Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday round-up...

Another week has come and gone, and I am so eager for my sleep-in on Sunday. What about you?
Do you have Sunday morning rituals that you enjoy?
Years ago we'd read our Bibles, a magazine,  and maybe the Sunday paper - with fresh coffee and toast - in bed. I think with winter on the way it's a good habit to start over with. I've even bought myself a couple of new pairs of flannie pjs in hope that winter remembers to arrive!

Yesterday I emailed Volume 2 Issue 2 of Elefantz HOME to all my subscribers.
If you haven't received that email yet, and you are a subscriber, please let me know and I'll send it zooming across cyberspace to offer it's apologies for tardiness. 

For those who would like to purchase this as a single issue, you'll find it HERE in my shop, with photos of all the projects inside. 

I've also decided to give non-subscribers the chance to follow along with my new BOM, "Shabby Roses Beauty"
Here is block 1, which was featured in the e-zine this month...

The pattern is inside this month's e-zine HERE (which includes two other patterns), or you can simply purchase the block alone  HERE.

Block 2 will be in the June 7th issue of the e-zine. I started stitching it today -  here's a little sneak peek...
 Cute, huh? 

I'm also working on the very last block of 8 in my Daisy Days BOM.
This pattern should be ready at the end of May...

I cannot wait for this to be finished! It seems like I've been stitching it forever. But it will be so worth it in the end. \o/

Have a lovely weekend, and try to do something special to brighten your day, because that will brighten the day of all those around you.



  1. Hi Jenny, I just love your new designs.... really pretty...

  2. Beautiful designs! And yes, I'm looking forward to a weekend sleep-in too :)

  3. Always such sweet projects and peeks. Some of the most rewarding projects are the ones we spend the most time with. :o)

  4. I love the lace edging you've stitched on the red gingham piece. Your designs are rapidly becoming my favorite Ozzie ones! Sundays this year are the relaxing morning sleep-ins, because our group is meeting 1-4. But we rotate, so next year, we'll be back on 9-12, and no sleeping in! 11-2 is my favorite, I think. =)

  5. Precioso el salmo 90 y preciosos tus trabajos. Gracias por los que compartes y por un blog tan hermoso. Que Dios te bendiga a ti y a tu trabajo

  6. Que bonito!!!Estoy deseando ver un poco más

  7. You know you got me at RED!!!!! Gingham and spots were just the icing on the cake!!!!
    love ya girl

  8. I can't wait, is this BOM going to be available on your blog?LOVE IT!!!! there is nothing quite as cool as embroidery,lace and fabric all combined into a project :) TIA, Jeanne


  9. Your article is very interesting Beautifull photos and great blog to read thank you

  10. Jenny, your work makes me smile. Thank you.

  11. sunday morning's just flow not often the way I would like but that is life....winter you say hmmpphh but you will definately get more of a winter than I--so jealous you bought flanny jim jams....stiching bom/s are looking great..cheers Vickie

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