Monday, April 15, 2013

*K* for my Kezzie...

This week's monogram is K, and in our family, K is for Kezzie!

I stitched it on to my Sampler first...
...and then, it was time to stitch it onto something else - something special for my darling daughter, Kezzie!
Remember her wedding in October last year? 
Everything was red, black and white...with lots of spots!
I even made the ties for Kezzie's boys from black and white spot fabric...
As I was planning an extra project idea to share with you for *K*, I remembered I still had some of that spotted tie fabric and thought it would be just right in a gift for my girl!
I used the tie fabric as a journal cover, and stitched the *K* in her favourite colours...
I know she likes to take notes from Sunday sermons at church, so this will be perfect!
There are so many ways to use the Monograms I share each week.
Maybe you have some ideas you'd like to share?

*K* can be downloaded HERE.



  1. Love the journal!! So very pretty and the wedding glimpse is grand. So love what you do with your "letters" and I'm looking forward to seeing the "V"

  2. What a lovely idea and what a lovely gift for your special daughter!

  3. Love your journal cover and the colours are just perfect. Hugs.....

  4. Very cute. Such a clever idea.

  5. Thank you! I've been holding up a round robin so I could have the K and the J. I'll have to invent a T for my friend KTJ. =) It's kaethejean, so I can't leave the T out. I can do it, though it won't be as nice a yours. Love the gift for your daughter and seeing the picture of her and the boys.

  6. I am sure Kezzie was thrilled with these latest creations.

  7. That's gorgeous, Kezzie will love it for sure!

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