Friday, July 31, 2015

The Hussif Tutorial - day 5...

Here we are at the final day of the Hussif tutorial!
How have you gone so far? Have you found the steps in the tutorial easy to follow? Your feedback will assist me when planning future tutorials for the blog, so please consider your answer carefully and leave it in the comments.  Thank you!

Today we're adding the final touches to the Hussif and I have two slightly different binding options for you to choose from. But before we look at them, let's sew some ribbons in place.

Cut two, 12" lengths of pretty ribbon (mine was old and stained which added to the whole vintage effect).

Sew one piece of ribbon just above the top of the scissor scabbard and secure with a button...

You'll be able to tie a bow through the handle of your scissors to keep them safe when your Hussif is complete. You'll see I also added a little mother of pearl button as a pretty embellishment beside the scabbard. You might like to add your own special embellishments? 

Sew your other length of ribbon to the middle of the six-patch section of your Hussif with a couple of cross stitches...

You will wrap this ribbon around your pincushion at the completion of your Hussif...

Now is the time to lay your Hussif onto a larger piece of fabric - this will be the outside cover.

I sprayed a little bit of quilt basting spray between the Pellon and the cover fabric to keep it from slipping during the next step.

Cut around the curve at the top of your Hussif along the traced line...

Sew a length of binding around both sides and the base of the Hussif, leaving the curve bare. Trim away the excess Pellon and outer cover fabric...

Sew a line of running stitch just inside the edge of the curve...

 Trim the excess binding away at the edges of the curve.

Cut a piece of lace 2 inches longer than the curve...

Sew the lace around the curve  (on the cover side of the Hussif) the same as if it were normal binding, folding in the edges at both ends.
Turn the lace to the inside of the Hussif and pin in place...

With a thread the same colour as your lace hand sew it to the inside edge of the Hussif.  I used a tiny running stitch...

Sew a pretty button to the cover, just above the curve...

Measure 10" down the Hussif cover from the centre of the curve and sew a 14" length of lace in place with a cross stitch. Don't sew right through the Hussif, just into the Pellon/wadding...

Insert your scissors in the scabbard, and tie your pincushion in place with a bow. Fold your Hussif up and tie it closed! 

 In my second version of the Hussif I decided to use lace all the way round as binding. This gives a gorgeous vintage touch and is very easy to do. Follow the same steps as attaching a regular cotton quilt binding, but don't fold the lace in half as you would with cotton binding.

And there we have it - you're all done!

This is my completed Hussif made with Tilda fabrics, vintage lace, ribbons, and embroideries...

And this is my second Hussif made with Lecien's Antique Rose, lace, ribbons and fussy cut patchwork piecing...

...which yesterday I gifted to Mr E's second cousin (and my very dear friend) Heather, for her birthday!

It was a couple of weeks early but as we were spending the day together at her home to sew and chat I decided she shouldn't have to wait. Boy, was she surprised!

She had no idea I was making this Hussif for her, but as soon as I saw the Antique Rose fabrics they had her name marked on them. Her face glowed all day...

Sewing a gift for such a special friend gave me immense delight, but her friendship means way more than any gift.
We supped on fresh brewed coffee and nibbled on Heather's yummy cornflake cookies while we stitched...

...all the time watched by Saruman and Gandalf the cats.

What a good day we had.
As we said our farewells later in the afternoon both of us were contemplating a quote she'd recently read - "Find joy in the simple things."
I think this beautifully describes our outlook on life - but more on that another time. 


 I hope you have enjoyed following along with this epic tutorial!
It was labour of love for me, and it's been my pleasure to share it with you.
Please email me photos of your completed Hussifs for a special Show & Tell on the blog later this year. 

Have a blessed day everyone! 
I'm off to brew a cuppa and put my feet up for a while, with a view to the mango tree.


