Sunday, February 28, 2016

The wise woman...

I don't know about you but this Scripture reaches out from my Bible to impress itself upon my heart with questions about my role as a wife, mother, and homemaker. 

It asks if I am truly walking in those positions with an eternal purpose as my inspiration.

It asks if I genuinely cherish my privileged role caring for the precious souls God has placed in my life.

 It questions my daily choices and whether they will lift up or tear down the atmosphere of a home that should welcome their hearts.

It causes me to assess the path I'm traveling and to examine whether I have strayed from truth and integrity into the ways of a broken world.

It reminds me to be quick to listen and slow to speak; to show those I love that what they have to say is important to me.

It grounds me with humility and a desire to step down from my self-built pedestal in order to serve.

It offers hope even when I've failed because I can build anew every day if I allow the Lord to guide me and abide in His ways.

Proverbs 14:1 reminds me just how blessed I really am.

Are you building your house, or tearing it down?


Ɓgueda said...

I pray that God will give me strength to be wise.
Thank you, Jenny. Have a blessed day.

Allie-oops Designs said...

This scripture is very close to my heart - I have the very same ponderings, dear Jenny!

cucki said...

Thank you for sharing these amazing words
I love it
Blessed be x

Brenda said...

Good Morning Jenny! A very special verse indeed and one that right away made me stop and pray! Thank you for sharing this and it is something that needs quite a bit of thought and prayer. Have a fantastic creative day!

Anonymous said...

This goes along with my lessons from last week at church where the woman is called the Guardian of the Hearth. I like that visual. The hearth is the idea of the central area of a home for warmth and love. I think of these two things, hearth and building the home, and reflect on what society tells a woman today about being a homemaker, a wife, a mother. It's always well to keep our eyes focused on what Christ says, on what the scriptures tell us, isn't it? Otherwise, like Peter, we could be in water over our heads quickly!

Lynne said...

Beautiful thoughts, thank you for reminding me about this proverb.

Annabel said...

I love this verse and all of the Proverbs woman verses. Over the years I have considered this verse a lot!
Some ways to build a home... WOW that is everything from loving everyone and taking care of them, cleaning, guarding who and what comes in, safety and security, decorating, cooking, encouraging ... so many lovely things!

Tearing down a home is equally full of possibilities.... laziness, never being home, wasting money, mess and dirt, harsh words, chaos, fighting.... there are so many. Gambling is one that tore down my home at one time. Pornography is another common one.

Many times when I have a decision I think "will this build up my home" and there is my answer! Love this post!xxx