Friday, January 6, 2017

Flowers, rain and sewing...

It's very dark in the house since the wet season rain arrived  so I bought two bouquets of flowers to cheer up the table and the entrance way. 
Pretty blooms really do cheer the heart and add life to a room!

Every morning Mr E and I sit by the window to read our Bibles and books, have breakfast, drink mugs of hot coffee and chat about life. 

I try to always have a vase of flowers displayed on the table, but if for some reason that's not possible I place a small potted indoor plant there instead. 

The white chrysanthemums, deep pink carnations and green fern-like stems that I cannot identify make me smile, and that's something which has never wavered in my life - flowers always bring me joy. 
Nana had a tiny garden at the front of her small flat (apartment), measuring about 5 feet x 2 feet in size, and it was always in bloom! Sitting on the front step after dinner each night we'd savour the fragrance of her flowers and sip cups of tea or a cold glass of ginger beer, silently, just enjoying the beauty and being together.
That's one of my favourite memories of her.

Every afternoon I sit down and stitch while Mr E and I watch a movie together.
Mostly we watch old ones that I've seen before so my eyes don't always have to be on the screen, but if it's a new-to-me movie there'll be barely any progress on my stitching two hours later.  
It doesn't matter though, because we only have 12 days before he begins his new job so I'm savouring the hours we spend 'just being together'. 

The "My Simple Sampler" pattern for January 17th's issue of The Stitchery Club is complete, finished as a mini-quilt with a fabric border...

This also makes me smile, so it's hanging on my office door and will stay there all year. 

I decided to stitch the 'bee' design from the Sampler in a different colourway with the addition of the word 'needles' underneath. This will become a separate little project for the Club and I'm sure I don't have to tell you what that little project will be?

I also stitched my "Sew Simply" design again, this time in pastels (the first one was black on cream)...

...which I shall use to sew another pincushion. 
Yes, I'm still crazy on making pincushions!

But before I do that it's time to take the lamb roast out of the oven and serve my beloved a hearty dinner. Rain and a lamb roast with lots of veggies. Yes, they definitely compliment each other.

Have a blessed day,


  1. Your work is always so pretty and inspiring.

  2. Jenny, I really liked your sampler! Gently and carefully!)))

  3. Speaking of bringing a smile - your stitchery projects always bring a smile to my face! You give all of us such joy - Thanks! -Diane from Minnesota

  4. Such a lovely post and eye candy with your beautiful bouquet of flowers and your beautiful stitchery - and homey details :)!

  5. My Nan grew hydrangeas near her front door and to this day I still love them, I think I also got my love of stitching from her. Thanks for bringing back wonderful memories and making me smile. Your sampler is beautiful the stitching as ever so delicate like the flowers on your table!

  6. Jenny, the color and fabric combinations you choose always look so gorgeous!

  7. Just sending a thankyou Jen as I downloaded a couple of your free designs ( & bought an extra one as well lol). I agree fresh flowers are such a delight, but then you may already know that if you've seen my garden on my blog lol

  8. Your table is beautiful, and your days sound like Heaven to me. I'm so glad you are having this time out together.

  9. Your flowers are beautiful! I like to pick flowers from my garden to bring inside. At the moment, that's bright and colourful zinnias in hot pink, orange, magenta and creamy yellow. Very summery! Meg:)

  10. Lovely flowers, Jenny! Reading your blog always makes me want to head straight to my sewing room and happily stitch the day away! I might just get my wish, since snow is in the forecast for us tomorrow.

  11. Your stitchery is so beautiful. Your stitching is amazing. Reminds me of my grandmother who was a wonderful embroiderer!

  12. Glenise Magnano - Gold CoastJanuary 7, 2017 at 1:36 PM

    Jenny your work is always so exquisite and inspirational. Thank you for bringing sunshine into our lives on such a regular basis. You bring joy to so many of us and graciously share your beautiful work and patterns. Thank you. Hope 2017 is a wonderful year for you. Congratulations to Mr E on his new job - Good luck. For you Jenny - I wish you a year of good health. For your family wish you all good health, prosperity, peace and happiness. BTW your granddaughter is adorable.

  13. Pretty, Happy, Peaceful! Perfect!

  14. Spending time with your Mr. E is Priceless. Always love your precious stitcheries and now you will show us how versatile the designs work out for gifts. Dinner sounds yummy. We are having rain but there is nothing cooking here.


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