Thursday, July 14, 2016

And the cold wind blows...

Winter actually, truly rooly, arrived today.
This is a big deal. I am cold and don't own enough suitable winter gear to keep warm so I'm wearing my one black cardie, pajamas, a quilt and very thick bamboo motor bike socks. 
I am loving every frosty nip at my nose, even the bones which I'd forgotten used to ache when we lived in a cooler climate and are today giving my memory a darn good jog.
Sadly this cold snap is only due to last a few days, but hey, I'll take what I can get. 
Soup was on the menu tonight, Monks Lentil Soup. When we homeschooled the kids this was a favourite winter lunch I'd serve with fresh baked focaccia and a plate of apple and cheese slices. 
No more homeschooling, and the kids grew up and left home to raise their own broods, so it was just Mr E and I slurping and munching across the dinner table as the 6 o'clock news drifted in from the living room on this mid-winter July evening.

 Most of today was spent sitting in the office writing patterns and formatting the July Stitchery Club issue. I didn't realise how dark it had become until I saw this photo I took before packing up...

More than a few pots of tea were brewed over the course of those seven hours, and between patterns I got to chat to my girls, Aisha and Blossom, via group phone texts. 
I love these kind of days when we three banter back and forth from our various homes, sharing the moments as they happen with Aisha's two little ones, Bloss's pregnancy, housework, husbands, and lots of laughter. 

Aisha's little boy Austin is 3 months old today! How quickly the weeks have passed since our precious grandson greeted the world. He's a handsome cutie...
This is my favourite photo of Aisha and Austin. Melts my heart, I'm so proud of the gentle and selfless way she mothers her children...
Tomorrow I'm venturing out for a few hours to meet with Heather and Barb for some 'up the mountain' sewing. We haven't been up to Hervey's Range Tea Rooms for a stitching day since last year and it's a winter tradition for us to make at least two or three visits before the heat returns. Being that it's so cold today and set to be colder tomorrow I will be ransacking Mr E's wardrobe for a jacket, and swathing myself in scarves, socks and boots. Thankfully the Tea Rooms brew huge pots of tea and have lots of hot comfort food, scones, and other sweet delights to warm us from the inside.
I decided to prepare another Splendid Sampler block to stitch while we're up there. This is Pat Sloan's tomato pincushion design and I've used little bits of my Retro 30's Child Smile stash for the applique...

 I've promised Mr E that I'll spend the following day (and maybe the day after) in bed, resting. He's also gone and put new tyres on my car so I'll be safe driving the one hour round trip up the mountain in the rain. He's not just my husband, he's my guardian angel.

A lovely gift arrived last week, all the way from the United States. Kim McCool is celebrating her 60th birthday this year and she decided she wanted to make 60 gifts and send them to people all over the world. And you know, she asked if she could send a gift to me.
I usually say no to gifts, but this was such a beautiful quest Kim had set for herself - blessing others during her own year of celebration - that I said yes.

She made me a porcelain trinket box, a pin keep, and a scissor fob. Simply beautiful, and as I've been so unwell and home alone most of the time this meant even more. Aren't I blessed?
You can visit Kim's blog over here...

Well, the July Stitchery Club issue is written, been proof read by my dear Allie-girl, and is ready to be emailed to Club members on Sunday morning (or Saturday night if you're in the northern hemisphere).

As I've been so unwell this past month there is no bonus project in the July issue, but I did spend time today browsing through my old tutorials for one which could be used with the six new patterns.
I found a few actually, but this one got me excited because it's something I loved making back in 2014 using a UFO stitchery with some faded fabric, and would be perfect for these Club designs or any other stitcheries and quilt blocks you have already on hand.
The stitchery becomes a mini quilt, which is then sewn to front of a small, simply made pillow.

In fact, I've put aside two Tilda prints and my Spin Prim Rabbit block to make a cushion at the weekend...

...and I have a feeling more will follow.
They'd make wonderful Christmas gifts, right?

(Club membership closes on the 16th July - info here)

Have a snuggly evening wherever you are. I'm going to make cocoa, slice some banana loaf, and settle in with Mr E to watch our new favourite show, The Durrells.



  1. I hope you have a wonderful time with your friends and that you are well soon.

  2. Jenny, I saw you were getting rain at this unusual time for the northern Australians. DH and I had the gas heater turned up medium high and warmth came right in front of the heater but nowhere else. We live near Newcastle and it is a very, very, still, cold night. We live quite near the ocean, but I think we will have a frost in the morning.

    Hope you are feeling heaps better and I can't wait until your dear Blossom has her baby girl. We have our two grandies living near us and mind them each afternoon after school. I can't believe they are nearly 7 & 8, 13 months apart!!!

    Now for a hot shower and I think I will add socks to my bedtime attire tonight!!!



