Thursday, May 18, 2017

Resting to thrive...

I've been quiet here since last week for a reason.

Rest was needed. For the mind, the spirit and the body.

I'm sure you have seasons like this too.

We went away last weekend and instead of being a lovely relaxing time it was fraught with trials we never predicted. 

My beloved and I came home physically weary and sunburnt from walking around the Camping expo in the blazing sun all Saturday, sleep deprived from our budget accommodation's ancient springy bed, and frazzled and (more) sunburnt after hours of being stranded on the country highway when our Jeep broke down.

Arriving home late Sunday after my creative husband used kitchen parts to get the car moving again was a relief beyond words.

All we wanted was rest.

But haven't we all had weekends like that? 
You can have high hopes of a fun time away but elements come into play which rob you of the good memories, crowding them out with less enjoyable ones.

So I just didn't feel like talking, blogging, or housework on Monday. 
On Tuesday I still didn't feel like doing anything other than drink tea and sleep, but I'd promised to take Blossom and Cully up the mountain for a few hours that afternoon. 
So I did.

And that was the best thing for my state of mind, even though I didn't think it would be.

Under the trees in the mountain breeze I let the cares of the world fly by. Surrounded by greenery, birds darting hither and thither, a little child to make us found me.

Dear Blossom had also been in need of refreshment and those hours away from the city and the obligations of housework brought joy to my darling  girl.

I realised something as I drove down the mountain to take us home later that afternoon. When we're burnt out and weary from a stressful situation, family responsibilities, business, health or various obligations the best gift we can give ourselves is a time of rest. 

That night I felt the stirrings of calm, a restoring of my internal peace, and I knew the next day I'd be back to normal again. And I was.

That's when I drew up the little "Rest" stitchery to remind me how important rest is and not to ignore it.

Today I drew up another little stitchery, "Thrive".

Because once you have rested, your energy will return and you'll get moving again. 
You'll be refreshed, and that's when we find it easy to thrive.

Are you in need of rest?
Don't keep pushing on sweet gal, stop and give yourself a gift of time to refresh, restore, rest.
You're worth it. xx

Bless you heaps,


Unknown said...

So true Jenny! We just feel we have to keep going when really some time to stop & refresh is more important.

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear you are feeling more rested, the weekend was too much for sure! Your husband is very creative & a handy one to be able to get you two home safely. - Diane from Minnesota

Apple Avenue Quilts said...

Very good post! I think the world has become so driven that we forget the value of rest. Maybe it just seems too simple a solution. Thanks for the reminder.

Brenda said...

Hello Jenny! Sorry that your trip was not a pleasant one and drained you so much. But, I understand totally after reading your post descriptions. Praise the Lord that he has given your Husband the spectacular knowledge of motor vehicles that he has! To be able to use kitchen utensils to make the jeep be able to run well enough to get you both home safely is just amazing and fantastic!

I am so glad that after this ordeal that you did take the time to relax and begin the healing process. It was wonderful reading about the final step on the mountain with your Daughter and Granddaughter. Your new designs are so pretty and are brilliant with their words of wisdom! Thank you so much for sharing! I to am going through a lot and have not been blogging or posting much at all. Many family health issues, plus quiet a few other issues and I am trying very hard to just trust in the Lord and rest, accept, love no matter and give all that I have to give. I do hope that you have a great day!

cucki said...

It's so cute and I love REST
Love you x

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry that the weekend didn't turn out to be relaxing, but it did turn out to be a new lesson in life, and inspiration for wonderful new stitcheries. Your mountain rest sounds wonderful, and I loved the Instagram picture of Cully May. The Lord leads us where he wants us, all the time.

Cathy said...


Your posts always seem to be meant for me. I am in the midst of a mini family crisis with so many people depending on me for support and wisdom. I am running on empty--physically and emotionally. Your advice to rest is what I needed to hear. Thank you for the lovely patterns and ideas you share and especially for your thoughts and words.

Little Quiltsong said...

Beautiful embroidery pieces! Yes, I totally hear glad you came home safe and feel better again. Your energy and creativity amazes me each time!

Suze said...

Jenny I am glad of the moments that refresh us. I am loving the look of the pieces you have shared today. Take care and rest on.

Kathleen said...

You really did have a time of it. Good that you got away with Blossom and became refreshed. Love the little stitcheries you made.

Julie said...

Oh Jenny I am so sorry to read that your weekend away turned out as it did. How awful for you both & I can imagine how weary you felt on your return home. You are SO right my friend ... sometimes (often) we need to take that time for ourselves to rest. I hope as the week draws to a close you are feeling so much better Jenny. Beautiful stitcheries as always xxx

Kaye said...

I'm so sorry your weekend didn't turn out like you hoped. Glad you made it back home safely. The embroidery is beautiful as always. I haven't seen a thing you have made that isn't. You are so talented. I hope by now you have recuperated. Thank you for including those in the June Stitchery Club issue.

Createology said...

So happy you have rested and restored your calm. We all need to take time for ourselves but usually we push too hard annd too long. Sweet little stitcheries to remind us. May you have time for yourself and calm for you and your handy husband and blossom. <3

Ondrea said...

How awful! I can identify with things not turning out as planned. I am so sorry you didn't have the relaxing break you deserved. At least you have been inspired with your new designs which are lovely as always. I hope you get the chance to enjoy a bit of rest at home. Angel hugs.

Allie-oops Designs said...

Glad you rested up, girl - my grandma used to say "a change is as good as a rest", and it sounds like you proved it true with your trip up the mountain. Sometimes I can't rest at home - too many things demanding my attention. :) Love your new designs!!