Monday, July 25, 2016

I've been making...

...something rather elegant, and I'm going to show you how to make one too.
But not today, probably tomorrow. Can you wait that long?

I did a bit too much last week. Gadding about town with Blossom and catching up on housework took a toll so I've had a little health relapse which prompted Mr E to keep me anchored around home this weekend, but he gave me all the time in the world to stitch as long as I took some rest breaks. Which I did. In fact I slept a lot on Sunday which is most unusual for me. 

I did manage to bake some muffins on Friday afternoon...

...and prepare another design for next month's Stitchery Club on Saturday.

But as I said, Sunday was a lost day. 

It wasn't until this morning (Monday) that my energy levels lifted again so I made the rather elegant pincushion for tomorrow's tutorial and then sat down to watch a Star Trek movie whilst adding the final stitches to ny third Stitchery Club pattern. 
I rather like this one...

...because it's how I feel when everything is done around home and all the paperwork and online side of running a business is up to date. 
I can simply relax, and stitch till my heart is content. 

Blossom has seven days till her due date and her DB is working from home 'just in case'. 
They're so excited. It's a beautiful thing to see.
But waiting is not an easy thing at this stage.

Till tomorrow,


  1. I hope Blossom can relax during this time as she needs to rest up as much as possible before the big day. So exciting. Sorry to hear that you are unwell again and hope you get back to a healthier you soon. WE all tend to do heaps when we feel good and then end up crook again. Finding the balance is not easy. Loving your stitchery, just perfect for stitchers. I suspect I shall "need" to purchase this one. I have so many of yours yet to do but one can never have too many patterns can they??????? Many angel healing hugs.

  2. I was worried about you overdoing yourself. Glad to hear you rested on Sunday. Blossom and Baby will be ready soon. All Good Thoughts for your family dear.

  3. What an elegant strawberry! I just love the 'she stitched till her heart was content"... my dream! :) Looking forward to meeting Blossom's new sweet baby SOON!

  4. Love that strawberry, I will wait patiently for the tutorial as I already have two of your stitcheries on the go. Will keep my fingers crossed for Blossom ,my second baby was 2 weeks overdue and it was awful waiting. Love Alison x

  5. I LOVE LOVE the strawberry and the "she stitched till her heart was content" one. You are amazing. Make sure you rest so you are readt for that baby. Tell Blossom I am praying for her.

  6. Take care.. you will need all your strength to help Blossom in the not too distant future.

  7. Good Morning Jenny! Sorry to hear that you overdid and Mr. E had to put you on a strict routine "diet". Glad that you got all rested up on Sunday though, it really does prove that you still need to rest and not overdo. I am facing those same issues with my health, the antibiotics are slowly working. Hubby is watching me closely and making sure I do not overdo either.

    Your projects are gorgeous! I am looking forward to getting the tutorial on the beautiful all white one. I think it would make a couple of very great gifts for a few special people in my life and of course one for myself! Thank you for sharing and have a fantastic, but slow and easy, creative day!

  8. Such goodness in your life. Muffins are always a good thing. And I love the new stitchery....I can almost picture you watch Star Trek and stitching to your hearts content.....
    And the baby is almost gonna need it.
    Babies are such a gift.

  9. I'm so GLAD Mr. B is working from home, and ready at a moment's notice. It's good to know he's as excited as Blossom is. Your two block previews are really singing to me! I love them both. I think Kindness is going to be a real favorite of mine. And the pincushion! Oh, my gosh, that is SO beautiful and elegant. Yes, I want to try to make one! Muffins and Star Trek - two of the best things the world has to offer. =)

  10. Take it easy and look after yourself. How can you help Blossom with her new bub if you are under the weather? I say this with some experience. My Granddaughter was born last Sunday and I cannot go visit. I have let my immunity slip by doing too much and developed a Staph Infection. I got the all clear today from the Dr but still have a 1000km journey to get through prior to seeing my new baby. So I say again, look after you.

  11. Stitched to her hearts lovely! So exciting the baby is nearly here. Be good and restful...because you are soon to be smiling and holding a precious bundle a LOT!


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