Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Hussif Tutorial - day 2...

How did you go with assembling the background to your Hussif yesterday?
Those of you who are adding the stitchery elements may still be busy with that task, so come back to this blog post when you're ready.
Missed day 1?
Day 1 is here.

For those of you who have chosen to fussy cut sections of the Hussif you can move straight on to the next part of the tutorial!

Today we're going to begin with the hand quilting:

We're not ready to add our backing (cover) fabric yet, so you're just quilting through the pieced inside of the Hussif and the Pellon at this stage.
There's not a lot of hand quilting so I encourage you to thread your needles with a single strand of embroidery cotton and quilt little running stitches inside all the small squares and along some borders using colours that compliment your fabrics...

Here's a drawing of where to hand quilt at this stage of the Hussif assembly (we'll do more later) and as you can see by my picture you need to remember there is a 1/4" seam all the way around the Hussif so imagine it's an invisible line and you need to quilt about an 1/8th of an inch inside it when you're hand quilting near the outside edges.

Finishing our thread pockets we made and attached yesterday:

I divided the two larger pockets into six mini pockets which comfortably and snuggly hold your thread cards.
Measure in 2 1/4" from the left edge of the pockets and also the right edge, pressing a seam line from the top of the pockets to the base using a Hera tool or a sharp plastic instrument (a knitting needle would work). I do use a Hera tool because it leaves an unmarked indent...

Quilt running stitches up these two indent lines with a single strand of a complimentary thread. 
Backstitch a few seed beads at the top of your pockets if you like the effect it gave on my Hussif...

The alternate version...

The Hexie:

The free Hussif Templates download file (see day 1 for the link) has the hexie shape included on the pattern sheet.
Never made one before? It's quite simple.

If you're making the fussy cut version of the Hussif choose fabric which features a complete design small enough to fit inside the centre of your hexie shape.
Cut out the hexie shape from your pattern sheet and position it over the section of fabric you plan to use, on the wrong side of the fabric.

(alternatively use a 1" hexie paper of your own or purchase a pack from your quilt shop)

 Draw a line around it. Now cut away the 1/4" border from your hexie shape and place the smaller hexie onto the centre of the shape you traced on your fabric.

Below is a mini tute where I fussy cut a spray of roses for the hexie centre...

Fold the fabric over the paper one section at a time and tack the fabric and paper together with thread.
Press gently around the edges with a warm dry iron to form a permanent crease.
Remove the stitches and the paper from the hexie and give it one more firm press with your iron around all sides.
Pin the hexie in position inside the top section of your Hussif...

Blind stitch around the edge of the hexie to attach it to the Hussif, then hand quilt around it...

If you are making the embroidered hexie trace the shape onto a pale tonal print fabric before tracing your initials and date onto the centre of the hexie.
Embroider it before cutting out the shape and finishing the same way as the fussy cut version.

Once you have blind stitched it in place and hand quilted around it, you can finish the hand quilted running stitches and cross stitches shown in the purchased pattern.


In tomorrow's 3rd part of the Hussif Tutorial we shall be making the scissor scabbard and needle-book.

Go HERE for day 3 of the Hussif Tutorial.

See you then!



  1. Thanks for the instructions Jenny. I am saving them until Hannah gets home next week and then hopefully we will sit down and sew one each - fun, fun, fun....

  2. Wow, so gorgeous.Thanks for the tutorial!!

  3. I got as far as dragging out the fabric I think I'll use. =P Plans Gang aft agley, as Robbie Burns pointed out. I do happen to have 1" hexagon papers, so I'm good on that part, at least! thanks for the directions today. I think I'm going to have to pick up a Hera marker. It really does work, doesn't it?

  4. Thank you so much for this fabulous tutorial.... I have purchased and downloaded the templates for the embroideries... can't wait to have enough time to get started! :)

  5. I am loving seeing all the little details you put into your Hussif. I am nearly ready to start mine but time is my issue at the moment now the hols have started here in the Uk! The time with the children is so precious but I will be squeezing creativity in wherever I can! (Hopefully on the beach if summer decides to come back!) x

  6. Jenny, I am going to have to cut out my fabrics today and begin making this. I can not resist another day! It has been so long since I did any sort of hand quilting; your tutorial today is another spectacular post you have written. Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful creative day!

  7. Thank you dear for your wonderful easy to understand tutorial. I am not able to actually follow along and make my hussif at this time however it will be a priority after all this life chaos ebbs. Creative Bliss...

  8. This is looking good. You always have such well written tutorials. Thank you Jenny.


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