Monday, September 28, 2015

Block 3 - HOME...

Today we're going to be stitching the HOME block of The Christmas Wreath!

Have you finished the first two blocks yet? LOVE and FAITH are still available as free downloads if you've joined in my Stitch-Along a little late.

All three blocks shared so far can be downloaded instantly HERE in my shop
Remember - these blocks are only free until October 31st.

This is what your wreath will look like when it's finished...

The material and thread requirements for making The Christmas Wreath are also a free download from my shop.

Would you like to see some of the blocks others have been making, or be inspired by their fabric choices?
In fact, if you're planning to stitch along we'd love for you to join.

Do you like redwork?

I've put together this little stitchery set as a welcome gift for all new members of The Stitchery Club, but I've also added the pattern to my shop in case others would like to make them up as well.
They're perfect on sewing sets, needle-books, pincushions, or as small embellishments on cushions, journals or bags...

The pdf pattern is an instant download HERE in my shop for just $4.
Imagine what you could make with them?!

But perhaps you'd like to join The Stitchery Club before October 16th because then you will receive this pattern set as your free welcome gift.
All information is over HERE on the Club page with previews of a few of the new patterns for October. 

Thank you for your prayers and wonderful messages during my unexpected head and chest cold season. I'm definitely mending but not quite over it just yet, so I may take things slower on the blog this week and rest up that little bit longer.

bless you heaps,


  1. Lovely block Jenny! Glad the lurgy is easing off a little now :)

  2. I especially like the letter O. =) Thanks for another beautiful pattern. I really like the set, too. Make do and mend was my mother's and grandmother's way of life. I do it, too, but I'm more about quilting than mending. =) I hope you are feeling better today!

  3. The stitcheries are gorgeous Jenny. I'm glad that you are slowly improving, I do hope you continue to heal throughout the week. x

  4. Hi again!! I have finally finished my sewing case I spoke about when you were making your hussif. It took me a long time to get my head around it but I finally got there. Your posts were what finally really got me going with it after months of mulling ideas over. I have linked back to you (a couple of times) I hope you don't mind. Sharon xx

  5. Jenny, I have not had the opportunity to do the stitching, but maybe later on this evening. So glad to hear that you are on the mend, will continue to keep you in my prayers and am happy to know that you are also just taking it easy. The mornings and evenings are turning very cold here in Southern Oregon and my mother who works at the hospital says that lots of people are in already with colds turned to pnemonia and bronchitis. I am working on a scrap mystery quilt right now and having a blast. Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful slow creative day!

  6. Gracias una vez más, por tu trabajo. Me alegro de que te vayas recuperando, y creo que es una magnífica idea que tomes calma con las cosas. No sé cómo se usa flirck, pero en cuanto haya cosido, te enviaré las fotos al correo. Gracias por todo. Dios te Bendiga.

  7. Jenny...just lovely :0) mari

  8. Oh my! That came around quickly. I still haven't chosen my fabrics yet. Thanks so much for your lovely freebies. Good to hear that you are feeling better now. Angel Hugs.

  9. Thank you for the lovely pattern! While you're taking it easy, check out the wall quilt that the is starting on 5 October. The quilt is called "Christmas Stitches". It has nine stitched blocks and some pieced blocks too.

  10. So sorry to read that you were feeling poorly Jenny!

  11. That is so gorgeous!!!! I haven't started mine yet - my mind is just starting to clear from this head and chest cold. I'll have to go look at the flickr group!

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