Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The rabbit and the posey...

There is a definite upside to my recovery time - all this resting means I stitch a lot more than usual!
Over the weekend I drew up the rest of this years Gentle Domesticity BOM blocks and prepared them ready for stitching and applique. Here's a little peak at the August block...

I also completed the final two patterns for July's Stitchery Club, and I have to say "I love them!".
Creative juices were stretched when the idea of adding my own spin to prim style designs first dropped into this crazy brain, but the final result has put such a smile on my face.

So here's the Rabbit and the Posey...

If you'd like to sign up for The Stitchery Club the details are over here.

Also on the weekend Mr E and I played babysitters to Blossom's two dogs, Bob and Elmo.
This was our trial run for when she goes into labour as her DB will drop the boys over to us on their way to the hospital.

Little Bob-the-dog is almost 9 years old now and has been with Blossom (and us) since he was a wee puppy, but 8yo Elmo is a new family member. Bloss and her DB adopted him back in March and after a bit of a rocky start with separation anxiety issues he's settled wonderfully. Saturday at our place was his first time away from their home since they adopted him.

Elmo is pure Pomeranian and Bob is a Shitzu/Chihuahua cross...

Elmo and Bob are best friends and both dogs adore me, though Elmo has taken a real shine to Mr E so that means we can both keep a dog at our feet while we await that call from the hospital to say the baby has arrived. 
Not long now! Blossom is due in 20 days so please keep those prayers coming.

Have a lovely day, okay?
It doesn't have to be a perfect day, just a day that brings a smile and a heart of gratitude. 



  1. Sounds like you are feeling quite a bit improved - great news! Love the stitchery you've shown, so pretty, keeps me looking forward to see what else you have created for us to stitch. Thanks for sharing and I hope you continue to recuperate. - Diane from Minnesota, USA.

  2. You "sound" better, and I'm glad. Nice of you and Mr E to look after the "grand-puppies". keeping Blossom in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs.

  3. Sounds like you need to be sick more often...ha! Not really of course...but perhaps you do need to "chill out" more? So glad you are getting better. Hugs, Kathy

  4. Glad you are feeling better. Blossom's fur babies are adorable! Has something happened to Merry? Love the designs! Cynthia

  5. I'm glad your feeling better. The new stitchery looks great. Hope your recovery continues, with love Janice

  6. Jenny, can't wait for the August block looks like its going to be one of my favorites! I will also be counting down the 20 days, looking forward to the new little one.
    Carol O

  7. So cute that you will be doggie sitting while dear Blossom is in labor. Mr Busy and I had our great grandson last Thursday night, while his mama was in labor and his baby sister was born. We were up til 4am! I doubt that you will suffer any sleepless nights with the pups. Of course you will want to rush to the hospital and view the new precious one. We are blessed and thankful for another "perfect" wee one, Isabella is her name. There is a pic on my blog, here.

  8. So glad to hear, that you are feeling slowly better! Keep on resting and recovering! Beautiful to see all those lovely stitches which are a joy to the heart!
    And so exciting to be waiting for a child!
    Be very much blessed, hugs Martina

  9. Happy to hear you're recovering and stitching up a storm! Cute, cute puppies....I'm looking forward to the Stitchery Club patterns - adorable! Keeping Blossom and you all in my prayers.

  10. Oooooo that bunny is so adorable . Good to see that you have been stitching while relaxing. I hope you are well on the mend now especially while dog sitting your fur grandies who are both so cute. Angel healing hugs still coming your way for Blossom and yourself.

  11. Always a heart of gratitude! It seems you are feeling a tad bit better, judging by how much stitching you are doing. I'm so glad to see that! The stitcheries are just wonderful. Jenny Prim is a really good look. I love the way you shaded the ribbon on the Posey bag. Such a delight to see up close photos, thank you. 20 days, and counting. =) You know I'm praying every day. I hope when it's time to go to the hospital, there's time to drop the dogs off. LOL

  12. I am so happy that I have discovered your lovely embroidery patterns. I have purchased close to 40 different sets and have signed up for your stitchery club starting July. I have trace your patterns all into vintage linen and will be embroidering them in one long piece which I will be attaching so far to two different vintage piano scrolls. The more patterns I get the more scrolls I will have. I am so excited for this latest project! Thank you so much for creating these designs for us. They are beautiful works of art.

  13. Good Morning Jenny! I really enjoyed your post today. So glad that you are well on your way to recovery. How fun to have the fur babies around also while you are relaxing. We are watching one of our daughters fur babies, Colby, while she and a friend are on vacation. The laughter that we receive from the fur babies sure makes life so much rewarding. Thank you so much for sharing all of these gorgeous stitcheries and pictures of the fur babies. Have a fantastic creative day!

  14. Beautiful stitcheries you are creating. I do hope you aren't overdoing yourself. Bob and Elmo look pretty self-sufficient in sitting by your feet. 20 days will really pass quickly. Baby Blossom has lots of Prayers and Love. Blessings Dear...

  15. The rabbit is super gorgeous!! And the dogs - super having them for a trial run - great to have one each for your feet warmers.

  16. Il est très mignon le lapin !!!
    Bon week end

  17. Que ganas de ver el nuevo patron de Agosto, se ve muy lindo ¡¡
    Estoy guardando telas antiguas de mis abuelas para hacer tu Gentle Domesticity Bom, quiero que sea especial y lleno de bonitos recuerdos, gracias otra vez Jenny por hacerlo posible..
    Espero que Blosson se encuentre bien..
    Un beso Nora

  18. So happy Bob has a sweet little friend.


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