Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Last call for boarding!

So, whose is this??

Here's a few hints...
She is 18.
She lives with Mr E and I.
She owns Bob-the-dog.
Sometimes she designs and stitches.
Yes, it belongs to our Blossom!!

 And where is she off to?
A hint from my fabric stash...

That's right! 
LONDON!! Well, Derby to be exact!

She flies out on Thursday morning, all by herself. Thankfully there's just one stopover, and she'll be met by friends at Heathrow 30 hours after she leaves Australia.
She's all packed, and checking her list to make sure she hasn't forgotten anything. A last minute request at 9pm last night was for me to make her a pouch for her passport, so I did what any good mother pumped up on coffee and blueberry danish would do. I rummaged through every fat quarter in my sewing room until I found 'THE one' I liked best!
Cute, huh? :-)
While she is off enjoying the Derby countryside for two weeks I'll have full custody of Bob-the-dog, so today I decided to spoil him with a good grooming. How about some before and after shots?

And (drum roll please) ta da!! AFTER...
Princess Sophie didn't recognise him when we got home from the dog salon, and her back arched from across the room!
I had to carry her over and have them both do the sniff thing for a few minutes. It wasn't long before she realised it was her little pal Bob (she is bigger than him) and they posed together for a beautiful pic with Bloss.
Gonna miss my girl while she's away.
Guess I'll have to comfort myself with stitching.
Please pray prayers of safety for her flights and time away?
Back to that blueberry danish...


  1. Olá!Com certeza DEUS estará com sua filha e no comando dos transportes.Aqui no Brasil nós falamos que:Guardado é o que DEUS guarda.Então com orações eu peço para sua menina:Guarde Senhor e proteja esta sua filha amada,que viaje com a segurança do seu amor e derrame sobre Ela muitas bençãos.Amém.Amém?Que Deus possa estar aliviando seu coração também,sabemos que nós mães temos uma dose mais forte de preocupação.Deus abençoe a todos.Beijos.

  2. Oh Jenny I do understand when your children go away for a bit how hard it is but I have no idea about another country. If you were closer I would come and keep you very busy stitching and laughing. Keep busy and before you know it she will be home. Prayers for both of you.


  3. Jenny - my sympathies - it will be hard but at least its only 2 weeks and she is meeting friends - my 20 yo (will be 21 when she does it) wants to go to the USA by herself - to a summer camp and then travelling - am I worried??? YES.

  4. Blossom.... have a wonderful time in Derby. It's lovely there!
    Hugs, Sue from Cyprus

  5. Jenny, how hard it must be to let Blossom go alone on her first long trip. I'm sure she will be safe and have a lovely time. You are going to miss her as the 2 of you are so close. When my daughter went to London a couple of years ago, I worried the whole time and she was fine. I'm sure that you are already preparing a special homecoming for her.

  6. Prayers that God holds her safely in the palm of His hands till he brings her back to you. Hope Blossom has a wonderful time and even though it's tough, it is always good to see our kids get to experience something new. When my son left both times for Afghanistan, I had to just say a big prayer in the beginning to get it all out there, and then God and I had daily followups on the subject. All was good! Hugs to you!

  7. I was just thinking about Blossom today and wondering when her trip was going to be. Saying a prayer.

  8. Pretty exciting, isn't it? at the moment, my oldest is in the air on the way to teach for a year in China. I had to make her a passport case, too, when she went last year. :)

  9. I hope she has a really nice trip! As a mom who has sent children off three times already (Italy and London on two separate trips for Marina; Italy and Greece on one trip for Chase) I can tell you it helps to keep your mind busy during their flight time. I was a bundle of nerves. I told Sierra that when it comes to her turn to travel, she will simply have to take me with her. ;o)

    I'll keep her in my thoughts and prayers for a safe trip. Would she like to stop in NY on her way back?

    Peace and Laughter!

  10. I know what your going through. When my first daughter was in her first year of college they offered a semester in France. She went about 6 weeks late with another college group do to emergency surgery to remove a tumor from her belly. That was a blessing in disguise as the first group spent their time being drunk and the group she did go with she made friends that she kept in touch with until the day she died. For me though my ' hurt little baby' was away from me for 3 whole months that included her and her sister's birthday. She came home happy, safe, and a little wiser. Ill pray Blossom comes home the same way.

  11. Blossom is going to have a fabulous holiday, she'll be home before you know it Jenny so in the meantime enjoy Bob's company

  12. So very exciting for your baby..sad for the Mummy...thinking of you Jen xx

  13. Special prayers to you Blossom, for a safe and wonderful trip. Time won`t go fast enough for the ones you leave at home, especially your Mom. Sweet little pouch, Jenny.xx

  14. Bob-the-dog, you're very handsome. Jenny, what a good mother you are to find just the fabric and sew it the night before. Father, keep Blossom in your tender loving care and bring her home safely to her family. In Jesus name.

  15. what a wonderful adventure for blossom to go on...the time will fly Jen and she you will be at the airport picking her up before you know it,cheers Vickie

  16. Jenny, Our son is now 40, and I still remember the trepidation we felt as he hopped on a bus at Karuah and took off to Cairns, the same afternoon he finished his HSC 23 years ago. His dad and I thought we would never see him again, because things in general had not been too good between us all then. Low and behold next morning he phoned from Brisbane and various places along the way to say he had made it.

    Next year he had his first overseas trip to Hawaii to seen the sun eclipse, and after many trips overseas he still keeps in touch regularly. Now thankfully thru emails. I have placed him into the Lord's hand each time and he has returned safely to us. He is heading off to S Africa on Saturday for 6 weeks and will again place in God's loving arms. Even at 40, I still worry!!

    I will place Blossom in God's warm embrace too!!


  17. Hi Jenny, Blossom will LOVE derbyshire. Pity she's not coming to Devon, I would love to have met her.First time is always the hardest, but at least she'll be home in a few weeks. My daughter stayed with you in Australia 6years ago. Thats very hard!I always say, you give your children 2 things....1 is wings so they can go and fly and find out about life for themselves.2 is roots so they always know who they are and where they come from.
    Safe journey to our little Island Blossom!! enjoy your experience
    Love Gill x

  18. I hope Blossom has a WONDERFUL time, I'll be in prayer for her safety and for your mama's heart to be filled with peace! I'm so excited for her!

  19. Blossom have a wonderful time and enjoy every minute. Jenny you will miss her but just wait until she gets back home all that talking and cuppas to look forward to.
    big hugs Blossom

  20. Safe travels and fun times for the lovely miss Blossom. I know she will miss you just as much Jenny. Bob the dog looks good with his new do.


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