Monday, July 27, 2015

The Hussif Tutorial - day 1...

When I made my pretty pastel Hussif in June the response from readers was incredible, so it seemed only natural that I should take you through the steps to make your very own Hussif/Huswif/Housewife.
If you weren't following along with Elefantz back then but would like to know exactly what a Hussif is and the history behind it, go HERE and scroll through the five posts I made that week.


Now, be aware that I am going to show you how to make two different versions of the same design.

  My first Hussif featured a set of pretty embroideries on three different areas.
The complete pattern from start to finish, including the embroideries is HERE as an instant download purchase.

The second version of my Hussif has no embroidery. Instead I chose to fussy cut sections from my fabrics. This is easy to do, as you'll see during the tutorial.

If you're just following the 5 days of tutorial on my blog you'll need the Hussif templates to make your scissor scabbard, applique heart, paper pieced hexie, and to trace the 'gentle domesticity' wording.

These are available as a free download HERE


I used assorted Tilda fabric scraps for the shabby chic style embroidered Hussif, and pieces from a Lecien "Antique Rose" layer cake for the fussy cut vintage style Hussif.
Therefore I suggest you grab some favoured prints of your own as we're just using small pieces for the inside and one larger cut for the outside. 

Let's begin!

The Hussif has three pieced sections which we'll cut, sew and assemble today.
I'll mix and match photos from both versions of my Hussif...

Bottom Section

Sew your pieces together to complete the bottom section of the inner Hussif background.

 Sew a length of lace over the long centre seam.

If you're going to embroider the words "gentle domesticity" on your Hussif, now is the time to trace "domesticity" where indicated below...

Middle Section
Fussy cutting is choosing a particular portion of your fabric that can feature as a stand alone 'design' in your project. I chose a rose from one of my layer cake fabrics for this section of the Hussif.

(the 4" x 4 1/4" piece is either fussy cut or use the bird embroidery)

Sew your pieces together to create the second piece of the Hussif background.

NOTE: Trace the bird design onto the centre of the 4" x 4 1/2" piece of fabric if you're making the embroidered version of the Hussif.
Now we're going to add two pockets to this section.

You will require two pieces of fabric:
One, 6 1/2" square
One, 3 1/2" x 6 1/2"

Fold them in half along their 6 1/2" width and press the fold with your iron.
Sew a line of lace just under the fold on both pieces.
(I used two different pieces of lace)

Lay the larger pocket down on to the middle section so that the base of the pocket and the base of the middle section are together, and pin in place.

Measure down 2 inches from the centre seam line and draw a line across the pocket using a heat erasable pen (the line will not be seen later so you could even draw it with a faint pencil)...

Machine sew along that line, and then down both sides of the pocket with a scant 1/8th inch seam...

Lay the smaller pocket on top of the larger one so that the bottom edge of both pockets are together.
Pin it in place. Machine sew the smaller pocket in place down both sides and then secure the base of both pockets by sewing a scant 1/8th inch seam across the bottom edge.

Top Section

In the first Hussif this section features a stitchery and a paper pieced hexie, but in the alternate version I used a small print floral fabric and a fussy cut hexie.

If you're going to use the embroidery choose a pale print that will allow the pattern to shine when you've stitched it.

If you're making the fussy cut version of this Hussif you can choose to add the paper pieced hexie or leave it off entirely. Perhaps add some lace or pretty buttons?

You'll need to cut a piece of fabric 5½” x 6½”, and you'll require a dinner plate.

Make a small pencil mark 3 inches up the 5½” sides of the fabric and lay your dinner plate over the fabric so that the edge of the plate sits on those pencil marks and draw a line around the curve.

Trace the stitchery inside the curved section of your fabric keeping the base of the eye glasses 3/4" above the bottom edge of the fabric.

Sew the three sections together and you have the background to the inside of your Hussif complete.

Fuse a medium weight Pellon behind this inside section of your Hussif. 
I used a large piece of scrap Pellon leftover from a previous project, but I suggest you still cut your Pellon larger than you need and we shall trim it later.


If you are embellishing your Hussif with the three embroideries you'll need to stitch them before moving on to the next stage.

Go HERE for day 2 of the Hussif Tutorial.



Createology said...

Thank you very much Jenny for this wonderful hussif tutorial and templates. I have downloaded them and will have to wait to participate as my rooms are still not available nor my sewing machine nor my fabrics. What chaos I am living amidst however I am grateful for all I have. "This too shall pass..."

Anonymous said...

I'm going to give this a shot Monday afternoon and see how far I get, though I have two other things to do first. Thanks for this tutorial. There was one part where I got confused with the photos switching back and forth, but it became clear with another photo, so I'm ready to go, I think! I have plenty of lace, that.s for sure. =)

Unknown said...

Love this but not sure how to download it, thanks jenny love your designs

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Diane, within the tutorial (near the beginning) I have given the links to my shop. You will find both the embroidery pattern set (for purchase) and the Hussif templates (free) near the top of my Shop page.
When I say "HERE" in a blog post it means to click on that word. :-)

Jackie said...

This is going to be fun! Thank you....

Nita said...

I've been away since early May so must have missed the early posts. But this morning I'm back, and sitting here in my nightie with my first cup of morning tea and am totally captivated with this tutorial and the whole idea of the hussif! I'm going to follow the tutorial and make the feminine patchwork one for my sister-in-law. And then I think I'll make a plainer masculine one, once I see how all the pieces go together. My son is 30 and living in the big city away from me and my mending kit. He will get one for Christmas along with some printed material on the history of the soldier's hussif. And then, I also have several nephews who are single men. Maybe they will get one too, along with the same printed history. I never know what to give a young man. Maybe this will be useful and appreciated. Or maybe it will be thrown into a drawer and forgotten...who can say. Lol!

Nita said...

Is pellon interfacing? Or batting...?

Patti said...

Hi Jenny! I've been anxiously awaiting your tutorial. Thank you so much for sharing with us all! Almost all of my interfacings are made by Pellon. I think what you have there is the fusible fleece, am I right?

TerriSue said...

I am looking forward to this. It will be fun to follow along even if I can't sew right now. Thank you Jenny.

Brenda said...

Great tutorial! I am looking forward to starting this project, but it may be a few days. I have got to go and pick out some fabrics first and foremost. Then, I have a feeling it will get cut out and so forth. LOL. I am getting far to many interesting and fun projects going on at the same time. Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful creative day!

Unknown said...

Jenny, you make the most lovely things. Your fabric choices and style are wonderful. The other day I was told about a website that I thought you might like: - there are scans of complete old public domain books and there are many vintage embroidery patterns. I know you make your own patterns, but thought you might like to take a look. It's free.
A USA Follower!

Nanna Ray said...

Thank you Jenny for sharing another beautiful project. And thank you for sharing so many lovely things through both Pinterest and your blog

Nita said...

Hi! I'm sewing & have a question about sewing on the pockets...they are going to completely cover up the piece of red fabric that you sewed onto the bottom of the 6-patch & embroidered pieces. Am I correct?

Nita said...

Never mind. Silly was simple once I just did it, lol!

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Thank you, Lisa. I've been there before but lost the link - it's lovely to have it again. :-)

Stay True To God said...

Wow... this is so beautiful!! I would love to follow along and make one!! Thank you for posting such a great tutorial!! :) Blessings... Tracy

Georgette Kennedy said...

Hi Jenny 🌞! I am so late to this party I can’t believe it. I just purchased this hussif pattern and it is amazing. Such detailed instructions and patterns I feel confident that I can complete one (or possibly 2). Thank you for all your hard work on your patterns. Everything is so beautiful! God bless you and yours, Georgette