Saturday, June 10, 2017

The gifts we missed...

It's resonated in my heart all week, that every good and perfect gift in my life was delivered in love by His hands.

I know that there are many I've not even thought of as 'gifts' and still more I've forgotten about or not realised He'd given me. I wonder about His goodness and how much of it has passed through my  life unnoticed? 

Will you join me in taking time this weekend to sit quietly for a while to let ourselves ponder all the good gifts in our lives, gifts from childhood right up till now. Let us pray that the Holy Spirit will jog our memories and bring to mind the forgotten gifts, the overlooked gifts, the hidden gifts, the gifts we thought to be burdens.

I wonder what we'll remember? I wonder if an attitude change will occur in our hearts?

I'm praying for our hearts to overflow with gratitude as these precious memories return, and that the Holy Spirit will draw our attention to each new gift of God from this day forth, because we don't want to miss any more good and perfect gifts. 

Be blessed always,


Winifred said...

That's a lovely post for this weekend Jenny, the photo & quotation are beautiful.
You're right there are so many things we take for granted. Thank you for this.
God Bless.

cucki said...

Such a lovely post my dear ..
Happy weekend
Hugs and smiles x

Anonymous said...

Yes Jenny, so true. What I do is to write out what has Blessed me, then screw the paper up and keep in a jar. I call it my Blessing jar.

Anonymous said...

A perfect Sunday ponder, thank you so much. I try to remind myself every day of all the gifts He brings me.

Brenda said...

Hello Dear Sweet Jenny; Just yesterday afternoon, my husband and I sat outside on our porch, discussing all sorts of items such as the beautiful yellow breasted birds and the one young woodpecker visiting the trees in the front yard this year. Along with the amazing joy and laughter we receive daily from our pets, plus many other wonderful subjects that led us to the subject of how the Lord had provided all of these gifts and had saved our lives from what should have been deathly car accidents. So, I agree with you that taking the time to think back and take the time to remember as much as we can and say a prayer of rejoice in all that the Lord does each and every moment! Thank you always Jenny for bringing these moments to our attention! I thank the Lord for bringing you into my life! Have a fabulous day, my friend and rejoice in the Almighty for all he has done for you! Your Sister in Christ Brenda