Thursday, October 16, 2014

Hand quilting old and new projects...

Remember back HERE when I blogged my personal fussy cut fabric challenge which ended up turning into an applique mini quilt which I christened "Together in the Birdhouse"?
The whole thing centred around the bird fabric, and to be honest, once I''d assembled the top of the mini quilt I put it aside to finish 'later' and kind of forgot about it!

But I had a memory jog earlier this week when I saw a pair of new avian visitors feasting on the berries than hang like chandeliers from the row of palm trees which front our house...
These are Rainbow Lorikeets and they hold a special place in the heart of our family because Blossom used to own one when she was a little girl. His name was Jackson and he would hang off her skirt all day long, never leaving her except to eat or have a drink. It became a problem eventually as he became obsessed with her and would not allow anyone near her, to the point of pecking the faces of people who tried to get close to her, even her big sister...
It broke her heart when we had to separate them and send him to a new home, but for safety's sake it was the right decision. Two new bunnies helped with the mending of her young heart a few months later.
They really are beautiful birds though!
Anyhow, the visit on Sunday morning by this pair of pretties reminded me to finish the mini quilt, so I sandwiched the layers later that day and the next day on a 4WD adventure through the forest with Mr E at the back of Cardwell I hand quilted around all the applique sections...
Yesterday I made the binding, and today I'll stitch it on - then it will be ready to show you! The binding was the first fabric I pressed on my new ironing board cover...
Like the new ironing board cover? 
This is my third one of the year.
How many do you go through in a year I wonder? I do terrible things to mine!
Another project ready for quilting and binding is a small pillow for an Australian magazine.
I've made a little quilt to stitch on the front (like I did HERE in my tutorial)...
The tiny stitchery quilt will have its binding sewn down today, then sit on the front of the pillow, and this lovely floral fabric will be hand quilted behind.
The design on the fabric is directional and will be perfect for straight line Perle #12 stitches...
What are you making at the moment?
Leave a comment because I'd love to know what's happening in your own sewing room! 



  1. Rescue me! Our sewing room doubles as the schoolroom, and Mother is making me do schoolwork while she gets to sew!!! Unfair! Love Miss H.

  2. The birds are wonderful and beautiful, lucky you.
    The hand quilting around the applique is neat.

    Patricia C

  3. Love the ironing board cover - and love, love the material for the magazine project - beautiful. K.

  4. Those Lorikeets are gorgeous - how lucky you are to have such flamboyant birds in the neighborhood!! What an interesting story about Blossom and her pet. Your ironing board looks wonderful; don't you wish it stayed that way?

  5. Love seeng your projects. Your birds are adorable and your stitching is so precise!

  6. Hello Jenny,

    What a lovely story about blossom and her pet bird. I purchased a Teflon coated ironing board cover from Cole's this year after going through them like hotcakes. Best thing ever.
    Loved seeing shots of your fabric stash.

    Happy days.

  7. Hi Jenny, loved the story about Blossom & her bird also. I am so glad you go through lots of ironing board covers as I do too. I like making a fresh new one from some nice fabric & then giving my sewing room a good clean & tidy ... then messing it all up again :-)

  8. Hi Jenny,

    So many wonderful projects. Don't you just love a finish? I love your bird mini quilt. Your 'keets are gorgeous, what inspiring colors they have. We don't have quite that array here in the N. Hem., but I love birds all the same. I must not be using my ironing board enough, this cover has lasted quite awhile:)
    As for what I'm working on, I'm back to my Tilda inspired quilt. The top is in the home stretch and I will attempt to quilt it using your "library film" template method. Can't wait :) Thank you for sharing all your lovelies and memories. Such sweetness :)

  9. I can't believe you are able to look out the window and see such beautiful birds! Your birdhouse quilt is so sweet with that cute birdie fabric. You have so many things going - I'm just embroidering some blocks for a bed sized quilt. It will take forever:)

  10. I'm amazed and envious that you can work in the car. I get motion sickness when I try to do anything other than be a passenger. Love the new projects. Oh yes, I need and new cover also. I have residue all over mine from fusibles. I am cross stitching right now, my sewing room is still in a work in progress.

  11. Oh Jenny...those birds are stunning! I can't believe that you had one as a pet! Those colours are so vivid - you are so lucky to live where you do :)
    As always...I'm in awe of your gorgeous projects :)

  12. Seeing those birds really drives home that you live in the tropics! I tend to forget that. Your quilting on that little quilt looks great, and I'm so glad you are finishing that project. That ball of perle #12 is such a pretty color! Can hardly wait until the magazine comes out and then you can post the picture on here. Right now, I'm working on a CQ block that has Pam Kellogg's grandmother in the center, and I'm putting some autumn-colors donation blocks together for an American Hero quilt top. And I have traced the poinsettia tree and cut a bazillion little squares to go around it. I'm going to make it a square table topper for Christmas. =)

  13. What gorgeous birds!! Love the quilting project -

  14. Those Rainbow Lorikeets are so very beautiful. How glorious they visited and dined where you could enjoy watching them. Love your little quilty. Yesterday we had a some much needed rain and I was lucky enough to sew some Origami Bags for upcoming birthday gifts. Creative Bliss Was Had...

  15. Oh those birds are so beautiful...All that color is so full of inspiration.

  16. Lovely to see the Lorikeets. They don't live wild here, but my daughter granddaughter and I met some at Longleat wildlife park. They were so friendly (perhaps because we bought some nectar to feed them) I am finishing up my holiday table topper. Photos to follow soon.....and a full confession of my mistakes.

  17. That is ADORABLE. How do you keep from stabbing yourself while stitching in the car, though! I don't make covers for my ironing board, I have some fabric that is quilted, silver on the front, specifically for ironing boards I think...I made a huge rectangle of it and it covers a table. Much easier for those big quilt pieces. Love your pillow front, girl, and those gorgeous birds!


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