my family to try a similar stitching...found your blog a few months ago, and now don't miss a are an inspiration!!!

  14. Hi Jenny, that banana tree is magic I would love to be able to pick a banana from my own tree, I eat one every morning with my cereal, and the birds what a special place you live in. The 40's fabrics look beautiful and I love the Karen picture the frame is so pretty, keep showing us pictures of your lovely garden and crafts.
    Love Jillx

  15. Ugh heat - SO glad you have a/c! Lavender oil for mosquitos? I'll have to try that!

    Your sneak peek is absolutely adorable and intriguing, girl, and I love what you made for Karen! The elephant on the frame is just darling.

    Blossom, I think, will do well in that course, she has such a sweet heart and I know she will be wonderful with children!

  16. Beautiful stitches! I just love them! I cannot wait to see the blocks from the new BOM! I am excited! I have not yet started my zipper challenge, but I have a birthday present to make, so you will be seeing one soon! Take care! Hugs
    carla louise

  17. Jenny, your life just seems so very different from mine. Banana trees in the yard and the arrival of spring today? We are all about tomatoes and the morning chill of fall today.
    I just love to read your blog because it is like a little peek into another world!
    Happy stitching.

  18. Hi Jenny,
    Ohhh, I lurve that green frame with the elephant on it. It screams my Mum all over!
    I'm sure Karen will be very pleased with it.
    Ah, Blossom sounds very wise for her age and proud parents I'm sure you both are!

  19. Your new stitchery is looking lovely Jenny. Really like Kezzie's framed stitchery too. How wonderful that you found that great elephant frame!

  20. Beautiful frame and lovely stitching to go in it.... great idea.
    haha - my word verification is 'skint' - how does it know????

  21. Wow, I've never seen a banana flower before. Your blog is always so interesting. I love elephants too.

  22. Did you know that in the sub-continent they eat the banana flower as a vegetable?
    On another topic - I finished my recycled challenge project. It's here if you want to check it out:

  23. Lol, maybe the birds aren't saying hello but asking to 'borrow' your rushes! Wishing Blossom the best for her future studies. I have a couple of items I'm thinking of for the zipper challenge but the more the better :).

  24. Jenny, I'm sure your daughter will love that gift. Well done Blossom on choosing to go back and study, and if you don't like it you can always do something else, that's the joy of being young.

  25. Beautiful gift for Karen. Blossom is a wise gal. She is young and has plenty of time to fine tune her dreams. Hope all your bug itches go away. Always funny to me how our seasons are reversed. It's finally getting cool here and I'm so happy.
    xx, shell

  26. What a beautiful gift from Mum's heart. <3

    Sometimes it's so hard to know what you want to do with your life after schooling. We had one son that worked for 2 years then decided to repeat his VCE and is now a very happy accountant. Sometimes 'life' just needs to be lived to understand what comes next. Congratulations on raising a wise young lady. :o)


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