Thursday, January 8, 2015


I went for a stroll through a local op shop the other day.
My ten dollar budget, all in coins, jingle jangled in my pocket as I slowly walked along the shelves anxious to discover hidden treausure.
I was specifically looking for balls of wool as often these charity stores have bags of them donated by people who simply have no use for wool anymore.  
Well, sometimes you decide to visit on just the right day, don't you?! 
 Springy green pure wool skeins at $1 a pop were hidden under mountains of ugly acrylic yarn, but I only bought two because I thought that would be enough for nice tea cosy, but when I got home I wondered whether a spare may have been wise. 
Needless to say I'll go back and retrieve a third ball today.

But the wool was not the highlight of my treasure hunting.
The hankies photographed above with the wool were!

I'm still pinching myself at securing this exquisite lace 'kerchief for a mere 50c...

The other two hankies were also 50c and very sweet as well...

A final 50c purchase was this tiny little vintage style frame which I believe is destined to display one of my embroideries...

I arrived home rather chuffed with my little bag of treasures, and still with $6 in my pocket for next time.

Budgeting is coming along well with our drastically reduced income, especially as here in the tropics it is mango season and we buy them from roadside farmers for between $8-10 a bucket.
There's about 15 - 16 mangoes in a bucket so as you can see they are a staple in our diet at the moment...

 ...especially for breakfasts...

...along with plums and peaches and nectarines which are also in peak season so very cheap to buy.
I've been making my own granola for years now, and with the fruit and a dollop of vanilla bean yoghurt it has become our every day breakfast.

I'm also using the mangoes in smoothies, juices, 2-minute ice-cream, and as the base for a salad dressing.
The funny thing is, I only discovered I liked mangoes a year ago. 
For over five decades I thought they were ghastly, and then one day last January I just 'liked' them. 
Strange, huh?

Last bit of news for the week is the completion of the sixth design for month 4 of the Stitchery Club...
 All information about joining is HERE.

Update on the wool situation with THIS cardigan I intend knitting for Blossom:
I have been absolutely blessed by your advice, both in comments and private emails, and have decided that it cannot be knitted up in cotton as I'd lose all that lovely soft drape, but I also cannot afford good yarn at the moment so Blossom and I have agreed that I'll put the project 'to one side' for now and review it when Mr E is once again employed.
For the time being I'll feed my need to knit by using up some scrap yarn I already have, and hunting down a nice tea-cosy pattern for my op-shop skeins.

I hope you've enjoyed our first week of A Year of Gentle Domesticity. 
I know I have, and all your encouraging comments along the way have inspired me, so *thank you* ever so much!

Till next time,


  1. If there is such a thing as "Op Shop treasure envy" ... then I MOST definately have it from your purchases there Jenny, just exquisite :-) Hugs, Julie x0x0

  2. It's been a lovely week of posting and I've made progress, as well, so I'm pleased. Your Op Shop finds are marvelous! I'm so thrilled for you to have found such good things! And for so little!

  3. Happy new year Jenny. Loving this week's posts! Beautiful things you are able to find in your charity shops...feeling just a little envious😊

  4. You always find great treasures at such bargain prices. I don't like mangos either. With the practice you get knitting your cozy you will be ready to stitch the sweater when your finances allow it.

  5. I love the treasures you found! Because of your stitchery, I know how to embroider my new-to-me pillowcase.

    We have a nearby restaurant that makes a mango-vinaigrette dressing that makes salad more special than it has ever been before!

  6. Great shopping finds and for the cost it is even sweeter.

    Love seeing your healthy food.

    Happy NewYear

  7. I am really enjoying how your blog is turning out for this new year! I love to see how someone is making do and still able to create some beautiful pieces!

  8. Another beautiful blog post. your buys are really beautiful and I love the shade of green of the beautiful wool. I do hope Mr E finds work soon, must be really tough.

  9. Limited funds doesn't mean you can't go treasure hunting, does it? That's usually when you find the best deals - as is evidenced by your wonderful finds. When I go "treasure hunting" I always look for the linens - it's amazing what gets discarded. We can be so blessed by those little jaunts. It's been a wonderful first week of domesticity. Very excited to see what next week brings and the 17th won't be here soon enough for Stitchery Club either :) xx

  10. Olá Jenny,
    Fiquei encantada com seus tesouros! Os lenços são lindos, assim como o porta-retrato. Você teve muita sorte! Quando temos paciência e sabemos procurar no lugar certo, sempre é possível encontrar coisas lindas a preço baixo!
    Mangas são deliciosas e tenho uma mangueira no meu jardim, que está carregada de frutos!
    Achei delicioso o modo como utiliza as mangas para o café da manhã!
    Hoje eu me inscrevi no Stitchery clube e recebi o meu presente! Estou muito feliz!!!

  11. About that cardigan and the op shop. Try a creative compromise.
    Perhaps you can find a large knitted jumper or cardigan in a colour your daughter likes. Cut it just as you would any fabric and construct a cardigan to fit your daughter. Embroider the new/old garment as in your pattern.
    If you go to these site you will get the idea.
    These garments are quite expensive when new. A copy is a charming idea.

  12. I adore mangos, love, love, love.... we used to eat them all time in Kenya! So yummy, scummy... but sadly I don't really like the ones we have here in NZ.

  13. Is the wool not the right weight for the cardigan? Or is it that there isn't enough at the shop?

  14. Jenny I'm crediting you with my current campaign to organize, sort, and clean. I'm on a roll - day three of my list is done. Old makeup is gone, medicine closet is organized, laundry area shelves are sorted. It feels really good to go through these things and remember what I have and need to use. In addition, I've boiled a whole chicken and found a way to get at least 6 or 7 meals out of it! blessings, marlene

  15. Louise, thank you for the link and the idea. I won't go down that road as it defeats the whole purpose of what I'd wanted to do.
    I do however, have a whole plastic tub of old cardigans that I'll be adding stitchery to for myself.
    In the end she'll get her mum-knitted-it-for-me-cardie...just have to wait a little while.
    Bless you for being so helpful!

  16. I adore your op shop finds and I truly believe shopping with limited funds to be quite fun at times. Love the "ring of rosies". Delicious breakfast you are enjoying with all those mangos. Great first week of this wonderful new year my dear...

  17. I love that handkerchief - It's as beautiful as you described xx

  18. Wonderful finds. I never seem to find treasures at Op shops, or maybe I don't have a keen eye.

    Lucky lady with cheap mangoes. My kids and I love them but the cheapest we get is 3 for $5.

  19. What wonderful finds, Jenny. That lace hanky is beautiful. Too nice to blow your nose on! LOL! Your Ring a rosey is beautiful! xxx

  20. If iwas a wealthy lady it would be worth it to travel to Australia just to go op shopping .... They call them thrift shops here and it is rare for me to ever find a single thing craft related in any way at all. You are a lucky duck to have such op shops to shop in. Those hankies are so beautiful....

  21. I love those shops! And I wish I had found those hanky's!

  22. Some great purchases there Jenny. I am envious of your mango breakfast - hot warming porridge is the order of the day here! xx

  23. What wonderful treasures you found. We only have a couple of Charity shops here which I pop in when passing by, but you never find sewing things.

  24. You certainly did very well at the op shop!! That spring green is so pretty and those them!! Now I want to join you for breakfast - looks delish!!!


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