Monday, April 13, 2015

Another little tea pot house stitchery....

I had to do it.
The first little tea pot house was so sweet and so tiny, that I thought if I increased the size of the design just a smidgin (don't you love that word?!)  that a wee bit more detail could be added to the stitchery.
So I chose a pretty little square of Lecien's new L's Modern Basic in a pale turquoise and found some fabric from my stash that blended beautifully as a border print.

This was the result after a relaxing Saturday afternoon and evening, my needle happily threaded and dancing with a handful of deliciously variegated Cosmo Seasons floss!
You like?

See those the little peach flowers in the border print? 
They were my inspiration for choosing that particular variegated Seasons thread for the stitchery. 
I used three different Seasons threads in this design, the other two also capturing colours from the floral border print.  

One thing I always  advise is to choose your fabric first, and your thread colours afterwards.  
By doing so you create magic with perfect blending...

This new Tea Pot House is almost twice the size of the first version which I stitched inside a vintage doily a couple of weeks ago...

I have plans for this cute block today which involves lace and a few little pockets...

If my idea works out the way I see it in my imagination then it could become a tutorial on the blog one day.
Any ideas on what I plan to make??

The "Little House Teapot" design (both sizes)  will be inside the April Stitchery Club patterns, details HERE
(It will also be available as a single pattern purchase on April 17th if you're not a Club member.)

Have a blessed and adventurous week!


  1. Jenny, what beautiful work! Ifind it so inspiring. The colours you use are just perfect too.

  2. Beautiful..........makes me sing "I'm a little teapot short and stout"..............

  3. Just love your teapot stitchery, is there any chance of other designs to make a wall hanging

  4. Really delightful. I've got a sweet little cottage teapot, I think it needs a little matching pot.

  5. As always you never disappoint. Love it. I am guessing maybe a pillow...Can't wait to see it finished up.

  6. Your little tea pot house is so pretty!

    I read through the comments and now I've got the "I'm a little tea pot" song going through my head... lol.

    Today is the first day of my weekly Stitchery Link Party and I'd love for you to come link up one or more of your posts. I'm sure my readers would love to see the things you create.

  7. Oh my gosh - this is so sweet! And I love the tiny rose fabric….

  8. I love Teapot, version 2.0! I might have thought a tea cozy, but then would you have put the second fabric around it? Hmmm. Too many possibilities for me to guess!

  9. Very sweet teapots. You continue to enchant me with your precious stitchery designs. Thank you very much Jenny.

  10. I love your little teapot, Jenny.

  11. Jenny it is so delicious. Love it. Shirley

  12. Hello Jenny
    I was wanting too purchase this Teapot Pattern but I can't find it in your Craftsy Shop
    Maree xx


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