Saturday, February 27, 2016

Stitching, a gift and a recipe...

Before Mr E whisked us away to Cairns last weekend (his birthday gift to me) I sketched, traced and prepared a couple of new Gentle Domesticity BOM blocks to stitch in the car, but as I shared here much of our time away was spent catching up on sleep, and even in the car I was too tired to make a start.
It wasn't till I got back home that the first of those two blocks came to life with needle and thread. Here's a progress peek...

When I drew up this design I had it marked as the August block, however, after some personal revelations this past week it's been moved forward to March as it carries a very important message - but be patient as you'll have to wait till March 5th for your free pattern download.
(learn more about the 2016 Gentle Domesticity BOM here

Have you stitched the first two blocks? If so, email me a photo (here) or leave a link to your blog post (if you've shared a photo)  in the comments below so I can do a Show & Tell post of Gentle Domesticity blocks next month. I'd love to see your blocks and I know my readers would too.

New Flash: Finally, here's the recipe for my Pear & Cranberry Loaf! Sorry this took so long but life steps in and I'm really going with the flow these days...

You'll find it HERE on my food blog with a link to download and print. 
This is gluten free, dairy free, and has no added sugar, but it's delicious! 
I hope you give it a try, and if you're an inventive type of cook you'll find some ideas for switching ingredients in the post as well.


This week I received the most beautiful birthday gift from one of my Club members, Jan Skinner. 
Blossom was with me when it arrived so the oohs and aaahs were doubled as I unwrapped the package.
Jan had no idea when she made this black-faced cross-stitch needlebook that I adore black faced sheep (especially Dorpers)...

The beautifully cross-stitched blanket lifts to reveal a place to store needles in the soft wool of the sheep's body...

Even the design on the blanket sports a black-faced sheep.
I shall treasure this gift always, and when I am no more for this earth my Blossom shall take it as her own. Thank you, dear Jan. xx 

Speaking of gifts and Blossom, look what my girl gave me for my birthday - pretty spotty ducks!

I'd seen them in a specialty shop in town last month and fawned over them so she knew the perfect gift for her mama's 57th birthday. 
Shall I let you in on a funny story about these ducks?
Yes? Okay!

When I opened the white tissue paper to reveal my beautiful birthday ducks Mr E frowned at my obvious delight. I was puzzled and asked him why the funny face?
He said, "Why would anyone put feet on pears?!"

I laughed till my sides ached!
Gotta love that man.

Have a lovely weekend, and be sure to take time out just for you. 
Sit quietly, breathe deeply, and ponder all the wonderful things you have and the people who love you just as you are. 
There's life to be had in those kind of ponderings...


  1. I adore your gifts, especially the footed pears and that very special hand crafted black sheep needle keeper. Your March stitchery is very intriguing and I am sad to say I have not kept up with any of the monthly stitchings. My daily duties have overtaken my creative time. I shall be mindful of using up my energy. Embracing Creative Bliss...

  2. LOL, your hubby is funny. I love your ducks, For some reason I am into spots at the moment and I love bright spotty mugs as well as fabrics. I haven't sewn your first 2 blocks yet but I shall get onto them soon. I have, however, been stitching your calendar stitcheries, ( an email with a pic is to follow). I am now going to check out that yummy recipe. Thanks for another lovely post. Angel hugs.

  3. I love love ducks my kitchen is full of them and I shall never part with them, they are special to me. When i was a little girl my oldest brother brought me on that he had taken and it was very young and left us several days later my brother died from drugs and aids,.. But i also gre up around ducks at my grandmas who chased me everywhere at her cottage.. Your polka dot ducks are adorable! I love you top stitchery you do such heart warming work and I just love it. I haven't been able to visit because had no wi-fi for a while. So the stitchery i don't know about. I have to back read and see. Happy weekend with love Janice

  4. Gorgeous ducks, I love them! Better hide them when I come visiting!

  5. Aww such beautiful gifts
    Love love love the sheep needle's amazing. Love the ducks too and they my fav :)
    Enjoy your sweet weekend dear friend x

  6. Thanks for the laugh. =) I can see his point. What a beautiful needlebook that is. Just a lovely, thoughtful gift for you. I love the Domesticity blocks, but it's taking all my time to work on the postcards, since I made them the centers for my CQJP2016 monthly blocks, and to catch up on previously started Jenny projects. However, I'm glad I made that my CQ project, because it means I have to get them stitched every month, no matter what comes up! I'm still dreaming about a Jenny bird quilt, too. The truth is, I'm a slow stitcher! Thanks for sharing the recipe. It looks so delicious!

  7. oh lol, thanks for the giggle, I love your pair of pairs. The needle case is such a novelty and lovely gift, so kind. I think the handmade gifts are so special. Thanks once again for sharing the stitcheries. Hope you have a lovely weekend. x

  8. Thanks for the recipe and sharing your work.

    PS love your " pears" LOL

  9. Good Morning Jenny! Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful treasures. The "pears" with feet are especially cute and charming; plus, the sheep pincushion is an added treasured keepsake. Your posts are always filled with a delight and help to start my days off with a smile. Have a fantastic creative day!

  10. ah that poor sheep! I wouldn't dare to put one needle in its soft wooly body...

  11. Your gifts were wonderful! The ducks (pears with feet) are precious and the little woolie lamb is ADORABLE!

  12. Dear Jenny: Of course, i´m sewing your patterns :) I will try to finish them in time, to send the photo .
    I agree with Mister E:)) pears feet. But , lovely ducks :)

  13. Your sneak peek is very intriguing - my hands are itching to get stitching on that! Gorgeous! Your gift from Jan is amazing - so well done, such a treasure! You'll get a lot of use from that. I really love your spotted pears with feet!!!! LOL!

  14. The ducks are gorgeous! And the sheepie is just absolutely wonderful. How clever Jan was to make the sheep and its beautiful little blankie.

  15. Jenny, your ducks are bliss. I have seen them here but no spotty ones, I am so envious.
    Blossom knows her Mumma so well. Hope she is keeping well also.

  16. Men you gotta love them. LOL. If I did hand work I would definitely do yours. I love to see your work. It's sew beautiful!


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