Monday, September 21, 2015

Block 2 - The Christmas Wreath Stitch-along...

 Have you stitched block 1 of The Christmas Wreath yet?
The pattern is HERE in the shop along with this week's block "Faith"...

Remember these blocks are only free to download until October 31st, so you may like to let your friends know and they can stitch along with you!

FLICKR Group is now open.
Want to show my readers your own Stitch-Along photos?
I've set up a Flickr group for you to share pics of your fabrics, blocks stitched along the way, and eventually your completed wall hanging.
The Christmas Wreath flickr group is HERE and it's open to anyone who's participating. 
I hope you join as I'd love to view the different versions being created and see what fabrics you've chosen. Inspiration goes both ways! 

Measuring the 2" Hexies

I've received a number of emails, Instagram and Facebook messages this past week asking 'how' to measure a 2 inch hexie, and I realise that I should have shared this when I released the Block 1 pattern as not everybody is hexie literate. 
In fact I only learned how to work with them last year  so I apologise for not showing you sooner.

It's is not measured across the centre as a few of you thought, but across one side of the shape...
 You will need seven 2 inch hexagon shapes and six 1 inch shapes to make the Wreath.
(I'll be sharing a tutorial for the final piecing on October 26th)
If you do not have the papers already you can download free templates for printing and cutting HERE

 The Stitchery Club patterns for September were emailed to all members last Thursday, which means each individual pattern is available as an instant PDF download in my shop now for all non-members.

Purchase any or all of these six new Elefantz designs HERE...

 Have a wonderful Monday and may it flow right through the rest of your week!


  1. thank you for another beautiful design. Hope you are feeling better today :)


  2. So many beautiful designs. The "Quiet Places" stitchery resonates with me!

  3. Thanks Jenny! How's that cold? Love to Merri.

  4. Oh my Dear the days and weeks are just too quick for me. I intended to stitch along but once again haven't begun yet. Thankfully I will download your generous patterns and keep them for another time. Thank you for the hexie lesson as I have avoided getting into the hexie popularity. Lovely wreath. Wonderful week to you...

  5. Thanks, Jenny! Faith is going to be my favorite one, and may find it's way into other things. Can't live without that Faith!

  6. Lovely 2nd design :) Thanks so much for taking the time explain the size thing with hexies. So pleased I'm not alone in being hexie-unfamiliar :) Also thanks so much for setting up a Flickr group too, it will be wonderful to see all the different takes on your design.
    Just collected the last of my fabrics and thread so all ready to hopefully get on with stitching :)

  7. Always beautiful projects. You always find the cutest frames that fit your projects. I will have to add that no the things I keep an eye out for. When I get home next week from camping I will start your wreath. So cute.

  8. Unos trabajos impecables y ,bellísimos !!!!!!!!
    Besos y feliz lunes.

  9. Beautiful Jenny, I hope you are feeling a lot better now. x

  10. Thank you so much for the Christmas wreath pattern! I have had my hand in a cast since July 6th, and the first thing I'm stitching when it comes off next week is your new pattern :)

  11. Jenny, All of your designs are so pretty. I will go into my craftsy account later on and get hubbies help with downloading the patterns. I have to have his help because whenever I bring up a pattern from craftsy weird letters and numbers come up. It is so marvelous that you design and share these brilliant projects. Thank You and have a wonderful creative day!

  12. Merci beaucoup pour ce nouvel hexagone !

  13. Gracias por la nueva entrega. Besos.

  14. Awesome, thanks. It's how I measure mine, but the link doesn't have them listed correctly... so they mustn't be hexi literate...LOL


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