Wednesday, June 7, 2017

LOVE, the chubby kind...

"Love" is another of my new designs for June 17th's issue of The Stitchery Club.

And of course, love is exactly what I feel when sweet chubby 10-month old Cully May wraps her arms around my neck and leans in for a kiss. She can even say Nana now!

Can you believe she's already 10 months old? Blossom can't. I can't. It seems only a few months back that Blossom and Ross welcomed this precious little girl into the world.

Today she came fabric shopping with her mummy and I and thought it was wonderfully fun to ride in the trolley and 'look after' the fabrics we'd  chosen.

With only two months until her very 1st birthday I decided to knit Cully May a little bear with various outfits she can swap and change.

I've had the link to Mary Jane's Tearoom in the 'sewing and crafting blogs' list on my sidebar for ages because I adore her designs and knew one day I'd give one a try.

Aren't they adorable?

I'm knitting the pink and brown little girl bear.

To keep the stuffing from popping out these bears are knitted with 8 ply yarn on tiny 3mm needles (US 2.5 or UK No 11) for a snug finish.

One leg stitched between Monday night and Tuesday afternoon...

I love to knit but can only do an hour at at a time as I have never had the same dexterity in my fingers since an operation on my right hand seven years ago, and that is why I've given myself a good length of time to complete the wee bear and her wardrobe. 

Second leg half stitched on Tuesday evening...

This could be addictive!

So I guess you understand the inspiration behind my "Love" design, right?
Miss Cully May indeed!

Once again I embroidered onto flour sack (another recent addiction) because I think this fabric adds warmth and homeliness to my new designs.

The other patterns for June which have been stitched on flour sack are...

The closing date for membership to The Stitchery Club in time to receive these patterns is June 16th. You can join HERE on the Club page, and receive a wonderful joining gift too.

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That's enough from me today because I'm sure you have wonderful things planned away from the computer. May they bring much joy to your precious heart and perhaps inspire you to sing a song or two...



  1. Hi Jenny i love this post and your little Cully may is adorable she will love her new little bear with outfits xx

  2. Cully of s sew cute and growing fast. Boy she looks like her cousin....
    Lovely Bear with lots of sweet outfits...What a gorgeous gift for her first birthday ...

  3. Beautiful, beautiful designs!! Love that toothy grin of Cully May - I think she likes to shop too :)!!

  4. Cully is precious! The new design is lovely, Jenny.

  5. She is so cute
    Love your designs
    Big hugs x

  6. Oh she is such a darling girl!!! Love her t-shirt, lol, so cute. That bear is going to be darling. My mom knitted me a gingerbread man when I was very, very small, I wish I still had it, I lost it in one of my youthful moves. Your new designs are just stunning, my dear.

  7. Your wee granddaughter is gorgeous :) Love your Love designs, so pretty,

  8. A little quilting planned for today, but I wanted to read your post first, because I knew somewhere in it there would be a smile - and there is Cully May, right up top! Made me smile, too. How can you look at that adorable face and not smile? This is a great design and it has a bird on it, so it might find its way into my still-in-the-planning bird quilt!

  9. Oohhh Jenny, little Cully May is absolutely adorable. I can definately see her Mummy in her. Your knitted rabbits will be just perfect, I have only recently come across Mary Janes Tearoom, a very beautiful blog. Have a great day my friend xxx

  10. Love that toothy smile!! She radiates happy :o)

  11. Little Cully May is adorable.

  12. What a cutie. Three of my grandkids spent the night last night. Life doesn't get much better.

    Your design and stitching are absolutely beautiful.

  13. Those tiny perfect stitching on such lovely pattern! The knitted bear and
    quilt projects are coming along beautifully!

  14. Cuddly Cully May has the cutest and most infectious smile. Her first birthday will be epic and precious with your knit Tearoom Bear. LOVE the designs for June Stitchery Club. Sew much LOVE dear...<3

  15. Ooooooo Cully May is soooo cute! Love her grin. She is such a happy child. Her teddy will be beautiful. I wonder if she will end up collecting teddies like my youngest daughter did. She is 28 and still can't resist them. She has also left about 100 here with me! More beautiful stitcheries to bring sunshine and warmth to the cold days of winter down south.

  16. Oh my how she is growing. Love that toothy smile! She will love that bear & her wardrobe & I bet she has it for years. Confession time - I still have teddies.

    Glad you're enjoying the cool weather, I love wearing cardis. They are so cosy. Enjoy!


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