Friday, June 14, 2013

My Pop and his wonky world; a free block...

In early 2009 I sketched a cute little house and proceeded to stitch it simply. 
I called it my 'wonky' house because it reminded me of my Pop, the step-grandfather who along with my Nana, raised me as his own child. He was as blood kin to me, loving me with a pure and fierce protectiveness. 

 ~ Eric John Matchett ~

Pop passed away in early 1985, unable to push on any longer after Nana's passing a couple of years earlier,  and I still miss his gentle and assuring presence in my life - especially when something triggers a memory of him.
Recently a number of emails have come through requesting that old Wonky Houses pattern again, and so I have been taken back in my mind to this dear man and his declaration that anything a bit 'out of kelter' was quite simply, a "wonky". 
My Wonky House design from back in 2009 was directly inspired by this wonderful man, and grew to be four different 'wonky' houses that I displayed in a simple pieced wall hanging.

As an answer to those email requests, and in tribute once again to my Pop, I'm going to share a block a week for the next few Fridays. Perhaps if you never made this 'way back when', you might like to stitch it now?

Block 1 

Download it free HERE in my shop. 

(I don't own the original any more, because my daughter Kezzie ran away with it a few years back and will never part with it. I'm so glad. Pop loved that little girl to pieces, too!)

If you've been after some of the white hanky linen I sell in my shop, more was listed this morning. It sells out very fast, so if you miss out don't worry, I'll be re-ordering more today...
 Hanky Linen can be purchased HERE.
It's Friday and I am home alone, which is nice after such a busy week. I have a floor to mop, parcels to post, washing to do, and some general household catch-up chores before I sit down to stitch more of Block 3 from my Shabby Roses 'Beauty' BOM....
This block will be in the "Sweet Dreams" issue of Elefantz HOME e-zine, or as single PDF purchase in my shop, on July 5th. 
Can you guess what it is?

God bless you and hold you close,


  1. Lovely words Jenny. Special memories are our greatest treasure. Hope Blossom is having fun out in her gorgeous new car. And I'm guessing it's an owl. Have a happy day :)

  2. What a cute little "wonky" pattern. Thanks so much for sharing it with all of us.

  3. What a wonderful little pattern, and such wonderful sentiments!

  4. Thanks for sharing this story and for honoring his memory in this way. I have a quilt in my brain that honors my dad. I need to make it!

  5. What a sweet story to share with us Jenny. And the pattern. Thank you!
    I ordered some hanky linen to stitch on.

  6. A touching account of your life with Pops Jenny. Thank you for sharing part of your heart with us. And for the sweet, wonky pattern. XOXO

  7. What a generous thing to do Jenny - thanks for sharing the Wonky Houses! And thanks for such a heart-touching story for Father's Day!

  8. It's funny after all these years little girls still miss their Daddy's. Mine passed in 1983 and I find myself thinking of him daily.

  9. Love the new look of your blog! Thanks for sharing your wonky houses pattern. I think the new block you are working on is an owl! It looks so sweet.

  10. What a lovely tribute this is. Too have loved and been loved is a gift from God that can never be taken away. Thanks for sharking your Wondy Houses with us.

  11. That is beautiful Jenny. Thanks for sharing.

  12. thank you for your lovely story of your Pop. Thank you for your lovely stitchery too. I will use it to give to someone who has been very significant in my life too.

  13. I can....but I'm not telling!!!
    xoxoxoxox mwah

  14. Looks a bit like an owl to me :)

  15. How blessed it is to remember your Dad with such affection. Bless you and thanks for sharing your wonderful memory and your lovely "Wonky" them.
    Hey that new red and white looks like one of my owl!
    so cute!


  16. Those wonky houses were so much fun to stitch! How nice of you to share them again! :0)

  17. Jenny, what a tribute to this special man in your life! Thanks for the uplifting story of love!

  18. Thank you so much. I originally missed out on the design, but I loved the wall hanging. What a lovely tribute to your dad. It took me a minute to figure out the design, but who-o-o could imagine something so cute besides you!

  19. Hello, love your new blog design and thank you for the wonky house. I think it looks like it might be my favorite bird, an owl!!
    (smjohns63 at yahoo dot com)

  20. Thank you so much for sharing.

  21. Thank you so much for all you share.

  22. Jenny, thank you! I loved your stitches. Congratulations!

  23. Love the wonky houses! Where did you get the gorgeous fabric from?


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