Friday, February 27, 2015

Things to make from a Sampler...

I shared last week that the March Stitchery Club patterns will be a little different from previous months.
Instead of the normal six stitchery set, our members will be receiving the complete Simple Alphabet Sampler to play with...
...and when I say "play" with this Sampler, I really mean it!

It's a beautiful project to stitch in one piece, but there's so much more you can do with it.
Like stitching words for special projects...

(the bird is also part of the main sampler...)

(see more of the kitchen towel HERE...)
Use single letters to embellish small items like this sweet fridge magnet frame! I made this as a small house-warming gift for Blossom (Elizabeth) recently...

Included in the March Stitchery Club will be a few frame patterns you can stitch around individual letters as a stand alone piece of art. Here are two of them...

I've also been playing around with individual family initials on a scrap of embellished linen cut from an old shirt...

You are only limited by your imagination with canvasses to display all or part of the Simple Alphabet Sampler.
Do you like how I've used it so far?

This pattern will ONLY be available to Club members.
Why don't you join?

Go HERE to do so - it's very easy, and I'd love to have you along for the journey!

Thank you for all your prayers and well wishes over this spate of weather-related migraines.
I've found the nausea is relieved when I stick to fresh vegetable juices, ginger loaded protein balls, fruit, and freshly made apple jelly/jello (recipe HERE)...

Some belated birthday gifts arrived in the mail this week and they are so pretty I just had to show you!
My precious friend Fee knows me so well, and this gorgeous bundle of pretties certainly made my heart sing.
The tiniest pincushion, a cute as pie felt elephant, inspiration framed and ready to remind me every day that being happy is a choice, and a gorgeous shabby chic style tin that I'm treasuring forever....

A surprise gift from Jan Skinner also left my heart racing.
This exquisite little bear, dressed in a fine J initialed handkerchief, is actually a needle-book!
Isn't she adorable?

Have a joyful weekend won't you?
It's like happiness - choose to find the good and embrace it. 
You see, though there is much sadness in my life there is also JOY, and choosing to walk in that joy is life-giving...think about it. xx
I'm praying for each of you today.



  1. I'm looking forward to next month's designs, Jenny. Can you also add some extra hours so I have more time to stitch! LOL! xx

  2. such a lovely alphabet Jenny...filled with your heart and fine finessed stitchings....and gingham in there lol

  3. What beautiful gifts...I especially like Fee's elephant...And I love your alphabet designs...A lot of versatility there.

  4. Happy belated birthday! What sweet gifts you received. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  5. Beautiful!!!! I'm hoping the weather has let up for you, as well as the migraines - and praying for you. I love every one of your projects, that is the sweetest alphabet in the history of alphabets. Gorgeous gifts - wow that teddy is awesome!

  6. The teddy is so cool - haven't seen anything like it. Very clever. So love the alphabet and seeing how useful it can be. Love the e you made for Blossom.

  7. There are so many possibilities for March patterns! I love everything you've shown and the little mice on the wheel in my mind are going overtime. I hope that regimen you are on will reduce the number and severity of your migraines soon.

  8. I am totally looking forward to the March Sampler. Perfect for me for gifts to come this Christmas.

  9. Happy BIrthday!! Your alphabet is so versatile. The teddy bear needlecase is adorable.

  10. Hi Jenny your stitching is superb am
    Nd is so fine,hope you are feeling better soon xx

  11. What absolutely cute little designs. And the gifts are prefect for you :) Your friends know you so well :)

  12. Beautiful designs coming up ... planning to take them travelling with me on the road! Can't believe that I bought the same magnetic frames (in white) a few days ago ... and a couple of weeks ago cut up an old white linen skirt to embroider on ... am doing some of your designs from previous months, Jenny ... has to be the best fabric I've ever stitched on ... mostly linen. Thanks for your wonderful designs.

  13. Hallo Jenny,
    das hast du wieder wunderschön gemacht.
    Liebe Grüße annerose

  14. Oh my - what great designs and great ideas. Love, LOVE the Stitchery Club!! And that teddy bear - so sweet!

  15. Jenny,

    Your designs are always so beautiful and inspired!! You truly have a gift... Still praying for your health and Mr E's, you can never get too much of that, huh?

    Your additional birthday gifts are just you...sent from friends who obviously love and care for you...I love the little elephant...

    Have a good weekend!!!

  16. I love the designs but this time my haert was stolen by that cute little bear! What a lovely present! Hugs

  17. Your handwork is so amazing. I enjoy seeing all of your beautiful creations - it is easy to see they are from your beautiful heart!

  18. The alphabet looks great Jenny - always useful to have a set of letters on hand. Gorgeous gifts - I love the bear. You have some beautiful friends. xx

  19. Ohhh, Jenny... I love this. I want to make it...but I haven't made the last thing you did that I loved...and wanted to make! I now have a list of "Jenny" projects that I love...and want to make... and don't know where I'll find the time! You are just so creative and talented... sigh <3

  20. So beautiful....And sew inspiring...


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