  3. Oooo, I can relate to your suffering the cold even though I am down south. The cold affects my fibromyalgia and I am so grateful to have ducted heating. I much prefer the warmer weather, always have. Great to hear you are managing to get out of the house for a lovely day with friends, good for your soul which means it shall aid your healing. I love your latest club stitcheries. I hope you rest up the next couple of days. Angel hugs.

  4. Seams it's cold all over Aussie, been freezing here at night...
    Beautiful photos of Aisha and Austin...
    Hope Blossoms keeping well and that you are 100% soon...
    Lovely gifts , what a wonderful way to celebrate ..
    Have a lovely day up the mountain with your friends and keep warm....

  5. I will gladly take your cold winter day. We are set to be over a 100 today. Blah Glad you are on the road to recovery. Have a wonderful day with your friends. What a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday, such lovely gifts you received. Such a precious pic of Aisha and Austin, he is a cutie for sure.

  6. Guapisimos, que ojazos tiene el bebé
    Como siempre me encantan tus creaciones

  7. What an interesting post. I cant imagine winter in July, as that's our summer here. However, some of our summer days don't be far off wintry. Your little grandson is gorgeous, as is his mum. I love all your stitcheries and lovely ideas. Enjoy your dwith your friend, and travel safely. I hope you will be fully recovered soon.

  8. That is one beautiful boy baby!!

  9. I hope you have a wonderful time with your friends, Jenny - and hope you feel in tip-top shape soon! What a precious little guy!!

  10. Good Afternoon Jenny! I am so delighted to hear you are feeling better and I hope that you have an especially wonderful time with your friends on the mountain stitching. It also warms my heart reading about your special connection with your girls and how Mr. E is your guardian Angel the way he takes care of you and you him. Thank you for sharing and have a fantastic creative day!

  11. I am so happy for you that you have such a wonderful husband to look over you and take care of you how blessed you are and I know you know that. That little baby is just a doll thank you for sharing the photos.
    Carol O

  12. What a happy post! I'm so pleased that you are feeling some better, and that you'll go up the mountain tomorrow. I know how much you love the girls, and also how much you love the tea room. Being in the middle of summer, heat, humidity, horrendous rainstorms myself, it sounds doubly delightful, so you enjoy your day. Mr. E is a true treasure. I know you'll keep your promise about resting. =)

    Austin is showing amazing growth! What a cutie he is, and a lovely mother - son portrait. These two girls learned mothering from you, you know. I'm so glad we have modern technology and you can chat with your girls whenever you like!

  13. Hope you have a great day stitching with your friends and that you continue to recover quickly. Nothing nicer than warm soup to eat in winter. Hugs......

  14. Mmmm that soup looks good! Our heat wave is due to break tomorrow so I made chili tonight, should be cool enough to eat it, lol. The guys are moving tons of stuff tomorrow so they'll need to eat.
    Oh that baby - what a doll - and I adore the pic of Aisha and Austin!! It really shows the bond between mum and baby.

    I hope you have a wonderful time and are able to keep warm, dear girl - lovely of Mark to put new tires on. Lovely gifts you got, and what a neat idea. I'll have to keep that in mind, as 60 is only a couple of years away!
    The designs are just GORGEOUS, as always!

  15. Hoping you get better and rest up. What a great blog you have- especially love the postcards from heaven series, so gently easing back into hand stitching- how clever and talented with your designing!

    Love the look of Monk's lentil soup- always cold, very cold in winter in northern Victoria- but love winter!

    And gorgeous baby photo!

    x Lorraine

  16. It's pretty chilly here today too. Brrrr....... Have fun with the gang! Austin is the cutest!

  17. pneumonia. Something to be careful of. Don't over do it too early and when going out keep the lower throat area and your chest well insulated and warm. I did not obey the rules when I got it a few years back! The cold makes it reappear very easily. Hope every day helps you feel better so you can love all over that new baby soon to arrive. We are due to see day #19 straight of triple digit weather. Hot!!!

  18. "Mid-winter July evening" is a very foreign sounding phrase to these northerner's ears. We are in the midst of summer here in Canada although our high temp for today was only 13C. So far our summer has been cool, cloudy, rainy and stormy. We are hoping for some sunshine and heat to help grow the crops.

    I am happy to hear you are feeling well enough to venture out for a sewing date.

  19. Mid-winter! It has been 90+ degrees here the last few days! We have the A/C blasting cold air!

    That picture of your daughter and her baby is beautiful!

    Praying for you to stay rested and healing for the pneumonia too.

  20. Hello Jenny ... been thinking of you lots & hope you are feeling much better now my friend. That is just the most wonderful photos of your new wee grandson .. how special & precious. I hope you have the very bestest day up the mountain with your girlfriends. A good tonic for you. Sending hugs your way x x x x

  21. Baby is so beautiful love the phto of baby and mama presious.

  22. Such beautiful family photos


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