Saturday, December 19, 2015

Jesus is the reason...

Heavenly Father,
Thank you for the gift of life, the gift of grace, the gift of love, the gift of Jesus.
I ask that You touch every precious heart reading this today; that You fill every empty ache with comfort, healing and hope; that You shine Your light in their darkness, and illuminate their homes and families with Joy Divine.
Give them peace in the chaos, strength when they are weak, words of life when harshness threatens to rule their tongue, kindness and mercy where needed, rest in their slumber.
Surround their homes with Your welcoming presence and let all who pass their doorstep feel Your Spirit embracing them.
Keep them safe as they travel, clear headed in the hustle and bustle, and free to let go of the unimportant.
But most of all Lord God, impart the fragrance of Jesus upon their thoughts and plans through this season of Holy celebration so that He stands in glory at the centre of it all.
In the name of our Saviour and Redeemer I ask this,


  1. Michelle @coleandtaffyDecember 19, 2015 at 2:34 PM

    Thanks for your prayer - I've really enjoyed following along with your year, and making lots of pretty things with your patterns.

    A very merry Christmas to you and your family.

    May God richly bless you in 2016.

  2. Such a beautiful prayer. Angel hugs and blessings dear Jenny.

  3. Gracias Por tantas bellas oraciones, por recordarnos lo que de verdad importa. Bless you.

  4. Thank you Jenny for your prayer. May you and your family have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Hugs xx.

  5. With lots of smiles
    Merry Christmas dear x

  6. I needed that Jenny, thanks so much, I shall print it out to read over and over during the Christmas season. May God richly bless you this Christmas season. Hugs, Sharon x

  7. Bless you, Jenny, for your words of truth and grace.

  8. Amen. Bless you and your loved ones. Merry Christmas

  9. Thank you, Jenny. All that, and one or two other things, I pray for you, as well.

  10. Thank you Jenny and I pray that God will bless you and all your family this Christmas and over the coming year. xx

  11. Thank you, Jenny, for sharing 2015 with all of us. I truly enjoy reading about your adventures and traveling around Australia! I look forward to your blog posts and miss them when you are on a break! From Gainesville Fl USA

  12. Thank you dear Jenny, for all your posts, your love, your inspiration and your stories about God and Jesus. Thank you for your prayer, it makes my heart sing.
    Wish you and your loved ones a very merry Christmas and a blessed 2016.
    Love and hugs, Rya.

  13. Jenny, God Bless You! Amen for sharing this!

  14. Dear Jenny,
    As 2015 comes to an end, I want to thank you for a year of wonderful blogs. I don't do much embroidery, but I have appreciated your creativity and the beauty of your projects. Each week, I especially look forward to Sunday, and the words of wisdom that you share. I love your openness, your vulnerability and your desire to grow in your relationship with Jesus. I wish you and Mr. E a blessed Christmas and a grace-filled 2016.

  15. Thank you, Jenny! Have a blessed day....

  16. Amen, amen. Have a super wonderful Christmas and may God grow in your heart a super excitement for 2016.

    Love ya

  17. What a beautiful prayer Jenny. Thank you - I receive it with gratefulness and may the blessings of it be reflected back to you and your precious family too. Have a wonderful Christmas season and may the Joy of the Lord fill your heart throughout 2016. With Love.

  18. Amen - beautiful. I am reading this just as we are about to head off to Christmas Eve service, so wonderful words to head to church with. Thank you and blessings for a lovely Christmas season for you and your family.


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