Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Tutorial for Day 5 of my gifts to you...

Today I have the prettiest gift to share with you!
In fact, you'll be able to make this up in an afternoon... 

 I love bunting, and this one especially because it's so elegant...

You can make it as long as you like, and decorate with the sweetest of lace and beads...

 It even has tiny little rings at each end for slipping over a hanging hook...

So that you never lose the tutorial I've decided to share this one as a PDF download, which you can save to your computer and never lose!

It includes a list of all the materials you will need, step by step instructions to make the two different styles of bunting flags, and some pretty photos along the way.

Download the "Vintage Style Bunting Tutorial" HERE

 Behind the scenes this week I've been working on finishing all the designs for this month's Stitchery Club!

I have 5 of the 6 designs completed, and hopefully in another day that final one will be ready to show you as well - but for now, here are the first five you'll receive as a subscriber in the Club on December 17th...

(the theme this month is 'Stitchy Things')

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It's very easy - just go HERE!

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  1. Another wonderful day!!
    I love bunting, never tried to make it for myself.. no excuse now I guess! My daughter has been harping at me to make some for her room.. maybe I will now!
    Thank You so much :)
    Smiles :)

  2. Thank you so much for sharing these free patterns with us, they are beautiful. Hope you have a wonderful day.
    Warm Wishes Lizzi xo

  3. Hello Jenny,
    All very beautiful! Thank you so much!!
    Y love you!

  4. Love the bunting and I am so excited by the new Stitchery Club designs, can't wait to stitch them.

  5. I love your bunting, Jenny. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Very pretty bunting. The next stitching club looks great.

  7. Gorgeous Banner and sew much fun to display. I am looking forward to your Dec stitchery patterns. I adore the little sewing machine. Blessings and Bliss...

  8. Love that bunting! It's almost like Crazy Quilting, and I have tons of laces. I'm looking forward to the next stitchery club. One of those designs will go on a needlebook I plan to make for a friend.

  9. Lovely bunting Jenny! Funny...I've never thought of putting any up!

  10. You are a treasure Jenny sharing all these beautiful patterns only problem I have - which to make first xx

  11. Jenny!

    the bunting is beautiful - the nicest I've seen!

    Thank you sew very much!!!


  12. Thank you Jenny - I was not a fan of bunting but I definitely am now! xx


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