Monday, September 27, 2010

What a day!! Birdcage Sew-In Sunday with my friend Wendy!

My two days away in Townsville were great. Non-stop talking with my friend Elizabeth, a wonderful meal out on Friday night, then a special Saturday down by the beach sitting watching the waves, drinking Soyaccinos (decaff!) and more talking before our teary goodbyes at the airport and her flight home. By the time I got home to Charters Towers in was dinner time and I was exhausted, but so overtired that I couldn't get to sleep until midnight.
Six hours later I woke, excited about another fun filled day! Wendy was driving in from Ayr and we could play all day with our birdcages for the Birdcage Weekend Sew-in! \o/\o/
If you had crept by and put your ear to the sewing room you would never have believed this was the first time we'd met in person! It was like spending the day with a friend you've had for years.
Look at this beautiful 'friends' runner she made me - it's so pretty, and made with perfect stitches!
Blossom came in to say 'hello' and apart from taking a phone call she never left us - which was wonderful because we soon discovered that Wendy's birdcage was going to need more than one pair of hands!
Blossom and Wendy laughed and laughed as they manipulated the wires....
 ...but what a gorgeous cage this was turning out to be!
 I *think* we may have talked so much that the birdcage-making- process took a little longer than it should have?? LOL!!
I started mine with a blank paint-by-numbers canvas (the only one I could find in town the right size), and fused stiff interfacing to the top (great idea, Wendy!) to cover the pattern that had been pre-printed onto the canvas...
Then I began making the background to my *altered birdcage* design. Fabrics were chosen for green grass, blue sky...
..and some simple running stitch added.
Next I fused some fabric flowers in place and added mother-of-pearl buttons to the centre, before allowing Mr E to drill holes into the back of the canvas frame to hold the birdcage bars...
I needed to wrap and secure natural homespun strips around the bars, so I had Wendy teach me how to use the Glue Gun. I have owned one for two years and never used it! Wendy's first lesson was, "Jenny, don't burn yourself!". She expounded on this lesson many times during the day with evidence from her own fingers...
Poor Wendy!! She had a number of burnie finger bits by the time she left.
 Too soon our day was drawing to a close and Wendy had to leave. Her birdcage was almost 1/2 finished and I'm sure by the end of the week you'll be gasping at how beautiful it looks all complete and displaying those precious birds!
 Thanks for a wonderful day, Wendy!! She is the sweetest lady you'd ever chance to meet.
I cannot wait until we get to sew together again!
After Wendy left I continued playing with my glue gun and wrapping the birdcage wires, until it was time to add my birds.
Here it is all completed and hanging next to Mr E's desk in the dining room!
Wendy and I loved making our birds and cages! Did you? 
Blossom was so excited helping Wendy with hers that she has decided to make her own birdcage this week, and she's asked that I make her birds while she works on the cage, so we may have another finish to show you before long. 
Hop over to Wendy's blog HERE for her post about our fun day together.

Please leave comments here and on Wendy's blog to let us know you've finished your own Birdcage Weekend Sew-In, and include your blog address so we can see photos and share them on our blogs during the week. 
If you don't have a blog simply email us your photos! We cant wait to see YOUR birdcages filled with wonderful birds!!
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 Have a wonderful week!


Penny said...

Oh Jenny, your *altered birdcage* is brilliant.. and gorgeous! You're a genius !!!

Allie said...

Looks like you girls had a blast - love your birdcage Jenny, what a brilliant idea, very sweet!

Lurline said...

Girlfriends! are the best! Love your PRETTY birdcage!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Alice said...

How cute!!! It turned out nice and perfect for hanging. It sounds like you have had a marvelous few days!!

Cheryll said...

Like Lurline says, "Girlfriends"! You all look like you had a wonderful time and your birdcages are sew cute!

SewCalGal said...

What a fun day. And I love your projects. Brilliant.


Jeni said...

Just love your bird cage so pretty
and gorgeous!

Fee said...

Wow what gorgeous smiles and happy faces. I so wish I could have been there:)

Hugs - Fee XX

Julia said...

what a great time..yep, love girlfriends time..
gorgeous birdcage.
Julia ♥

Bluebell said...

Hi Jenny, that is so lovely where on earth do you get your ideas I would never have thought of doing that. I received my silks they were waiting for me when I got home Thankyou so much they are so pretty I can't wait to use them
Love Jillx

Sue said...

Your birds are so pretty and the little cage is very clever. I had such fun making my birdies too. Mine are flying free at the moment but I think they will soon have a perch upon which to rest.

Dawn said...

Gorgeous birds in Avairy??.. Perfect fabric choice.. he he... love the cage effect Jenny... Mine is completed and thansk for the push to finish it... loved sewing in together...
Hugs awn x x x

Silvia LGD (Little Green Doll) said...

It's wonderful!! I love it!

DIAN said...

lovely to read about your day together. Such happy times can be had while "working" with someone who shares your ideas.
gorgeous birdcages!

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Jenny,
Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend with the birds! lol
Love your latest piece of art

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post Jenny. How amazing that Wendy would drive all that way to spend the day with you. It sounds like it was well and truly worth the effort and I bet you both catch up again soon. ;o)

Your birds and altered cage is beautiful. It was bad timing for me to join in but you have inspired me and I hope to make this project one day soon. Great job!!

Jude said...

wow jenny your birdcage certainly looks different.And it looks like you had a wonderful time making yor latest creatuion.

Marieta said...

lovely birds, and birdcage

Natitxu said...

Hi Jenny, I like very much your work. Sorry my english, not good. Kisses

BubzRugz said...

A fun read and seeing your cage and birds - they are lovely.. My son lived in Ayr for a while and we visited a couple of times and of course drove through Charters - it is fun reading about people in places we have been
PS - love the new design - so pretty

AliceKiss said...

I really like your blog. You have original ideas. You are doing a very good embroidery. I am pleased to become your follower)))