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  1. Querida Jenny: Aquí en España es media noche, las doce y cinco minutos. Yo he estado despierta esperando tu post con gran ilusión. Creo que voy a coser en vez de dormir para terminar mi hussif. :) Tú has hecho un gran trabajo.Es un tutorial magnífico. Se entiende perfectamente, y las fotos son tan bonitas que dan ganas de pintar un cuadro. Gracias por tu generosidad, gracias por tu esfuerzo, gracias por compartir tantas cosas. ¡ Y cuenta con mis fotos, por supuesto!. Gracias. Muchos besos.

  2. Hard to put into words, such prettiness, softness. I love the touch of lace on the top edge, that pearly pip shaped button is a gem!

  3. Wonderful tutorial! Thank you for sharing with us! I will find time to make at least one for myself ha ha!


  4. lovely items you have made...especially love the blue version, but they are both very pretty

  5. You'll see me here tomorrow. =) I think you deserve a few days off, though. Watching mangroves grow sounds perfect, maybe with a wee snack, and crumbs for the birds. Contemplate the beautiful world God made for us.

  6. Beautiful - both of them! And how happy did Heather look!

  7. Loved this tutorial. The instructions were detailed and the photos are fantastic. I had total knee replacement surgery 2 weeks ago and even though I can't make this right now, I enjoyed every blog. After my therapy every day while I was resting with ice on my knee, I treated myself with reading your blog. Thank you, dear Jenny, from the bottom of my heart!

  8. Thank you so much for this wonderful tutorial Jenny, I am looking forward to make a couple of them..

  9. Fico encantada com seus trabalhos, são muito delicados, continue nos inspirando e nos fazendo felizes com estas coisas lindas.

  10. Dear Jenny, that looks amazing and it is a wonderful tutorial. Thank you for it!
    Greetings from Germany

  11. Thank you so much for this wonderful tutorial Jenny! I wasn't able to start it this week but I have all of my fabrics for it and can't wait to start! You do such a great job with your tutorials there is no problem understanding them. I love both of the ones you did and now it makes me want to make the embroidered one for myself (my original plan) and the appliqued one for a friend.
    God Bless,

  12. Beautiful Jenny and an amazing gift for Heather. Enjoy your time off as you deserve it. xx

  13. My aunt quilts and I was wondering what to make her for Christmas and here you came. I have to say the hardest part about this is picking out all the supplies. The first 3 days went very well and then I had to take a break but will finish it next week. Thanks for a very easy but beautiful gift.

  14. Absolutely fantastic tutorial. I feel I will have no problem making the Hussifs I want to make once I am able to do so. They are both beautiful. I hope you will show us the ones I know you are still planning to do as you finish them. I love to see how different they look just by changing the fabric. It is a wonderful design. I do hope I am able to make some for Christmas presents. Plus I would really like one for myself! Thank you for a highly enjoyable week.

  15. Lucky Heather to receive such a wonderful gift! Oh wait! I'm Heather.....lucky me to have such a truly amazing and gracious friend. Thank you.

  16. Just finished mine! Love it.... I'm definitely keeping it �� thank you got a fantastic tutorial, easy to follow, lots of great pics. Xxx

  17. A Truly Beautiful Project Jenny x

  18. Jenny, thank you so much for such a wonderful tutorial, all of your instructions were clear and easy to follow and your step by step pictures were great. I am working on day three right now, as I babysit my grandchildren (3yrs and 4yrs old)and don't get time to embroider while they are around. I am so happy with how it is coming out and can't wait to finish it, I will be sure to send you a picture. The only comment I have, would be, is to let us who are doing the embroidery have the fabric dimensions for those squares the week before (homework) and be able to have that part done for when the tutorial begins so that we can keep up. Thank you for sharing your God given Blessing!!

  19. Muchas gracias por este fantástico tutorial, Jenny. Estoy empezando a cortar las telas, porque esta maravilla tengo que hacerla.
    Un abrazo muy grande desde España

  20. Hi, thank you for the great tutorial. Hoping you can help with a few questions...
    -What size fabric do you need for the largest outside piece?
    -What are the overall final dimensions? Flat and folded.
    -There is no master list of materials used in the project to be prepared up-front?

    1. It's a free pattern and tutorial...took five days. It's only small so you only need small pieces of fabric, no more than a fat eighth. Read through all five days and you'll find your way.


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