Saturday, June 18, 2011

A 3rd mini-quilt finished...and of course, some more food!

Last night I had a quilt pattern to write, and as pattern writing is the least liked part of my design process I usually look for a distraction to delay the inevitable task. 
I tell you, I am so grateful for Sarah Fielke's "Quilting From Little Things..." book.  It provides just the motivation I need to do something other than what I am meant to be doing! Naughty, but nice.
The first two mini quilts I made from her book....
...taught me a few new lessons about quilting, and about myself. Last night's quilt was no different. Sarah had named this one 'The Woodpile'.
As soon as I saw those wonky log cabin blocks I was reminded of the first original design I shared here on my blog just over two years ago, "Wonky Houses"...
So when it came to naming my version of Sarah's 'The Woodpile' I had to call it, "Wonky All Over Again". 
Lessons learned from this quilt -
1. be bold with my fabrics to obtain that 'pop' in the finished quilt (my use of black in the border)
2. if you make a mistake in a wonky design you can get away with it (one of the blocks was begun in the wrong direction)
3. it's okay to not be so structured, to allow myself to go offline for a totally different effect, and in doing so still end up with a beautiful piece of work
4. don't make teeny tiny pieces late at night (those 1 inch wonky sawtooth border pieces were a killer at 10pm under a low light bulb)
The finished quilt is a mere 10 1/2 x 11 1/2 inches, and I am loving it! 
Have you made one of the mini-quilts from Sarah's book yet?
Back to the pattern writing. I completed the binding on my Christmas Quilt for Patchwork & Stitching magazine, and once the pattern is written it will be posted away. I have named the quilt, "We Believe"...
Sorry to those of you who have complained that I am making you hungry with photos of what's been baked in my kitchen. I'll warn you right now to close your eyes, ok? 
Lately I have been trying out recipes at home before we teach them to the students in Home Ec, and as our grade 8 classes will be making a Zucchini Slice next week the recipe found it's way to our lunch table today. 
I haven't made this before, but it's was YUMMY!! 
All that cheese, and the bacon and onion - they covered the zucchini well. You see we are not a zucchini loving family, so I took a chance trying this on the family. 
Served with French bread and a tossed salad it was well received as they are all still talking to me! A good sign in a new recipe. :-)
Tonight I made an old family favourite as we were having dinner with friends and I wanted to bring a warming winter dessert along.  Apple Gingerbread begins with a simple base of freshly cooked Granny Smith apples, and then you cover them with this wonderful gingerbread mixture...
Bake for 30 minutes...
...and serve warm.
It's scrumptious on it's own, but we had extra thick custard on ours tonight.  This is another dessert that can be enjoyed for breakfast the next day (are you starting to grasp the reason behind my choice of desserts lately?).
Before I go I must show you a photo that Jean emailed me. She made my Blackberry Swirls recipe and said, "OH MY GOSH!  Those blackberry swirls are out of this world...Thanks so much for the recipe..I just took them out of the oven, really had to restrain myself to not take one out immediately!"
So glad you enjoyed them, Jean! 
If you'd like the recipe, I shared it HERE.
It seems I can't put that pattern writing off anymore. Or can I? ;-)
Enjoy your Saturday night,


Unknown said...

Your Christmas Quilt is Lovely Great Fabrics..Zucchini Slice is an Old Fav of Mine & I Think I will Try the Gingerbread & Apple...Thanks.
Good Luck with the Writing...

Miss Hillbilly said...

Oh, sigh. I should have closed my eyes.

Bobbie Bentneedle said...

Wondered if you could share your recipe for zucchini slice. One zucchini plant in my little garden has turned into a monster and I'm always looking for another way to use it up.

Terry said...

Your mini-quilts are beautiful! Has it really been two years since you did the wonky houses? I still have mine hanging on the wall and I smile every time I look at them! :0)

Martha said...

Ok the where are the recipes to the other two mouthwatering goodies. I must try them.

Michelle said...

I also teach Home Ec at a high school (here in the States we now call it Family and Consumer Sciences or FACS for short).
Please share recipe for zucchnini slice. it looks yummy!

Cheryl said...

I am so excited to sign up for your newsletter (thanks to Allie)...such sweet quilts, and oh I love wonky!!! Love your Christmas quilt and that will definitely be one I want to make.

Allie said...

UGH to pattern writing - love your distractions, girl, lol! I still have my wonky houses [the one I made, the one you made, and the wonky tree!] hanging on my wall - love them so much! That might be the first quilt I make from the book. The black in the border looks great, Jenny.

Your Christmas quilt is GORGEOUS. Don't know how you keep coming up with so many winning designs - but I'm glad you do!

Zucchini Slice - Apple Gingerbread - they both look really yummy, and I'm not fond of zucchini or gingerbread!

Tara K said...

I'm going to second the opinion that youshould share the zucchini slice recipe .. it looks delicious ! I'm the only one in my family that likes zucchini, and I can only get the rest of the fam to eat it when it's in chocolate cake!

Love the quilts also! :)