Monday, September 23, 2013

Christmas stitching and friends...

Over the next week I will be finishing all my Christmas projects for the October 4th issue of Elefantz Home e-zine. Yippee!

I'm enjoying mixing modern colours in some projects...

....traditional colours in others...

...and experimenting with neutrals too.

There's so many Christmas ideas and projects inside the next issue! I can't wait to show you everything inside, but you'll have to be patient while I finish making them.
I have a few Christmas DVDs ready to watch as I stitch, and I might even take time out to bake a fruity Christmas cake  - just to add to the early festive atmosphere. I may even pull out a CD of Christmas carols! 
My favourites are "Come Let Us Adore Him", "We Three Kings", and "O Holy Night".
What are yours?

The girls were at my place today for lunch and stitching!
Normally we meet every second Monday, but to fit in with Heather's school holiday Nonna-duties, we met a week early as it will be another three weeks until we can sew together again.
I made Blueberry & Lemon muffins for morning tea...

...and Garlic Roasted Pumpkin, Salmon & Haloumi salad for lunch.

Our juicer is working overtime these days, so the girls enjoyed the Pineapple, Orange, Passionfruit & Coconut juice I made as it was a rather hot day.
Wendy was on hand to pour the drinks (do you like her cutsey pie pose!?)....

 ....whilst Michelle and Heather chatted away over books from my sewing library.

After lunch I brought out some of my designs for Heather to look through, as she hadn't seen them before....

...and all the while Princess Sophie watched over us from her chair in the lounge room.

Not much stitching got done today, but there will be four girls with very sore sides tomorrow because we laughed and laughed and laughed! Whenever we get together it feels like a celebration.

And speaking of celebrations - it is Wendy's 4-year Blogversary this month!!
She's such a sweetheart and wanted to share the party with all her readers, so she drew up the cutest birthday design as a free gift to download...

Visit Wendy's blog HERE to give her your best birthday wishes and download her free design!

I'd better get back to that stitching...



  1. love reading about your get togethers....and I just know the nxt issue will be full of your goodness...can't wait too see it,cheers Vickie

  2. Какие же вы молодцы , девочки! Так приятно читать про ваши встречи))

  3. That stash of designs is just mind blowing, enough inspiration to last a lifetime. It almost gave me palpitations!

  4. All looks lovely Jenny. Hugs......

  5. You girls look like you have so much fun!! Lunch looked very yummy! Looking forward to the October issue of the magazine - I love it!

  6. Can you please tell me what your fabric is called and were you buy it? I love the pinks and greens and it is all so soft and feminine.

    1. Janet, the pinks and blues in the top photo are Brenda Riddle's Durham Anew. The green spot is a Lecien basic.
      The pinks and greens in the photo underneath were bought from a quilt show in strips and I have no name on them.

    2. Thank you sweet lady!

  7. We do have so much fun don't we?? I don't ever want it to end! Can't wait for the Christmas edition.....our sneaky peeks were soooo enticing!
    love and big sugary ones! :o) xox

  8. Sew nice to have spent some stitching ,chatting and eating time with special friends.
    Lots of lovely. Sneak peeks.

  9. Oh, the Christmas stitching looks awesome. Wish I could joy you and friends for your stitching days and the food!

  10. Oh, the Christmas stitching looks awesome. Wish I could joy you and friends for your stitching days and the food!

  11. Another wonderful stitching Monday! I love to see the things you ladies eat and what you get up to when you're together. Thanks for the tantalyzing snippets of the next magazine!

  12. Great 'trunk' show... looks like a lot of fun... and great food...

  13. Lots of lovely sneak peeks - cant wait. Obviously a load of fun....

  14. What gorgeous Christmas stitchery. Love the modern colors. You Gil's are so lucky to have each other to share you stitching with. I am jealous. I wish I had local sewing quilting or stitchery friends.

  15. would love to be a fly on the wall at one of your ladies days. My favourite carol is In the bleak mid winter, there are so many lovely carols not sure I would want to be playing then yet though.


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